sohail malik innovative development strategies badin attock dir sohail malik. market competition estimation of elasticities of substitution faisalabad innovative development strategies rural poverty in pakistan nwfp punjab sindh baluchistan governance issues edible oil milling sector in pakistan value –added and employment in the edible oil m techniques for edible oilseed processing in pakist estimating the total production economic efficiency of techniques for oil extracti evaluation of four large scale techniques for extr choice of technique analysis pakistan’s edible oil industry cottonseed oil extraction in pakistan ces production function substitution of labour for capital in manufacturin efficient capital-labour substitution analyses involving ves production functions ces and ves production functions analyses involving ces production functions firm-level data for food-processing industries in changes in consumption behaviour in pakistan consumption behaviour in pakistan rural-urban differences in consumption behaviour sugar and gur rural urban differences in the consumption pattern vegetable ghee wheat milk inter-temporal differences in the expenditure patt agricultural credit in pakistan subsidized sources of credit small farmers the problem of access to credit. sohail malik institutional sources of credit in pakistan non institutional sources of credit provision of credit estimates of the elasticity of substitution capital production relations textile manufacturing sector of pakistan factor substitution labour determinants of access to institutional credit gujranwala agricultural output growth of institutional credit in pakistan mianwali rahimyar khan nawabshah location of the poor estimates of poverty for rural pakistan changes in poverty measures cotton and wheat zone of punjab agro-climatic zone poverty lines errors for headcount poverty measures intensity of poverty poverty indicators capital labour substitution food processing industries in pakistan policy implications for employment generation in t estimation of the elasticities of substitution bet total expenditure consumption expenditure expenditure patterns with and without remittance i household income and expenditure survey testing differences in consumption patterns utilization patterns of remittances durable expenditure the stochastic frontier model the frontier production function ifpri’s pakistan’s panel survey 1986-1991 fais models of technical inefficiency with a stochastic production functions of wheat farmers varying patterns of technical inefficiency of whea effects of infaq on poverty alleviation alleviation of poverty through infaq incidence of poverty infaq system in pakistan the measurement of poverty and the effect of infaq disbursement of zakat optimum time allocation between market and housewo working rural women utility maximization criterion female labour force participation designing an intranet intranet uses advantages of intranets intranet impact of land degradation on the poor defining land degradation and sustainability implications for research policy poverty impact on resource management relationship between poverty and land degradation formal and informal sources of credit in rural pak rural credit and welfare rural welfare relationship between rural poverty and credit use welfare impact of credit use credit use patterns by rural households the role of the village shopkeeper institutional credit in pakistan. credit use and essential pillars for poverty reduction opportunity housing poverty housing poverty in pakistan security and empowerment for the poor multidimensional nature of poverty economic structure of districts of attock agricultural growth and rural poverty household incomes and poverty transitions stagnation in rural poverty poverty transition in pakistan badin and faisalabad determinants of household welfare promoting rural non-farm economy rural non form economy in pakistan poverty in rural non farm households rural enterprises domestic commerce design of a 2010 pakistan flood response program the 2010 pakistan floods : effects of floods on ag post-disaster recovery and rehabilitation south asia responding to natural disasters flood history in pakistan the gender perspective of poverty in pakistan relationship between globalization and poverty red globalization pakistan’s experience with various wto agreement globalization in the mtdf and the prsp private capital flows and pakistan’s integration pakistan’s poverty profile the undp financed studies on the trade initiatives pakistan’s experience with liberalization poverty trends and regional differentials pakistan’s tarriff structure protecting food and livelihood security and rural manufacturing in punjab provision of public goods in rural punjab trends mainstreaming gender in punjab development the industry sector in punjab sources of livelihoods in rural punjab rural development of punjab agricultural diversification in punjab land issues in punjab urban development in punjab key issues in industrial development of punjab employment and poverty in punjab assessing the performance of punjab economy health infrastructure in punjab the service sector of punjab education in punjab determinants of rural poverty reduction in punjab punjab’s agriculture sector water resources and irrigation in punjab structure and performance of agriculture in punjab agricultural research in punjab quality education child protection environment in pakistan poor children of pakistan monitoring and evaluation mechanism for implementi combating hiv/aids providing protection to children promoting health of children of pakistan health and education of children in pakistan national plan of action for children in pakistan rural non-farm sector in pakistan informal sector in rural pakistan pakistan rural investment climate survey sampling employment size and industrial establishments in r rural poverty size of fixed assets and industrial establishments financial services offered in nwfp access to finance economic growth constraints to access to financial services in nwf micro credit in nwfp poverty reduction non bank financial institutions in nwfp financial sector of pakistan tax structure economy and resources of nwfp tax administration of nwfp taxation regime in nwfp restructuring reforms in the provincial finance nwfp local government financing the global practice and principles of taxation non-tax revenue resources in nwfp tax potential of nwfp asian development bank review of poverty reduction strategies of the int targeting of resources for poverty reduction strat poverty reduction strategy review background paper failure of poverty reduction in 1990s lessons for asian development bank. sohail malik loan classification systems the world banks an assessment of poverty marker and loan classifi undp/s contribution to poverty alleviation in ban the assessment of development results for banglade undp’s strategic positioning in the context of b assessment of undp’s support to bangladesh. ass challenges to strategic positioning and undp’s r undp’s support to bangladesh in governance and e promoting efficiency of rural markets. sohail mal income distribution and poverty reduction rural credit market in pakistan water markets in pakistan agriculture rural land markets in pakistan: land ownership and rural market inefficiencies reduce rural poverty. pakistan rural factor market pakistan’s agricultural policies rural labour markets in pakistan sample of domestic commerce survey market structure constraints to growth competitiveness and efficiency of domestic commerc retail and wholesale markets competition level real estate and transport firm level characteristics storage and warehousing environmental cost of informal settlements legislative issues concerning real estate in pakis real estate support services housing finance housing in pakistan real estate and the financial sector land record system in pakistan real estate asset valuation in pakistan housing indicators recommendations for an improved real estate and ho the real estate sector in pakistan key constraints to real estate markets in pakistan issues in storage sector storage operations viability of commercial storage losses agricultural storage storage facilities risk and insurance domestic commerce survey on storage non agricultural storage recommendations for enhancing the growth of storag pakistan aviation network and administration aviation and ports institutional and governance concerns related to t an analysis of road transport indicators of transport sector growth constrains to the growth of transport sector railways major government initiatives in the transport sect enhancing efficiency of road transport the pakistan railway determinants of growth in road sector pakistan ports administration and network characteristics of road sub sector employment output and value addition indices wholesale markets for fruits and vegetables survey a model for wholesale markets issues of expansion wholesale enterprises domestic commerce survey findings of wholesale facilities for wholesale enterprise financing for business establishments constraint to growth for wholesale enterprises linkages characteristics of owners wholesale markets in pakistan loan applications barriers to the development of wholesale markets retail firms’ revenues domestic commerce survey findings on retail sector retail sector in pakistan key issues in the retail sector main regulatory hurdles in domestic commerce main regulatory issues in retail and wholesale transport sector recommendations on regulatory issues. warehousing and storage regulatory issues in agricultural marketing real estate and construction financial incentives subsidy on freight transport recommendations for the subsidies and incentives r agricultural and trade subsidies incentives for development of storage and warehous incentives in the real estate sector subsidies affecting the domestic commerce cross subsidization in energy sector computing the rate of effective protection measures of effective protection of manufacturing review of industrial policy in pakistan structure of nominal protection indicators for regulation benchmarking pakistan’s performance. innovative financial and economic indicators pakistan’s competitiveness public service provision indicators indicators of competitiveness quality of governance indicators business environment human resource and technology public service delivery prsp sinth medium term budget framework characteristics of the poor in sindh poverty reduction strategy paper for sindh women and children development prsp sindh dialogue civil service improving governance poverty reduction strategy addressing vulnerability to shocks poverty in sindh private sector development prsp sindh monitoring evaluation mechanisms fiscal and financial management reforms pillars of poverty reduction strategy urban and rural poverty in nwfp nwfp poverty reduction strategy nwfp prsp medium term budgetary framework human development strengthening accountability of institutions characteristics of poverty in nwfp improving fiscal sustainability water supply and sanitation fiscal and financial reforms governance reforms prsp nwfp dialogue sustainable growth financial accountability nwfp prsp monitoring and evaluation mechanism social safety nets nwfp poverty reduction strategy paper poverty assessment of nwfp poverty trends in nwfp participatory poverty assessment in balochistan characteristics of the poor in baluchistan bluchistan rural sohail. j. malik land resources in baluchistan poverty trends in baluchistan poverty in baluchistan agriculture and industrial development strategies. monitoring and evaluation mechanism in baluchistan characteristics of wellbeing in baluchistan road network in baluchistan baluchistan prsp dialogue population statistics in baluchistan balochistan’s poverty reduction strategy paper socio-economic characteristics of balochistan technical cooperation developing countries gender. sohail malik security and empowerment governance ids tcdc in pakistan revised national policy for tcdc: income generatio opportunity building pakistan tcdc program phase ii
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