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Gps Tracking Devices

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Inteltrack is offering the latest GPS Tracking devices for Vehicles. These tracking Devices provide Complete GPS solutions.

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Gps Tracking Devices

  1. 1. D http://www.inteltrack.net Phone:813-400-3886
  2. 2. Intel track is rapidly becoming the 1 choice in the market place due to advanced technology that our competition simply isn’t providing.  Intel track is a provider that utilizes real time data, thus allowing us to provide a suite of features and metrics that have not been available in the market place until now. In addition to a device that supplies real-time data, Intel track provides you with a Next Generation Platform bringing you a complete, robust GPS solution. Plug & Play GPS Technology
  3. 3. View their assets in true real-time. Schedule valuable reports to their Inbox. Receive notification when an asset has entered a location. View frequent stops and stop duration. Automate verification of reference addresses. Monitor health status of deployed devices. Apply critical alerts to all vehicle with a few clicks Starter Interrupt proprietary Next Generation Platform
  4. 4. A vehicle tracking system combines the use of automatic vehicle location in individual vehicles with software that collects these fleet data for a comprehensive picture of vehicle locations. Fleet Tracking
  5. 5. The GPS OBD device gets power from the OBD port. If the device is disconnected from the port our system generates a disconnect alert that goes out in SMS and email to the device’s owner. Our OBD GPS Tracker it’s a wireless GPS tracking device that installs in seconds into your vehicle’s On Board Diagnostic Port. GPS OBD device
  6. 6. Plug & Track is a revolutionary driver tracking service that provides a vehicle's GPS location . Using state-of-the-art GPS and Cellular technologies along with your car's own easily accessible OBD Port, the Plug &Track GPS tracking device allows family members to privately monitor their love one’s driving behavior. Plug & Track
  7. 7. www.inteltrack.net Phone:813-400-3886 info@inteltrack.net Contact Us