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Learning without Frontiers: School libraries and meta-literacy in action

Since their establishment school libraries have been instrumental in language and writing, showcasing and empowering the best in good reading and research immersion for their students. Now the best minds on our planet are suggesting that the Internet and the technology tools it has spawned will continue to be arguably the most influential invention of our time. With the maturation of the web we now use and interpret multiple kinds of literacy which are embedded in multimodal texts. Because of it we have found ourselves in the midst of highly dynamic and dramatically changing literacy learning landscapes – new frontiers populated by a plethora of mind matters as diverse as Alice in Wonderland, Angry Birds, Audioboo and Augmented Reality.

So you think you can curate resources, nurture literacy and teach in this new information ecology? Don your dark glasses and be prepared for the ride of your (professional) life in Learning without frontiers. This presentation will explore how teacher librarians can bind together teaching, emerging technologies, and the growing number of literacies to promote information-rich meta-literacy media environments suitable for 21st century school libraries.

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Learning without Frontiers: School libraries and meta-literacy in action

  1. School Libraries and Meta-Literacy in Action Judy O’ConnellASLAXXII NATIONAL CONFERENCE 2-5 OCTOBER 2011 FACULTY OF EDUCATION
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  3. adopt-a-word Each year hundreds of words are dropped from the English language. Old words, wise words, hard-working words. Words that once led to meaningful lives but now lie unused, unloved and unwanted. Today 90% of everything we write is communicated by only 7,000 words.
  4. adopt-a-wordModernicide: n. – Killing of modern people It’s a shame that modernicide is illegalas Celine Dion would be top of my hit list.Blateration: n. – Blabber; Chatter. I asked where she got her shirt from, and I wasimmediately subject to endless blateration about her last shopping trip in Europe.
  5. Sumeria n love @ 2025 poem BChttp://heritage-key.com/world/sumerian-love-poem
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  9. For its first translation, the King James Bible required seven years and 40 ecumenical brains to translate. It would take scribes months to rewrite. Now we can have it ‘whispernetted’ into electronic paper in moments.The Geek Abides: click to download for free.
  10. 6th August, 1996
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  12. changing their reading andinformation encounters
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  14. Tory Brennan, niece ofacclaimed forensicanthropologist TemperanceBrennan, is the leader of a ragtagband of teenage “sci-philes” wholive on a secluded island off thecoast of South Carolina.
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  24. Information curation & dissemination
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  29. Social media
  30. What is yourdigitaladaptability?How are you learning?How are they learning because of your learning?
  31. MUSEUMS SPECIAL SECTION The Spirit of Sharing Published: March 16, 2011SHELLEY BERNSTEIN lives with her computer. Most days she hunkersdown in her spartan office at the Brooklyn Museum where, as chieftechnology officer, she invents ways to keep people visiting the museumand its Web site, brooklynmuseum.org.Every night she bicycles home to the Red Hook section ofBrooklyn to be with Teddy, her beloved pit bull, andmonitors the institution’s presence on Facebook, Flickr,YouTube, Four Square and Twitter, where it has nearly183,000 followers.Some of her projects — letting Web followers watch a 28-foot tepeebeing built in the museum or inviting them to participate in a comingexhibition by taking a visual art quiz — have led to a flood of invitationsto lecture at conferences around the globe.http://goo.gl/ipahu
  32. I’m managing my information. I’m managing my knowledge work.
  33. I’m managing my digital identity. I’m managing my digital network.
  34. cc licensed ( BY NC SD ) flickr photo by aunqtunolosepas : http://flickr.com/photos/aunqtunolosepas/2144207538/
  35. Technology and online integration can facilitate criticalthinking, creativity and knowledgeable actions, rather than merely being a skills activity. cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo by Pink Sherbet Photography: http://flickr.com/photos/pinksherbet/3387387075/
  36. cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo by Pink Sherbet Photography: http://flickr.com/photos/pinksherbet/3387387075/
  37. • Communication –sharing thoughts, questions, ideas and solutions• Curation –collecting and reflecting on what we encounter• Collaboration –working together to reach a goal –putting talent, expertise and ‘smarts’ to work• Critical thinking –looking a problems in a new way –linking learning across subjects and disciplines• Creativity –trying new approaches to get things done –innovation and invention 44
  38. • Personal learning environment – relying on the people we connect with through social networks and collaborative tools e.g. Twitter, Yammer.• Personal learning network – learning content is not as important as knowing where or to whom to connect and find content e.g. Skype in the Classroom, iTunes U.• Personal web tools – used for tracking our life and powering our learning e.g. photos to Facebook, excursion pictures to Flickr.• Cloud computing – supporting open access between sources and devices rather than being locked to software and individual computers. e.g. Edmodo, Evernote, Diigo.• Mixed reality – encompassed by e-devices and augmented reality e.g. ebooks, QRcodes, Layar browser.
  39. Choose the right tool to re-frame information collectionand organisation as highly flexible and collaborativeinformation and knowledge conversations. cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo by Pink Sherbet Photography: http://flickr.com/photos/pinksherbet/3387327059/
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  45. ?
  46. ?Re-think what ‘collection’ of information means,thereby supporting personalized and collaborativeinformation seeking and knowledge conversations. cc licensed ( BY NC SD ) flickr photo by Pricklebush: http://flickr.com/photos/pricklebush/224674200/
  47. Does anyone know of anygood online videos showingbeginner debating, suitablefor Year 5 students? FromYoutube, Teachertube etc.
  48. It’s not informationoverload....it’s filter failure!
  49. Seek FollowGather Explore cc licensed flickr photo by assbach: http://flickr.com/photos/assbach/253218488/
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  53. • ask good questions in order to get good answers• access and acquire material from the appropriate digital information sources• analyze the raw material to distinguish value, bias, and re-usable information• apply the knowledge within a real-world problem or simulation• and assess the process and the product.
  54. 62cc  licensed  (  BY  NC  )  flickr  photo  by  Cayusa:  h?p://flickr.com/photos/cayusa/1444806159/
  55. ..... because your knowledge and myknowledge, based on what searchresults we are served, may be verydifferent from each other. Siva  Vaidhyanathan  in  The  Googlization  of  Everything, Filter failure
  56. New developments in search, such as Googleinstant (that shows results as you type) haveboth enhanced & hindered the informationseeking habits of students by responding quicklyto search terms, and so making keywordcustomization seem less relevant. cc licensed ( BY NC SD ) flickr photo by Always Bë Cool: http://flickr.com/photos/alwaysbecool/2871346522/
  57. cc licensed ( BY NC ) flickr photo by vgm8383: http://flickr.com/photos/vgm8383/2330598837/
  58. Quintura – A Keyword CloudAlternative to the Wheel Use Google’s Related Search
  59. Use Google’s Related SearchThis offers a greater range of keywords than using the‘default’ related keywords that normally appear at thebottom of your search result page.
  60. cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo by tarotastic: http://flickr.com/photos/tjt195/509241247/
  61. Kids & Teens Meta Search Subscribe to search Power Search engine news http://www.pandia.com/index.htmlcc licensed flickr photo by : http://flickr.com/photos/crystaljingsr/3915512820/
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  63. By showing our students how to connect adatabase information repository (such asEBSCO, Gale, or JStor) or a local libraryservice with Google Scholar, we are helpingstudents broaden the scope of their informationseeking, while at the same time refining thequality of the information response.
  64. alsoGoogle Scholar Alerts
  65. When a technology focus subverts students’ conversation and development of critical thinking skills (and their ability to evaluate and analyse the information at hand), the mental processes that change knowledge from information to concept are not learned.Bomar, S. (2010). A School-Wide Instructional Framework for Evaluating Sources. Knowledge Quest, 38(3), 72-75.
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  67. !!""#$%&%"(%%)%*+",-.&%*/.$0"12"3)0415$(+"6787"Degree of Information Connectivity Web 3.0 Web x.0 Semantic Web Meta Web Web 1.0 Web 2.0 The Web Social Web Degree of Social Connectivity
  68. 82
  69. 83
  70. MicrobloggingSocial bookmarking and taggingCollaborative writingInformation management – e.g. Zotero, Endnote, EasybibInformation capture on multiple devices – e.g. EvernoteLibrary resources, databases all used for information collection, RSS topic and journal alerts, and compatible with research organisation toolsAggregators and start pagesOnline storage for access across multiple platforms
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  72. I need to search, scan, and select the best resources I can find for my own personal interests, and by making my choices available to others, IIt’s about knowing, learning, create a resource for manysharing, and teaching, all in one. besides myself.
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  78. 1st AUGMENTED REALITY FLASH MOB: Dam Square, Amsterdam, saturday 24th of AprilPhotographing empty space beside because that space was occupied byvirtual human sculptures, brought alive by Augmented Reality applications http://sndrv.nl/ARflashmob/
  79. It isn’t about learning how to use a particulardigital tool.It isn’t about social media.It isn’t about new media, augmented reality,immersive story-telling.It is about our ability to understand whenand how we move across the ever-expanding meta-literacy environments.
  80. LIBRARYengage
  81. http://twitter.com/heyjudeonline http://www.facebook.com/judy.oconnell http://heyjude.wordpress.com/ http://www.diigo.com/profile/heyjude44 Thank You http://www.slideshare.net/heyjudeonline/presentationscc licensed ( BY SD ) flickr photo by IIun: http://flickr.com/photos/iiun/5519577923/