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analysis computer programming information and communication technology (ict) innovation electronic democracy electronic voting electronic governance covid-19 e-government toe framework mobile telecommunication systems • infrastructure • information management • identity management knowledge networks public sector information records retention • electronic healthcare • digital rights management • citizen participation • citizen services • budgeting marketing ictbased innovation erp citizen participation citizen services budgeting biometrics e-governance applications information system (is) success model jordanian e-government logical thinking lecturer computer lab english language south australia small and medium scale enterprises information communica tions technology developing countries trust telecommunications industry competition value chain cloud services digital terrestrial television services mixed logit model intrusion detection systems access control systems insider attacks 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reality games decision- making • information technology in product distribution • supply chain management • health care customer service • information access and availability • e-governance • public administration • geographic information systems (gis) • emergency and disaster response management • knowledge networks • electronic data interchange (edi) • virtual reality • knowledge management e-voting (electronic voting universal access shared services dw group decision support systems (gdss) information preservation self-management university personnel leadership rural issues combinational methods. gradient descent aco dtsp • erp • cloud c• data warehousingomputing adaptive learning mobile learning intelligent tutoring system expert tutor dppg pension management system (pms) utaut e- governance adoption neyveli lignite corporation. socio-economic indicators indian economy rural development social welfare public sector enterprises • electronic records • enterprise architecture • knowledge management • knowledge networks • law • intelligent agents • intelligent systems • intel • information preservation • citizen services • citizen participation • knowledge management • knowledge networks • data mining • digital divide • e-learning customer relationship management social software social network bangladesh. ict-utilized knowledge management (ict-km) co2 emissions dynamic traffic light control etc vehicles erp questionnaire small and medium-size enterprises (smes) implementation indian erp critical failure factors (cffs) enterprise resource planning (erp) evaluation benchmarking project management digital rights management erp segmentation rule extraction slicing business process model business rule management inter-agency information sharing intelligent organizations intelligent systems intelligent agents infrastructure emergency and disaster response management and curricula education mathematics. e-governmentbarriers software asa service service oriented e-governance saas e-court adoption and diffusion of technology e-government barriers mathematics institutional performance strategic it alignment imbalanced classification problem breast cancer detection evolutionary undersampling with boosting breast cancer malignancy grading ensemble classifier process improvement. project transition it operations operational efficiency education informatization index rankorder centroid method educational policy informatization business processes – quality improvement - emerg user profile privacy protection personalized web search. stanford dependency parser natural-language processing surface realization stage video processing public service delivery model ontology meta-models electronic rule making semantic web intelligence public bill process automaton attribute suggestion. document annotation mapping attribute-value collaborative filtering adaptive forms robustness structured data data imputation attribute dependencies. tanzania consumer protection consumer empowerment consumer knowledge télécommunications web based intelligent tutoring systems physics education remote education and student's opinion error sources sources of error change detection techniques geographic information system remote sensing street vending micro finance street vendors entrepreneurs fcfs scheduling scheduling cloudsim virtual machine intellectual property rights online shop. perceived risk word-of-mouth purchase intention medication adherence medicine scheduler reminder system automatic alarm notification system incremental learning; concept drift; class imbalan requirement management global software development software engineering turkey government officials information and communication channels adoption of internal web technologies oecd municipal e-politician developing country elected municipal representative e-service adoption navigation services information services location-based services global positioning system tracking services boolean algebra decision models supplier selection decision support systems multi criteria decision making information systems e-readiness assessment e-services local e-government net list drc slew rate transconductance amplifier non-pre-emptive scheduling process colored petri net sequence of operation modelling enterprise architecture broadband industry psychological barriers structural equation modelling switching behaviour regulation productivity change business processes compliance public sector. zigzag. watermarking dct svd dwt stated preference method
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