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Insights from google for viet nam mar 2016

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Insights from google for viet nam mar 2016, about: The Online & Multiscreen World, The Smart Shopper, The Local Shopper, The International Shopper, The Smart Viewer, Digital Moms

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Insights from google for viet nam mar 2016

  1. 1. Insights from Google for VietNam 3/2016 Digital Marketing Nguồn: www.consumerbarometer.com
  2. 2. The Online & MultiscreenWorld The Smart Shopper The Local Shopper The International Shopper The SmartViewer Digital Moms
  3. 3. The Online & MultiscreenWorld People are more connected than ever, with increased access across many devices, especially smartphones.The Online & MultiscreenWorld helps marketers and planners understand when, how and why people use the Internet.
  4. 4. The Online & MultiscreenWorld
  5. 5. The Smart Shopper The Internet plays a key role in the consumer journey for many product categories. As a result, an integrated marketing strategy is critical for marketers and planners.The Smart Shopper shows how marketers can reach customers at key decision-making moments across 20 products.
  6. 6. The Smart Shopper
  7. 7. The Local Shopper Location-based advertising offers new opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses to successfully attract consumer attention.The Local Shopper helps businesses to understand where and when people look for local information and what type of information is most relevant, thereby enhancing their advertising strategies.
  8. 8. The Local Shopper
  9. 9. The International Shopper As internet usage grows, so too does the potential for international online purchases.The International Shopper section allows businesses to explore the possibility of new customer bases by identifying motivations and barriers for cross-border purchases.
  10. 10. The Local Shopper
  11. 11. The SmartViewer Online video has become a key channel for consuming content.The SmartViewer section offers insight into the contexts and motivations of people watching online videos, enabling planners to better understand and target their audience in this space.
  12. 12. The SmartViewer
  13. 13. Digital Moms
  14. 14. Online, Caring andWell-connected: Digital Moms* Know Best • The gap between trendy women and caring mothers is bridged effortlessly - these are the Digital Moms.This new generation of mothers is well-informed, highly connected and trendy from head to toe.These moms make constant use of the Internet to buy all of the family essentials and to fulfil their own potential as bloggers and trendsetters - 75% create or curate content online at least monthly. It is this tendency for active communication and interaction that makes the Digital Mom an excellent brand ambassador. • This custom analysis from the Consumer Barometer explains how young mothers spend their time online. It shows that, for these women, the Internet is an integral part of their everyday lives and how they interact with the world around them, including brands.
  15. 15. Digital Moms research products intensively online • Mother knows best - especially the digital mother. 55% of Digital Moms did online research before making a recent purchase, and this research was more intensive than that of other online users, with 4 in 10 spending at least a few days on research.While computers were still the primary method for carrying out product research - used by 75% of Digital Moms - smartphones are playing an increasingly important role. Among moms with babies under a year, over 4 in 10 used a smartphone to research their product purchase, and smartphones were used throughout the purchase process, from looking for early inspiration to product comparisons and collecting advice. In fact, over 26% of Digital Moms used their smartphone to prepare for immediate purchase, for example, by searching for a nearby store. • What's more, new moms are also the most likely of all moms to research their purchase, whether online, offline or both.Why?With a new baby comes a new set of needs and concerns, and the Internet acts as a vast knowledge bank.When confronted with these new situations, Digital Moms with new babies turn to the Internet - to brand websites, retailer websites and, importantly, other people via social networks, forums and review sites.
  16. 16. Digital Moms love laid-back online shopping • Research online, purchase offline? Not with Digital Moms.They have discovered online shopping as a convenient and relaxed way of getting everything the family needs, despite their time-pressed schedule. Instead of taking children with them to the stores and lugging their shopping around, 35% of Digital Moms with babies simply buy their clothing and footwear online. It's much less stressful and allows more time to spend with their children or for quiet 'me-time'. Among Digital Moms who purchased online, over 1 in 10 did so using their smartphone. Among Moms with babies under a year? 23%.
  17. 17. Online runway: Digital Moms are trendsetters • Digital Moms don't just buy items for the family. 38% say that they love shopping for clothing, footwear and make-up; over 20% like to keep up with the latest trends in these categories. 1 in 6 watch online videos to stay up-to-date and on top of trends; 1 and 4 turn to online videos to learn something new. Even when shopping for groceries, 1 in 5 Digital Moms is on the look-out for new products to try and 23%are willing to pay a premium for quality. New moms, still adjusting to the new arrival, are especially willing to pay for quality - they also report enjoying grocery shopping at a rate almost 50% higher than non-Digital Moms. Given this interest in trends and shopping, it's not surprising that 1 in 5 Digital Moms state that they like to stand out from the crowd.And are they trendsetters? 1 in 10 say absolutely.
  18. 18. Online playground: Digital Moms share their knowledge and love of brands • Communication and interaction - in general and about brands - is at the heart of Digital Moms. Over 40% of Digital Moms comment on or like someone else's social network post every day; 1 in 4 update their own status. And the interaction can be more in-depth : 1 in 4 participate in a blog or forum at least monthly. In this way, they keep in contact with their network even during a busy day of parenting. 1 in 5 share photos of desired products during the research process and 1 in 10 go on to write a product review post-purchase. Digital Moms are online everywhere, especially on social media. And these digitally-savvy, opinionated women learn from and share with other mothers. 1 in 3 Digital Moms state that, if there is a brand they love, they tell everyone about it. Digital Moms are therefore ideal brand ambassadors; they are not only knowledgeable and brand-oriented but also trendy and vocal.
  19. 19. Online one-on-one: How to make a Digital Mom fall in love with your brand • Digital Moms are highly communicative brand ambassadors with a strong voice in a large network. So what can brands do to win the heart of the Digital Mom? Be visible and informative throughout the customer journey at the moments that matter to her most. More than one in eight Digital Moms reported using an online video in the past week to shop or learn about product information.What's more, most Digital Moms turn to search engines (46%) and brand websites (22%) when researching online, so brands should ensure that they have easy-to-find and easy- to-navigate website.
  20. 20. Thank you ! Nguồn: www.consumerbarometer.com