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Life mastery

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Life mastery

  1. 1. LifeMASTERYby Hussein Hallak
  2. 2. Feed Your Mind 30Min Daily ReadStand guard at the door of your mind and only allow what is good to go in
  3. 3. Strengthen Your Body 30Min Daily Exercise Feeling is phisical, be it fear, saddness, anger,frustration or anxiety. So when you change your body via an intense workout, run or walk youchange your biochemistry and that changes how you feel instantly
  4. 4. Find a MissionBigger Than You 60Min Weekly Inner ReflectionFind the things your aspire to, that isworth living for, and the things that will give your life a purpose
  5. 5. Find a Role Model 60Min Weekly NetworkingA role model makes it real for youprovided you got a plan & you take massive action
  6. 6. Find Someone In Need & Help 60Min Weekly VolunteerThere is always somebody worse off than you are,help them, it’ll remind you life is not about me, it’s about we, and that the secret of living is giving.When you realize that you have something to give your life will improve and it will be meaningful cause you contributed to other people
  7. 7. Have a Plan of Action 15Min Weekly Set meaningful, clear & specific goalsand put together a plan to achieve them
  8. 8. TakeMassive Action 15Min Daily ActionMassive action is the result of dailyconsistent small actions and steps towards your goal
  9. 9. LifeMASTERYby Hussein Hallak