artificial intelligence soft computing power systems mechatronics machine learning robotics engineering cybernetics medical cybernetics sociocybernetics advanced control systems image signal processing fuzzy logic data mining biocybernetics hybrid systems fuzzy system genetic algorithm neural network multimedia computer vision privacy neural networks security synthetic biology robust control télécommunications deep learning manufacturing systems classification cloud computing information retrieval disk failure prediction generative ai access control adaptive control embedded systems digital control risk management database bioinformatics instrumentation electrical electronics information technology cybernetics & informatics telecommunication diagnosis disease prediction imbalanced dataset ethics technology cybersecurity sentiment analysis deep neural network twitter bert covid-19 blockchain text generation math information retrieval complex networks stock market china and asean internet of things decision support system bio cybernetics ratio club british cybernetics philosophy of mind bio informatics information systems optical networks semiconductor devices information security energy user experience multi-layer perceptron random forest design structure mechatronic components science mathematics ericson model. hata model free-space model path loss mobile cellular communication naive bayes neural networks & fuzzy system advanced control systems & strategies network dynamics systems wireless network bandwidth pseudocode to source code c++ c compiler pseudocode compiler network security clustering pancreatic cancer cancer mimo buckling analysis bay length critical load helical members longitudinal members isotruss local buckling carbon fibre wavelet transform manet regression minutiae fingerprint higher education svm rfid fuzzy set load balancing intrusion detection systems k nearest neighbor key generation matching segmentation biometric identification web usage mining classification tree naïve bayes wireless sensor network object- based rule-based emotion detection action rules actionable patterns test automation rpa selenium integration software testing professional training programming inventor’s native language language oriented approach of learning management systems self-regulated learning feedback advisor’s dashboard learning analytics barriers automotive industry circular economy multicriteria decision making deep learning model cyber-threat intelligence mach artificial intelligence algori user-centric privacy identity management cloud-based system process optimisation cnc-milling parameter prediction image processing. disease recognition. tensorflow keras tomato leaf diseases deep learning classification disease fusion technology in education ethical learning learning models economy 5.0 big data. maturity model analytics osint forensic analysis bitcoin cryptocurrency dbms nlp sql smart query idi database system guardia civil guarda nacional republicana unmanned aerial vehicle unmanned aircraft systems drones ethical principles mean decrease gini accident severity prediction random forest model machinelearning sla round trip time data processing disk failure data synthesis data ctgan smart data data imbalance gan financial industry distance metric domain adaptation transfer learning smart farming. hough transform homography image capturing and pre-proc dataset creation yolov8 underwater shipwrecks remotely operated vehicle ( n object detection underwater archaeological exca ancient pottery shreds detecti political decision-making. indicbert data augmentation indic languages bharatiya janata partytransfor bharatiya janata party karnataka elections otp. image detection qr code undergraduate teaching. software development user-centered design agile development glomeruli kidney histopathology color normalization discrimination safety regulation chatgpt vector parallel convolution kripke structure temporal logic ctl formal methods model-checking business process vlan lan qos information assurance and secu crime prevention identity theft threat simulation control 5.7 threat intelligenc data exfiltration iso 27001:2022 update mitigation. awareness expert system social engineering attacks internal scan scan compression dft sub-threshold time-to-digital converter ultra-low voltage temperature sensor software-defined network (sdn) distributed denial of service ambient intelligence gui sms pstn smart shirts wireless sensor zigbee s smart homes adl root of unity linear difference equation shift operator forward difference operator integer partition race/ethnicity engagement sense of belonging math (stem) engineering text entry head-mounted display virtual reality shaping behavior mirror neuron system behavioral interventions student behavior post-pandemic learning computer science education. pedagogy curriculum development small liberal arts institution ensemble approach activation function homomorphic encryption neuroscience working memory special education neurodiversity developmental dyslexia informatization blended teaching spoc ultrasonic audio digital signal processing voice activation computer security deep learning · ids · iot intrusion detection african hairstyle k-means face detection italian emails multiclass text classification bert model mean-variance inverse-variance portfoli hierarchical risk parity cluster analysis portfolio selection issues and challenges teaching and learning technolo ict tools controlled text generation autoencoders gan networks named entity recognition feedback control  control theory computer modelling electronics and signal process iot applications and services security and privacy share index volatility networ sentiment engine sentiment lexicon annotated corpus social web emotional detection text mining automatic language processing unigram tfidf multinomial naïve bayes gaussian naive bayes logistic regression decision tree support vector machine multi-lingual bert pashto distilbert data characteristics collaborative filtering recommendation system rating matrix convolutional neural network multilayer perceptron recurrent neural network speech recognition dari abbreviation dictionary hate speech normalization similarity semanticsimilarity features cosinesimilarity multi-turn dialogue &context a self-attention dialogue generation english for specific purposes the role of english jingshi project people-to-people exchange sino-thai cooperation interactive teaching strategie mixed-methods research secondary schools academic communication this study explored the relati graphic design quad query search person contamination detection online efl teaching post-covid-19 nlp apps collaborative and interactive ai-powered compassion online teaching coronavirus parental migration education drop out left-behind children state synchronization distributed control plane sdn controller consensus slice application of smart homes security attacks on smart home smart home architecture internet-of-things e-health iot healthcare gpt generative pre-trained transfo malware generation transformers shared-memory multiprocessors fork/join framework parallel for-loop task parallelism divide-and-conquer evaluation. scoring entity filtering; information extraction methods; contribution; event-based surveillance pre-trained language models. math language processing a mathematical function recogn data level and model level sampling class imbalance depression detection depression prediction share index volatility network cnn intelligent stock trading data normalization malware classification malware education for development family education interactive learning sui model ericson model • information retrieval natural language processing ai algorithms autoencoder audio frames anomalous sound detection power system network dynamics system advanced control system vlsi technology satellite communication rf and microwave digital circuit design system identification discrete mathematics control theory rf and microwave engineering analog and digital circuit des organization cybernetics informatics cybernetics power integrated design hardware and software ux ux evaluation ux assessment white box attack. adversarial examples face recognition k-means clustering. kepler dataset exoplanets identification emotional design sentiment algorithm intelligent service robot voice user interface multi-head attention mechanism common-sense quality diversity perspective generation multidisciplinary integrated d hardware and software interfac big data & business intelligence neural languages and nlp machine learning applications computer statistics research wireless communications stanford university interim (sui) model image thinning matlab/simulink dsp vfd ac drive conventional braking 3-phase induction motor glomerular filtration rate tensile test global convolutional encoder design noise immune design database & information retrieval transportation systems complex adaptive system & theory robotics & artificial intelligence operation research renting myki furniture trams mobile phones justice beneficence value drive behaviour ethical behaviour workplace optional fuels - biodiesel –eucalyptus oil - per mobile network worms &trojan network protocols virus defense” government military headquarters air service regiment optimization artificial bee colony economic emission dispatch export. globalization free trade agreement economies economics reduction in power loss location of capacitor distribution feeder. mprma. cmprma ofdma mac protocol b3g system departmental stores india and australia marketplace retail la vanet obu au rsu gps ca transport ic engine six stroke engine strategies. education sector talent acquisition and talent development talent retention interaction of fluid structure (ifs) computational fluid dynamics (cfd) outlier detection. artificial intelligent informat latency fiber optics broadband modular function group key management key management eeg signal control of diffusion depth time varying diffusion coefficient diffusion depth of dopant multispectral image fusion grayscale image. pixel-level image fusion principal component analysis ls spatial diversity mmse siso elliptical slot & rhcp cp hexagonal patch social network e-commerce mysql nosql cypher query language graph database neo4j rdbms feature clustering filter technique feature subset selection feature reduction anonymity linkability opening group signature double precision floating point format modelsim ieee 754 verilog hash-based carving sector hashing forensics investigation hash-sets hash-runs algorithms auditor packet dropping indirect reciprocity homomorphic linear authenticator data model. cassandra recommender systems secure multi-party computation secret sharing block truncation coding (btc) error diffusion halftoning dot diffusion image compression theory exam membership function and performance evaluation fuzzy expert systems project lab exam. data leak collection intersection detection k-harmonic means clustering artificial bee colony algorithm k-means clustering hash-tag. databases machine learning device(mld) data mining device(dmd) suricata snort idmef ossec& weka mcc ber mobile pattern recognition eye strain digital imaging cornea stress tensile test. global buckling piezoelectric material bi-morph cantilever beam. energy harvesting biomechanics frequency response analysis dynamics human limbs structural modification eigen sensitivity modal parameters bayesian statistics mcmc seed pareto multi-layered satellites. convex optimization congestion control partial differential equation (pde). anisotropic diffusion texture approximation dictionary based translation document translation cross language information retrieval machine translation corpora based translation query translation fuzzy logic etc particle swarm optimization software cost estimation throughput aodv pdr real time appliction delay error matrix roc correlation eer feature extraction shape descriptor orientation descriptor mongodb big data association rule mining e-learning mapreduce short term trading. breakout trading r programming stock trading algorithmic model renewable energy sources pulse width modulation cascaded h- bridge multilevel inverter dstatcom fuzzy controller and harmonics. balanced-un-balanced voltage variations d-statcom pwm (pulse width modulation) rectifier switched reluctance motor (srm) power factor correction on-board units vanet’s on-board diagnostics road side units radial basis functions self organized mapping manual metal arc welding process multi layer perceptron probabilistic approach colocation mining un-certain data sets attacks multitier web application web server intrusion detection and prevention system fixed size templates and performance index method. template matching ocr document image anomaly based detection web-based attacks attribute character distribution method attribute length method false accept rate. ict (information and communication technologies) equipments and resources). tser (technology-based strategies caser (classroom assessment strategies equipments and resources) websites based technology gateway energy consumption. wireless sensor networks deec heterogeneous protocol soft compatible of type ( ii ) common fixed point. ( β ) - soft compatible maps soft mapping soft metric space ( α ) - soft compatible maps soft compatible maps soft compatible of type ( i ) glomerular filtration rate (gfr) bluetooth nfc contactless communication near field communication lung tresholding sgmentation solitary pulmonary nodule soft multi set soft set fuzzy soft multi set current statistical model gray theory kalman filter maneuvering target markov model web log and web prediction user navigation session frequent item sets and supervised association rule assoc outliers tanagra association rules data stream pre-determine space research interface personal computer vehicle parallel port. peer-to-peer ethical usage attack prevention index poisoning n-screen cloud virtualization post pc smart tv platform balanced ant family algorithm continent chaos 3-opt ant colony system algorithm travelling salesman problem pcwh nai (t1) digital and portable pic16f876 scintillation detector gamma ray optimal control problem stochastic sequential machine dynamical programming. point light source pls integral imaging 3d display multiple illuminations pca support vector machines intelligent system ami fuzzy causal loop internet society linear classifier svm classifier classifier fusion. persian handwritten recognition fuzzy classification web search fuzzy rules and world wide web personalization pfcm pcm eigen face fisher face fcm rikitake system generalized synchronization opcl coupling rossler system sprott system shimizu-morioka system data clustering data prune anomaly detection markovian chain apriori algorithm k-mean algorithm cancerrecognition; microarray gene expression; aod wind energy potential wind turbine wind power density mazandaran. semantic web ontology world wide web genetic algorithm (ga) computational intelligence orientation field fingerprints verification cross-correlation pde based image processing level set theory. ageing gel density concentration of reactants gel ph frequent pattern significant web traversal pattern high utility pattern significant milestone multihop wireless network restricted flooding routing protocol csma/ca ieee 802.16 standard; ofdm; pseudo-random binary s aerial surveillance vehicle detection feature based detection dynamic baysian network boosting hog linear svm classification nonlinear financial time series normalized mutual information function orcs lrm distributed spanning tree mobile peer to peer network aco global replica management public-key infrastructure public-key cryptography elliptic curve cryptography anticipating knn minutiae; fingerprint; segmentation; image thinnin photovoltaic system water pumping irrigation retscreen software information retrieval (ir) word sense disambiguation (wsd) ambiguity polysemous words false report injection attacks probabilistic voting-based filtering scheme false vote injection attacks
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