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News Analysis - Is HP getting lean or falling apart?

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Holger Mueller of Constellation Research is chiming in with his top 3 takeaways of the recent HPE 'spin merge' of most software assets with Microsfocus.

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News Analysis - Is HP getting lean or falling apart?

  1. 1. © 2010-2016 HMCC & Constellation Research, Inc. All rights reserved. 1#HPE News Analysis – HPE sells (most) software assets MyPOV: Remarkable speed of HPE shedding assets the rest of indus- try wants to keep. Long term viability if public cloud happens fast remains the #1 concern. Future will tell. HPE ‘spin merges’ off all ‘non strategic’ software assets to Microfocus in a 8.8B transation. Top Takeaways • HPE strategy could not be more opposite vs Dell, IBM & Oracle • Whitman wants all focus on the SDDC • All software subjugated to SDDC, making HPE an on premises player