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Learning Is A Team Sport

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Presentation for a round table discussion onb 21st century post-secondary learning held at the NSCC Festival of Learning 14 August 2008

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Learning Is A Team Sport

  1. 1. Learning is a Team Sport or A conversation about learning in the new millennium
  2. 2. There is so much information out there and so many information sources, that it is becoming (or maybe already is) impossible to learn on your own, that as educators we need to be aware of this fundamental change and be prepared to teach and learn differently. This means more collaboration and cooperation between learners and between educators, an awareness of learning styles and a need to develop authentic curriculum and assessment... Technology of all types will be increasingly Important
  3. 3. Information When I was in school Books Encyclopedia Newspapers Radio
  4. 4. Information Today Internet YouTube iTunes 24/7 500 Channel TV Books Newspapers
  5. 5. What does all this extra information mean?