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Credentials IMP - Inbound Marketing Partner

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An overview of IMP and what we have been doing.

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Credentials IMP - Inbound Marketing Partner

  2. 2. Who We Are
  3. 3. Who We Are IMP provides the most effective and measurable digital marketing solutions to build brand awareness, increase revenue and grow sustainably for organizations across sectors.
  4. 4. Who We Are We are a pioneer in applying Inbound Marketing methodologies to generate and convert leads into sales effectively, especially for companies in Services, Education and Training industries in Vietnam.
  5. 5. Inbound Marketing Methodology Inbound Marketing refers to marketing activities that bring visitors in, rather than marketers having to go out to get prospect's attention. Inbound marketing earns the attention of customers, makes the company easy to be found and draws customers to the website by producing interesting, useful and relevant content.
  6. 6. Inbound Marketing Benefits Naturally create and maintain a top-of-mind presence by continuously providing useful and related content to potential customers’ needs and interests.
  7. 7. Inbound Marketing Benefits Save cost by focusing on spending resources (time, money and effort) on people who are highly potential of becoming brands’ customers.
  8. 8. Inbound Marketing Benefits Improve customer relations (hence sell more of your products and services) by providing customer-centric content and activities.
  9. 9. Our Core Values Playful Accountable Client-Focused Thriving
  10. 10. What We Do
  11. 11. Capabilities Marketing Consulting & Strategy Development Websites & Landing Pages Development Search Engine Marketing • Marketing & Brand consulting • Marketing Strategy • Website • Landing pages • Blog • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) • Adwords • Google Display Network (GDN) • Advanced targeting (Remarketing, Context, Topics, etc.)
  12. 12. Capabilities Social Media Marketing Email Marketing Design • Facebook fanpage management • Content development • Driving Engagement • Facebook advertising • Other channels (Instagram, Zalo, etc) • Email marketing system deployment • Email design, content development and management • Brand identity packages • Websites & Apps • Brochures/Flyers • Banners
  13. 13. Capabilities Content Development Public Relation • Website, Landing pages • Brochures, flyers • Social media content (text, visual, games, etc) • Blog posts • Emails • Whitepaper, ebook, etc. • PR Planning • Editorials • Booking (online & print)
  14. 14. Capabilities Sales Development (via Partner) Market Research (via Partner) • Sales process development • Sales training & coaching • Quantitative • Qualitative • Retails measurement • Online research
  15. 15. Flagship Solutions Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Content Marketing Online Advertising
  16. 16. Our Clients & Partners
  17. 17. Our Clients – Education & Training
  18. 18. Our Clients
  19. 19. Why They Chose Us • We start every project with a bigger picture, from our clients’ positioning, their target audience, the expected goals and other marketing activities, to make sure our works would fit well into an integrated marketing plan, and contribute to the bottom line result. • We do what work. Besides doing our best to meet the committed KPIs, IMP always aim for tangible business results such as getting more customers, increasing revenue and conveying meaningful brand messages to targeted audience of our clients. • We constantly track our campaigns’ performance, to ensure everything is on track, and flexibly make changes if needed. And our client service team is always in ready mode to listen to your feedback and provide necessary consultancy.
  20. 20. Why They Chose Us • Our members have never ceased to learn the newest methodologies, technologies or best practices from successful campaigns, both local and worldwide, and apply them to increase the effectiveness of our clients’ marketing activities. • Besides digital solutions, IMP’s strategic partners can add great values to our projects by providing business, market and consumers’ insights which would become the foundation of a more effective marketing campaign; or strengthening your sales team with necessary training, coaching and standardized sales processes.
  21. 21. Our Clients “IMP is a professional and enthusiastic marketing team. They don’t hesitate to make changes to bring about a better result. Their approach had effectively helped us recruit 14 new children within only one and a half month. Pandakids School’s management board has been very please with their performance and decided to let them take care of all of our marketing activities.” Ms. Hong Do – Managing Director | Pandakids School “I am really please with their strategic thinking, passion for their jobs and practical approaches. During the time of our cooperation, IMP has always planned and aimed to reach for business goals which matter most. And they successfully proved that our marketing budget is an effective investment, which can help Wow Art thrive sustainably.” Mr. Nguyen Bui – CEO| Wow Art
  22. 22. Our Clients “We saw great potential from the team. They managed to deliver the result under really short deadlines while providing extra value in suggesting format and settings that improved our project even further. I’m looking forward to collaborating again with team IMP.” Mr. Frederick Chanut – Managing Director | In Marketing We Trust “IMP’s professional process in consulting and executing have improved AiiM’s Sales and Marketing performance, especially in term of digitalizing and standardizing our system. I am really grateful that we have a partner that possesses that much experiences and understandings for the education and training business industry.” Mr. Dung Nguyen – Business Director | AiiM
  23. 23. Our Works
  24. 24. Integrated Marketing Brand Counsultancy: • Brand Repositioning Website Development: • Designing Wireframe • Copywriting • Shooting Photos • Designing Layout • Coding Develop & Manager Social Channels: • Facebook • Youtube • Flickr • Email Running Sales Campaigns: • New School Year 2014 • After Lunar New Year 2015 Content Development: • Social Media • Blog • Enewsletter www.pandakidsschool.vn | www.facebook.com/pandakidsschool
  25. 25. Integrated Marketing Brand Counsultancy: • Brand Repositioning Website Development: • Designing Wireframe • Copywriting • Coding Running Online Campaign: • Sound of Universe • Summer 2015 • ABRSM Content Development: • Social Media • Blog • Enewsletter • Live update offline campaigns www.neokid.vn | www.facebook.com/neokid.vn
  26. 26. Integrated Marketing Brand Counsultancy: • Brand Repositioning Design: • Brand identity package Sales Kit Development: • Brochure & Credential Presentation • Wireframe, Copywrite, Design Online Channel Development: • Blog • Linked In Launching New Product: • Develope new product concepts: Social Inisght • Design brand identity • Design Saleskit: Flyer, Presentation Slide • Direct Sales Campaign: Tailored Reports &Direct Mail • Product Launching Event: Concept, Format, Design www.gcomm.com.vn | www.blog.gcomm.com.vn
  27. 27. Website Development Returnbased Data First Social Insight Neokid Pandakids Vietnam Coaching Institute
  28. 28. Brand Identity & Sales Kit Development GCOMM GCOMM
  29. 29. Search Engine Marketing Some Succesfull SEO Keywords: • Cosmetics: “Tẩy trang”, “Kem lót trang điểm”, “Nivea serum” • Printing: “In túi giấy”, “In hộp giấy”, “In bao bì giấy”, “In hiflex”, “In pp”, “In băng rôn” • T-shirt: “Áo thun quảng cáo”, “Áo thun đồng phục”, “Áo lớp” • Home Aquarium: “Hồ cá rồng”, “Hồ thuỷ sinh”, “Hồ cá treo tường“ • Music: “Dạy piano cho trẻ em”, “bé học nhạc”, “Luyện thi ABRSM” • Fridge: “Tủ lạnh Mitsubishi”, “Quạt Mitsubishi”, “Tủ lạnh tiết kiệm điện” And many more ….
  30. 30. Social Media & Content Development Pandakids Fanpage Pandakids Fanpage Content
  31. 31. Online Campaign
  32. 32. Our Team
  33. 33. Our Team IMP was founded by an experienced team with many combined years of working for top multinational and Vietnamese organizations, across many sectors. After periods of leading, managing and executing marketing and sales activities, we understand and feel the challenges and needs to implement effective and measurable marketing programs with limited resources. Our mission is to develop and implement strategies and systems that can help businesses in different industries increase revenue, build brand awareness and grow effectively and sustainably.
  34. 34. Core Team Quan Vo Managing Director 8 years of experience Huy Vo Technical Director 7 years of experience Quynh Pham Communication Director 7 years of experience