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Top 10 topics to know all about SEO sept 2019

Here are 10 important trends you need to know in 2019. Click here and learn Top 10 topics to know all about SEO Sept 2019

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Top 10 topics to know all about SEO sept 2019

  1. 1. Top 10 topics to know all about SEO – Part 1 Search Engine Optimization is about to increase yourwebsite results on SERP with organicsearch.To get top visibilityin Search Engine Result Page, one must need to get these three things;what kind of content people search orneed, how search engines work, and howto optimize the website. SEO era of the 90s and current update SEO termed as Search Engine Optimization officially.There were other phrases used as a search engine placement,search engine ranking,website promotion, and manymore. A term itselfdefined misconception in terms ofoptimizing engine, but the fact is your website is goingto optimize not the search engine. As the industryhas preferredthe term Search Engine Optimizationsince years, and now so it will remain the same for the foreseeable future. The websites rankon the top in the search engine because of the accurate crawled and indexed bywell-designed algorithms.Google has introduced algorithms named Panda,Penguin,and Hummingbird.These algorithms havea tremendous impact on SEO in 2011-12, and still,it goes on.Panda algorithm was periodicallyupdate to removelow-qualitycontent and became a main algorithm ofGoogle in 2019. Google wanted to give a faster result,and better place natural queries forconversational search and voice search (due to mobile usage increased).Hummingbird is the new algorithm designed fora new era in 2013. What is SEO? There is not a single definition ofSEO.Several SEO practitioners havea different description forsearch engine optimization. SEO is all about a user gets the accurate information at the right moment with highlyrecommended and showon the top 10 results by the search engine like Google. SEO is a process to get the top rankof an existingwebsite which is search by users in anysearch engine like Google, Yahoo,Bing, other search engines,and they get benefited.Nowadays,the world is connectingwith IoT technologyand
  2. 2. users being in search with such keyword to get information from a search engine, to become that search for users is required SEO. What to search? Why search? Having some hurdles orsufferingdifficultyin life is a normal circumstance. People used to visit search engines on the internet and write the problem to get resolved with several results. For ex. the searches would like bookinga hotel,findinga location,online shopping,these verbs in search to get a solution from Search Engine. A well-said quote byBill Gates 'The future of search is a Verb'. In the present era,a search is not limited to a particulardevice or phone.It fluctuates from device to device like a smartwatch,smart appliances,tablets, Bluetooth,and other IoT products.A consumer journeyneverstops at the search box and going on. As technologyevolves,the search will remain the same. So the search is as important as questionsorproblems arisen. Best Search Engines to know about In the beginning,we understood the meaningofSEO, what is search, what to search,why search and history.Nowlet's get to know how manysearch engines reside on the internet?Most popularsearch engines are Google, Facebook, YouTube, Baidu, Yandex, Amazon, and Bing. These search engines are the world's best and most prominentsearch engines. Google and YouTube are the top 2 search engines in demand and founded the highest trafficratio in case of search.Google was rejected with a reason for bad business calls,but nowGoogle's parent companyAlphabet worth is $650 billion.1.5 billion users logged in on YouTube per month and feed 1 billion hours of video per dayto users. Before enhanced the online shopping,Amazon had started with sellingbooks online.Later in 1999, other online shoppingstuffwas attached.Latest search level reaches high on Amazon foronline shoppinginsteadofGoogle Search
  3. 3. Engine.As well as Facebook has used by students since it has launched.Later on, Facebookgave business opportunities and advertisingmarket access for those who can lead to doingtrade from home or anywhere. Bundle of Myths for SEO Links and content both havean influentialconnection.Forthat matter, excellent content without links could not gain visibility.A very wrong myth for Duplicatecontent is a penalty. Google has a duplicate contentfilter.It will rank the onlyone which is ranking,and other copied content ora piece will not rank.Is Social Media helps you to get rank? Social media helps you to get larger visibility,not rank.That visibilityfacilitates to connect with you.Organic search has no concern with PPC. It's wrong to predict that buying Google Ads will give you organic ranking. No. Never. Google is not using Artificial Intelligence foralgorithms.The RankBrain is the only algorithm which usingAI. Wrap up SEO is all about showingyourwebsite or mobile applicationvisibilityin top rankwith followingprotocols designedbyGoogle or related search engines. SEO is a broad subject to explore and expected multiple chapters to report. Here we stared with historyand fundamental knowledge about SEOand digital platform.There are several points to be in the discussion amongall we have portrayed 5of them here in the article. SEO part - 2 will soon release after this article, and it will bring more thrills.One can implement a few tips from the same.