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PR-OPERATØRENE case on blogger relations during the new IKEA CATALOGUE 09 launch.

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  2. 2. THE CHALLENGE Falling media interest in the catalogue launch brought a need for revitalising the Norwegian catalogue launch. The catalogue launch had become an event for a chosen few, rather than for the many. The catalogue launch has traditionally communicated the same message to a great number of target groups. We will try to create more relevant activities and messages through customisation and segmentation.
  3. 3. THE CATALOGUE LAUNCH The catalogue launch was based on the creative urge of Norwegians in general, and women especially. The launch was over 3 days, with a launch party on day 1, a trade day with a number of smaller seminars on day 2 and an open day for the public on day 3. The trade day included a mum's café, the seminars quot;creative womenquot; and quot;women's lifequot; and a special blog seminar for selected interiors bloggers. The public open day included an interiors workshop, interior auction and café.
  4. 4. THE BLOG SEMINAR - CONTENT In Norway there are about 200 active interiors bloggers. Together these represent a relatively large and important network. IKEA identified the 12 most important interiors bloggers and issued them a special invitation to the catalogue launch. The bloggers were VIP guests at the launch party and were also actively used with the media.
  5. 5. THE BLOG SEMINAR - CONTENT During the trade day on day 2, a separate seminar was organised for the selected bloggers. The content of the seminar was simple. Vampus, Norway's foremost and best known blogger, gave the bloggers an introduction in how to work better on their blogs. IKEA's own trends expert gave a presentation of the year's news and trends. Time was also allowed for the bloggers to exchange experiences. This was particularly appreciated.
  6. 6. RESULTS OF THE BLOG SEMINAR IKEA functioned as a facilitator for the most important Norwegian interiors bloggers to cement strong bonds between each other - and with IKEA. IKEA now has a network of bloggers we can and will use actively in coming promotions and activities. The bloggers act as enthusiastic and credible ambassadors for IKEA among all the other active interiors bloggers. The competence given to the bloggers has made them even more capable and active.
  7. 7. RESULTS OF THE BLOG SEMINAR The blog seminar helped to create positive coverage from around 20 bloggers before, during and after the event itself. The blog seminar resulted in 6 large pieces of media coverage, in addition to coverage of the catalogue launch alone. All blog and media coverage presented IKEA's message in a good, positive way.
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