education higher education web 2.0 social networking social theory special education multimedia in education e-learning learning science teacher evaluation digital literacy achievement learning assessment reading police training metavers second language acquisition dyslexia faculty development covid-19 macro process mapping value ensem lean principles lean thinking students performance corrective feedback secondary school students mathematics ambient intelligence cultural & economical problems social curriculum college students multi-view internet technology (it) university-industry collaboration face detection multinational corporation (mnc) real-time capstone design projects (cdps) and open computing language (opencl). interest web-based tools for education vocabulary acquisition language teaching audiovisual translation simulations in education games interactive learning collaborative #education #teachingandlearnin typing error video-based learning 4 mat pedagogical steps science learning styles literacy digital teaching gisociety geography human resources training human resources development entrepreneur training entrepreneur education informatization blended teaching spoc design & interpretation assessment practice application administration classroom interaction secondary schools interactive teaching tactics tahoua region of niger academic communication skills nlp-driven technologies immersive educational system efl education post-pandemic era ai-based tools stem education science communication panacea nigeria gender gap graphic design quad contamination detection person contamination covid-19 virus artificial intelligence future directions past studies ffects of supervisory feedback supervisory written parental migration drop out left-behind children media in classrooms pre-service teachers research in progress learning / teaching methodolog learning science & analysis translanguaging academic literacy academic texts university science content science process k to 12 science curriculum spiral progression approach disadvantages advantages factors learning online sustainable development traditional knowledge adaptation urbanisation peace-building conflict climate change aichi biodiversity targets african indigenous knowledge gaia dual ment project driven obe gam chinese language learning english translingual approach educatio parental involvement virtual learning l2 learners systematic review online learning modality writing strategies covid-19 pandemic virtual project-based learning electronic technology experime r alternative learning system foreign digital storytelling a teac critical thinking skills ph re-engineering sex worker rehabilitated self-control humanistic-existential therapy uae moe licensure system thessaloniki. local history perceptions intercultural education teaching scenario. ict literacy geospatial literacy statistical literacy storage facility. museums design design education 360-degree photography virtual navigation virtual reality practical innovation capability. engineering talent training “new engineering” teaching reform electronic technology experiment experimental activity pictograms taxonomy pbl reading map skills geography education kindergarten kids giant maps china gaokao educational policy secondary school 21st century skills administrative strategies principals kcse moral decadence knowledge of subject matter attitude teachers training civic education epistemology hunhu/ubuntu values eurocentrism afrocentrism student development arabic language. recommendations design guidelines dyslexic students technology. ict liberia united states digital inequities digital divide eswatini. psychological experiences educators international higher education students opinion mining. emotion detection light weight teams flipped classroom emotion mining active learning approach qualitative feedback sentimental analysis self-esteem. self-motivation mnemonics/rote learning learning theories educating the educators partnership management project based learning cultural intelligence processing instruction first language foreign language phonemic awareness contrastive analysis attitudes knowledge teaching methods geography teachers media literacy teaching aids alternative teaching methods educational research faculty-student relationships teaching effectiveness aesthetic learning aesthetic judgement aesthetic intelligence cognition aesthetic experience mental health distance learning rural area disadvantaged area information construction educational management online teaching adult learning community policing community safety crime prevention action learning student and institutional factors factors and challenges curriculum development course design language & learning globalization skill competence geology talent training diploma project liberal education microsoft kodu educational software digital game electronic communities social inclusion communication snapchat armenian syrian millennial refugee language-education teaching-learning social media pupils' perception . educational project landscape education landscape perception landscape business education learning analysis convergence design education fashion education design process cooperative practice metaheuristic algorithm feature selection medical data sipoc moroccan engineering education counselor education social studies academic achievement school type family course content methods of assessment faculty member esl learners’ motivation language acquisition achievement goal motivation research literacy social scaffoldings online learning community problem-based learning psychomotor domains. learning objectives continuous assessment cognitive domain affective domain teaching strategies mathematics education motivation teaching approach career orientation teaching stem biology learning extrinsic motivation secondary school student computer-assisted instruction missing women women empowerment professional teacher behavior organizational citizenship behavior product design new technologies ubiquitous computing. occupational efficacy educational administrators multiple linear regression economics of education educational inputs. education production function teacher-child interactions coaching/mentoring model professional development cultural snapshot project multiculturalism cross-cultural understanding students’ perception personal learning environment intelligent wearable’s personal area network. practice training computer hardware experimental teaching innovation ability fuzzy set l-fuzzy sub l --group l -fuzzy set l-fuzzy normal sub l -group . hujra secular maktabas and madrassas. religion soviet predictor on the job effectiveness. teacher collaboration reza shah pahlavi maktab history logs. c-iob model ubiquitous learning ubiquitous student model knowledge sharing. data mining business intelligence (ib) online analytical processing (olap) data warehousing functional education psychological disposition national development. quantity surveying and trend. built environment influences dialogue feedback comments learner-centered teaching and learning skills and energy harvesting sensor node. motes wireless sensor networks society. interactive process culture ielts bias
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