Keynote AI assessment tools: online exams and tools.pptx

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20230329 AUW talk AI in education.pptx

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OEB CoP November 2022 overview ppt.pptx

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2021 KTH SoTL keynote on Learning Spaces

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Student & Learner evaluation during and post COVID19

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Blockchain in education: let's not exaggerate!

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Building the Skills Engine: our dreams realise the future

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Learners self-directing their learning in MOOCs #Ectel2019

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MobiMOOC design of a community MOOC

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Old philosophers and new learning an intro

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MOOCs and personal learning: reality or myth?

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Cost and time efficient dynamic learning def

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Instructional Design Variation matrix - work in progress

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artificial intelligence - in need of an ethical layer?

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