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Instagram Strategy Guide with Hootsuite

  1. Instagram Strategy Guide @HootsuiteAPAC
  2. Speaker Bio Ella Badis Hootsuite Social Media Coach @Hoot_EllaBadis Join the conversation using #HootsuitePro
  3. Why using Instagram matters for your business 5 steps to influence Instagram success Q&A Agenda Tweet your questions with #HootsuitePro
  4. Why using Instagram matters for your business
  5. Instagram is Huge! ❏ Over 400+ million monthly active users ❏ Post 80M photos each day ❏ Like 3.5B photos each day ❏ 63% use Instagram to learn about product/service Source: Instagram Report, 2015 Instagram Survey of Millennial Active Users, aggregated data from 12 countries.
  6. ❏ Grow your social presence ❏ Showcase brand personality ❏ Build community together ❏ Monitor brand mentions by customers Why using Instagram matters to your business?
  7. How Hootsuite can help you with Instagram? Tweet your questions with #HootsuitePro
  8. 5 Steps to influence your Instagram success
  9. 1. Branding 2. Audience 3. Content 4. Awareness 5. Measure
  10. 1. Branding ❏ Brand aesthetic: Visual representatives-logo, colour palette ❏ Voice and Tone: Brainstorm adjectives to describe your brand ❏ Composition: White space, backgrounds, subject placement Tweet your questions with #HootsuitePro
  11. Branding Example MailChimp - Email Marketing Company ❏ Emphasizes its corporate culture in whimsical ways ❏ Bright colours Tweet your questions with #HootsuitePro
  12. 2. Audience ❏ Your target market: Gender, B2C, B2B, Age ❏ Tool to help: Demografies App from App Directory ❏ Breakdown your followers ❏ Compare which media resonates better Tweet your questions with #HootsuitePro
  13. Audience Example CBRE - Real Estate ❏ Established as an expert by providing a fun factoid about the building or city ❏ Promote its own property and others to avoid being pushy Tweet your questions with #HootsuitePro
  14. 3. Content 1. Show me how it’s made 2. Show me the people behind the product 3. Show me something I’d never get to see Tweet your questions with #HootsuitePro
  15. 1- Show me how it’s made Details: ❏ Document processes ❏ Arouse followers with questions How-to: ❏ Schedule your posting daily to show progress ❏ Create branded hashtag to monitor Tweet your questions with #HootsuitePro
  16. 2- Show me the people behind the product Details: ❏ Share employees’ perspectives How-to: ❏ Use company hashtag ❏ Use listening stream to monitor these photos Tweet your questions with #HootsuitePro
  17. 3- Show me something I’d never get to see Details: ❏ Share experiences from various angles ❏ Instill curiosity element How-to: ❏ Find trending photos ❏ Create Instagram campaigns to grow followers Tweet your questions with #HootsuitePro
  18. Efficiency ❏ Plan your content calendar e. g Throwback Thursday ❏ Schedule your messages and pictures ❏ Find your best time to post Tweet your questions with #HootsuitePro
  19. ❏ Links don’t work in captions - put it on the profile bio. ❏ Photo size 1048px x 1048px ❏ Hashtags- Don’t overdo ❏ Post on a consistent basis #schedule Best Practices Tweet your questions with #HootsuitePro
  20. Increase brand, product or service exposure 4. Awareness Employees ❏ Brand ambassador ❏ Credible source Influencers ❏ Reach out to a new set of audience Tweet your questions with #HootsuitePro
  21. Awareness Example Herschel Supply - Retail ❏ Encourage user contributions ❏ Discover great influencer on social ❏ Travellers use #WellTravelled to share their travel experiences with Herschel’s backpack. Tweet your questions with #HootsuitePro
  22. ❏ Identify your engagement rates, followers growth and success of content ❏ Tool to help: Iconosquare from App Directory 5. Measure Tweet your questions with #HootsuitePro
  23. Branding - Am I on brand? Audience - Who should I talk to? Content - What should I post on Instagram? Awareness - How to gain exposure? Measure - What is my social ROI? Checklist Tweet your questions with #HootsuitePro
  24. Q & A
  25. Thank you! @Hoot_EllaBadis Join the conversation using #HootsuitePro