science journal engineering ijsr research paper research image processing e-commerce fpga natural language processing cryptography image denoising internet fuzzy logic manet management performance cloud computing pattern recognition english language native speaker bangladesh porous media des information retrieval growth tourism feature extraction computer vision psnr biceps brachii radiation question answering system aes high speed health memory temperature sacubitril/valsartan brain natriuretic peptide chronic heart failure tuberculoma neurocysticercosis "c.t scan" icsol peneaus vannamei clinical features etiology of icsol home science medicine computer science online international codon usage biais loxodonta africana mitochondrial dna selective pressure loxodonta cyclotis african elephant obese asthma uncontrolled non obese bs ms utms gsm wlan. environmental awareness; environmental impacts; mo disabilities education entrepreneurs gujarat nutritional parameters for growth profile study of ectopic thyroid lingual thyroid dysphagia dysphonia folivores langurs home range provisioned food arbo atomization piezoelectric crystals crdi emission. wireless transmission public and private itu-t atm mechanical properties morphological. hydroxyapatite; 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public sector procurement; nprs scale. manual mobilization epicondylitis teaching. university academic competence information technology hus enteric fever salmonella typhi. bluetooth. pic16f877a can (controller area network) allometric growth nangal dam. condition factor full duplex wireless monitoring system zigbee microcontroller error micro skills error analysis writing power electronic converter induction heating simulation. twin plug si engine. exhaust emission ignition timing engine performance brachystegia. kennedy pulverised nylon and milicia excels funtumia elastica black hole attack packet loss data rate. kenya public secondary bungoma ict use integration government subsidy agricultural entrepreneurs agri-preneurs association rcc building time history analysis displacement earthquake resistant design hdr brachytherapy cervical carcinoma paclitaxel artificial neural network. biometrics back propagation signature skill assessment computational tool computer competency. ict literacy morphological operations contrast enhancement segmentation denoising fuzzy c-means clustering. idw. cross-validation rainfall kriging interpolation precipitation musculocutaneous nerve. third head flap surgery key length plaintext ae block length cipher text bist lp-lfsr switching activity micropropagation callus. 2 hoya kerrii 4-d coping strategies employee health stress noise communication signals data processing universal cochlear implants deaf culture. discrimination handicap hearing impaired identity communication paradigm cultural differences assistive device rs-232 interface dtbdm similarity module background subtraction mpa hfss. dmb wimax webthrough artificial intelligence semantics ontologies physiological mathematical ecg sensor networks detectors information and communication technology chemistry at secondary level students’ achievement country specific development. http video-capture; motion detection; short message ser is 800-2007. double layer steel dome span to height ratio regulatory control judicial policies cloud security career gender counselling foreign exchange; portfolio; disposable income; gr state anticipation module. parallel counter design herbivory. polystachya fusiformis orchidaceae mycorrhiza pollinia optical basicity density boro silicate glass optical absorption. eucalyptus uec secure shell login virtualization cloud public cloud software as a service (saas). infrastructure as a service (iaas) hybrid cloud private cloud platform as a service (paas) federation of cloud kannada vowels handwritten character recognition k-nearest neighbor chain code. bengali word recognition system accent urine hematuria urinalysis pyuria. proteinuria glycosuria zimbabwe constitution model. constitution-making process people-driven constitution roman imperial baths architectural analysis tool for restitution analog model. cynodondactylon linn. glycyrrhizaglabralinn neuropathy azhalvaatham (siddha medical term) diabetes mellitus (d.m) blood usage blood groups road traffic accidents transfusion packed red blood cell first and second layer depth. spectral depth aeromagnetic data sedimentary depth effective viscosity nanofluids porosity permeability inertia coefficient. effective thermal conductivity normalized difference vegetation index (ndvi) land surface temperature land use/ land cover change climate change guyuan city; temperature change; linear regression firm level characteristics market orientation laryngectomy gaussian mixture models voice morphing redundant rules. multiple minimum support lift association rule mining disjunctive rules public safety answering point (psap) global positioning system (gps) global system for mobile communication (gsm) insurance; general insurance or non-life insurance thrombocytes trends parasitaemia recovery asynchronous machine inverter five levels inverters three states diagnostic virtual object creation and control human sense of touch haptic rendering phantam tactile feedback online scheduling data warehouse maintenance joint implementation micro hydro scheme carbon financing carbon credit productivity smallholder bunny processing films polymer cross flow cooling tower cooling tower cfd. inventory management order stock goods online password management system (opms) double secure-idea (ds-idea) multiplicative additive (ma) international data encryption algorithm (idea) contour levelset gradient bias correction and xs-des. database security 3des brand preferences women segmentation decision making preferences taste habits transmittance dust affects solar panel self-cleaning attacks matrix svd dwt stacker cum reclaimer safety devices. thermal power plant coal handling system low pass filter cmos gain vco loop filter impact hospitality business environmental sustainability triple des e0 key stream hybrid algorithm rsa physical and chemical properties land units; lk 3 except for exposed petroplinthite in some part of the properties and potentials of soils of liman ka potential capacity soil management lk 5 and lk6 (47.5%; 9.975ha) were moderately suit and was rated moderately acid to moderately alkali lk 5 and lk 6 (51.43%; 10.8ha) were potentially mo lk 4 pseudomonas aeruginosa faecal contamination isolation salmonella typhi agriculture nitrates dambos phosphates water quality maturity feeding ground spawning cross river system obd-ii; android smart phone; bluetooth spp; gps in forecasting seasonal arima arima policy distribution security policy pull technique push technique network security game theory puzzles dos attacks pollutants dispersion models gaussian narratives science information gain data inhibitor nucleoside analog antiretroviral zidovudine reverse transcriptase gigabit ethernet 10g ethernet gis spatial feature secondary schools teachers barrier information communication technology m-education artificial service network service hand held device online services infinite impulse response difference equation recurrence coefficient linear recurrence sequence sensors. emergency monitoring wireless patients observation lemon juice bleeding time wound healing. haemoglobin platelet count haemostasis caput accessorium religion politics nscia and can hernioplasty intraoperative bupivacaine pain relief bupivacaine poc (phase only correlation) iris recognition distillate yield acrylic efficiency heat transfer modes solar still physicochemical properties variability coefficient of variability. lithosequence sms gateway. geographical information system (gis) elections distributed geographical information (dgi) information retrieval. tension-type headache daily headache episodic headache chronic headache quality parameter malt brewing diastatic power opaque beer finger millet sorghum. multiple server membership function nonlinear programming fuzzy sets ug cam; ug/post; post builder; fanuc nc system indore city children slum areas severe malnutrition radio frequency identification (rfid) cryptography algorithm vanet vehicular networks z-source matrix converter svm. total harmoni distirsion(thd) voltage transfer ratio structured methodology triz methodology. inventive problem solving higher education random forest. intrusion detection system security mechanism naïve bayes rule-based maximum matching morphological analysis myanmar verb phrase identification and translation counter modulus low-power frequency divider divide-by-m modules pulse triggered flip-flop microwind low power dsch web page content. website optimization web page load time evalid yslow weights of variables movie prediction neural network social network analysis regression and coefficient of determinant breath first crawler lsi focused crawler solid state fermentation agitated batch fermentation amino acid production submerged fermentation pseudomonas boreopolis md-4 congenital malformations vascular anomalies rotational malformations kidney facial index anthropometry haryanvi web services online updating mining data warehousing scheduling landrace morphological characterization diversity hordeum vulgare radiology implement pac residency radiography system service rice husk ash refractory caspases cytochrome c gamma rays apoptosis inducing factor fatty liver ultrasound rate retention learning cerebral cortex injury degenerative fan pickup truck automatic
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