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International golf week te event presentation

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International golf week te event presentation

  1. 1. Event presentation Top Executive Summary
  2. 2. Content Event description What does IGW stand for? Event organizer Official guests Guests selection strategy Program strategy
  3. 3. Event description International GolfWeek (IGW) is a festival-like forum of international golf top names offering unique educational and golf promoting minievents to general public, IGW partners, and golf industry professionals. IGW is all about offering a thrilling personal experience to the visitors with the stars of the golf world i.e. players, coaches, caddies, designers and other specialists specialists – all in a unique, „outside-of-the-ropes“ type of atmosphere. After a great success of the inaugural IGW 2006 headlined by Tiger Woods’ coach Hank Haney and Costantino Rocca, the IGW grew bigger and international with Graham Marsh, Fanny Sunesson,, Ernie Els, Jamie Ballantyne, Chubby Chandler, Alex Čejka, Simon Holmes and many others. . Officialvisual,InternationalGolfWeek2008
  4. 4. What does the IGW stand for? Once-in-a-life-time sporting and social experience for all visitors Absolute thrill to all golf nuts and fans Unique educational and promo formats Optimal business relationship building environment New business and social contacts Friendly atmosphere, lots of informal fun Extensive primary and secondary PR Tiger Woods’ coach, Hank Haney, during the Partners’ Private Lesson at IGW 2006
  5. 5. Event organizer IGW is designed by and organized by Alan Babicky for the first time in 2004. Alan is a former business executive with over 15 years of international experience in marketing, PR and business administration. Alan belonged to top European midamateur players for more than a decade before turning professional in 2004. INGOLF does business from golf course design and construction to consulting, from event management to organizing golf programs at schools. INGOLF manages projects in more than 5 other CEE countries. INGOLF is the Official representative of Chubby Chandler´s International Sports Management company in several Central and Eastern European countries. www.ingolf.cz Official Guests of IGW 06 (left to right) Hank Haney, Costantino Rocca, Fanny Sunesson Alan Babicky and Richard Rayment
  6. 6. Two sides to International GolfWeek The success of IGW among public AND sponsors is based upon the „two sides“ to the program. His unique concept optimally combines „sponsors (partners) only“ with components open to general public. Some events are all access. The proportion may vary in accordance to the sponsors’ needs. • „Corporate side“ – is designed to provide truly exclusive and unforgetable golf experience to the sponsors and their VIP guests. This part of the program can be invisible to the public and media (should the need be). • „Public side“ – general public has a chance to enjoy, watch and or participate in lessons, seminars, lectures, mini tournaments and other events of the „public hemisphere“ of the program. The „entry“ can be made in many awareness raising ways: product promotions, radio or TV contests, simple purchase of tickets etc. Private Lesson by Ernie Els Fanny Sunesson caddying for on of the Partners during Best Hole Of My Life Alex Cejka, Simon Holmes, Jessica Korda and Klara Spilkova during the How Low Can YOU Go? charity match
  7. 7. Official Guests strategy Trademark complexity of a typical IGW program calls for selecting a line up of the Official Guests which would include, but not be limited to: at least one star player, several „supporting players“ (possibly local), famous international coach, other specialists from golf industry (designer, doctors, fitness coaches), talented local juniors and golf playing local celebrity.
  8. 8. Official IGW Guests to date …. Ernie Els – Winner of the US Open and British Open, former World Nr .1 Hank Haney – one of the top coaches of the world, personal coach of Tiger Woods Alex Cejka – Top European Player 1995, Volvo Masters, World Cup winner for Germany Fanny Sunesson – golf strategy specialist, Member of the Caddie Hall of Fame, ex caddie of Nick Faldo, caddie of Henrik Stenson Costantino Rocca – once a top player in Europe, the winner of 1996 PGA Championship at Wentworth, defender of Tiger Woods in Ryder Cup single match at Valderrama in 1997 Graham Marsh – 57 titles worldwide, US Senior Open 97 Champion, respected golf course designer Simon Holmes – Sky Sports Analyst, leading European coach, ex coach of Seve Ballesteros, Nick Faldo, author of Golf School a Golf Strategy DVDs, Richard Rayment – golf manager, RDI Sports, manager of Alex Cejka and others Petr Nemec – European PGA Five Star Award 98, top coach Chubby Chandler – owner of ISM, manager to Lee Westwood and many others Reinhard Sirch – famous German TV golf commentator Danielle Masters - Leading Ladies European Tour member, Amateur World Golf Champion Jamie Ballantyne - Scottish golf coach, staff member of the Graham Marsh Golf Academy Jacques du Toit – famous Australian coach Roman Svoboda – top amateur CZ player Klara Spilkova – youngest member of the Ladies European Tour Jessica Korda – Australian Open Winner 2011
  9. 9. The Official Ambassador of IGW Simon Holmes Leading European coach Former coach of Nick Faldo, Seve Ballesteros, Bernhard Langer and many others Sky Sports Golf Analyst Founder of Simon Holmes Golf Academy
  10. 10. IGW typical golf program components IGW Open Amateur tournament Beat „the Star Player“ Skills Challenge Winners´ Lesson The Best Hole of My Life How Low Can YOU Go? Longest Drive Target Challenge Big Putt Feelin’ like a pro And other forms of practice sessions, private lessons, seminars, playing lessons, video projections, demonstration lessons, etc. This is a selection of components to provide an idea of a typical IGW program: Official program poster of the innaugural International GolfWeek 2006
  11. 11. IGW non-golf program components The International GolfWeek program also includes at least Opening Bonanza and Closing Coctail parties as well as Big Gala Night. Lunches with… and Breakfasts with… are ideal link between the golf and non- golfing program . Mirek Topolanek, the Czech Prime Minister, hosting a Partners’dinner with Chubby Chandler and Ernie Els Richard Rayment and Costantiino Rocca at the Partners’ dinner the romantic setting of downtown Prague Partners’ Dinner being the most exclusive social event as only a small group meets the Official Guests for dinner and a Charity private putting contest (outdoor with torches).
  12. 12. Something is just unforgettable… Vaclav Klaus, Czech president (center), a non-golfer, watching a BIG Putt Conjtest Katerina Neumannova, the Olympic Gold Medal winner, saying that she would rather be a golfer….. ErnieEls with Czech Miss contest finalists The very first IGW Official Press Conference, the next morning after the British Open, Hank Haney (center) answered questions for 4 hours Graham Marsh: „Where is my putter, it made me 47 million dollars The hands of Hank Haney, Tiger Woods’ coach, exchange the right feeling for the grip pressure with the hands of one of „unknown atendees“ during a public lesson…
  13. 13. Something is just unforgettable… Simon Holmes: „I’ve never hit a chopper out of rough…” Jacques Du Toit said: „I could use a pair of hands here …. “during a public Winners’ Lesson, when this picture was taken ” The REAL cannon start AlexCejka: “Where do I play here…?“ Hole nr. 10 on the course he designed…. Fanny Sunesson:„…this placement is called a sucker’s pin… Only Tiger played here last year…“
  14. 14. Ernie Els “outside of the ropes” with his grateful fans – a picture that sums up the filosophy of the event.