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Debunking the Myths of Social Customer Care by Hootsuite & Zendesk

  1. Join the conversation using # Debunking the Myths of Social Customer Care Executive Breakfast Session 23rd August 2016
  2. Speakers Tom Blackman Director of Sales Zendesk Asia @tomblackman_ Roger Graham Director of Growth & Marketing Hootsuite APAC @TheRogerGraham
  3. Debunking the Myths of Social Customer Care
  4. What we’ll cover Setting the Digital Scene Social customer service myths Myth #1: Social CRM is only about customer service Myth #2: Social customer service reduces negative sentiment Myth #3: Social CRM is a cost centre Myth #4: Social customer service is a reactive role Myth #5: It’s only about Facebook and Twitter Insights and Questions
  5. Setting the Digital Scene
  6. We’re in an era of unimagined disruption Source: ‘Digital Transformation’ Report, Altimeter
  7. Social
  8. Collaborative Economy
  9. Mobile 2016 2005
  10. This represents not just a shift in technology but also a fundamental cultural shift
  11. Baby boomers Millennials 2011 workforce tipping point 2026 born in an era of social Driven by digital natives
  12. 4.3B email accounts 5.4B social media accounts Massive scale
  13. 60% of people who complain on Twitter expect a response within an hour Source: Twitter
  14. The social customer journey The alignment of business to customers at every touchpoint in their digital journey.
  15. The social customer journey EngagementAwareness AcquisitionEvaluation Advocacy
  16. What does this digital transformation mean for customer support?
  17. Social customer care is the new reality 67% of customers turn to social media to get support - to complain, question and praise. Customer experience is going to be the biggest competitive differentiator by 2020. 50% of customers quit doing business with a company from bad customer experience.
  18. Myth #1 Social customer service is only about complaints
  19. Truth: it involves many types of customer interactions These can include: ● Product feedback ● Queries ● Sales outreach ● HR ● Complaints Social CRM is about complete customer engagement and to fully offer good support your teams need to be able to address them.
  20. Domino’s recently launched “pizzaturnaround” campaign to change their ingredients. They’re using the hashtag #newpizza as a way to gather realtime feedback from customers and incorporate that into development of their new pizza. Results: 14% rise in sales, 50% jump in stock price Wrong: #yourtaxi Who’s doing it right: Domino’s
  21. Myth #2 Social customer service reduces negative comments
  22. Truth: negative comments will still happen, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing Customer feedback is always beneficial, and offers you an opportunity to improve ● Your product ● Your service Make sure you show appreciation for any feedback and demonstrate how you are taking it on board to improve. You will win back customers that way e.g. Hasbro updating their easy-bake oven to be gender neutral It is far worse for brands not to respond - people will still give their negative feedback regardless, but your brand won’t have an opportunity to improve the situation
  23. Toymaker Hasbro made a significant change to its Easy-Bake oven, thanks to customer feedback on social media. After a young customer gained major support on YouTube and requesting that Hasbro throw out its “girls-only” branding, Hasbro released a gender neutral version of the toy. Who’s doing it right: Hasbro
  24. Myth #3 Social CRM is a cost centre
  25. Truth: Customer service contributes to revenue: relationships are at the heart of every sale Social media has radically changed the buyer-seller relationship. Customers expect engagement within hours of asking a question about your product or service. Great customer service on social is your sales department’s best ally. Without it, you lose your competitive edge. Over 50% of customers are likely to abandon their online purchase if they don’t find or receive a prompt answer to their question. Source: Forrester “Transform The Contact Center For Customer Service Excellence” Report 2016
  26. After having a bad experience with one of Zappos’ Facebook ads, social media influencer Ted Rubin complained about it on his blog. Without tagging or calling attention to them in the article, Zappos picked up on it and offered him a free pair of shoes. The shoes arrived only a few days after the discussion. Rubin quickly posted another blog extolling the virtues of Zappos to his followers Who’s doing it right: Zappos
  27. Myth #4 Social customer service is a reactive role
  28. Truth: Customer service should be proactive Proactively identify issues and opportunities Unlike voice support and email, social media is a public, two-way channel. You don’t have to wait for a complaint before engaging with customers. Be more efficient and keep more customers Research by Enkata found that proactive service on social can reduce call volumes by as much as 30 percent, while increasing customer retention rates by 3 to 5 percent. 89% of customers are frustrated by having to repeat themselves to multiple representatives. Source: Forrester “Transform The Contact Center For Customer Service Excellence” Report 2016
  29. Myth #5 It’s only about Facebook and Twitter
  30. Truth: You need to engage where your customers are Twitter and Facebook are both relevant as a social customer service platform. However, the truth is that social service has gone beyond them. Brands need to find out which one is relevant to them as a social customer service channel.
  31. 1. Proactively identify issues and opportunities. 2. Be efficient and keep more customers. 3. Respond to customers in real time. 4. Improve social customer service with data. 5. Manage multi-channel support with CRMs Top tips to have a winning Social CS program
  32. Q & A
  33. Want to know more? Read our ebook How Being Customer-Obsessed on Social Media Will Grow Your Brand Available here:
  34. Thank you