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History Paragraph Writing Samples Causes of WWI

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Samples of paragragraphs written by students about the causes of WWI

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History Paragraph Writing Samples Causes of WWI

  1. 1. Unit 2 – Causes of World War I Paragraph Writing - Student’s Samples Choose one cause of World War I and write a well-structured paragraph. Remember to include a topic sentence, well-linked supporting sentences to back up your argument and a concluding sentence. Student’s samples: 1) Eugenia Solanet, 2016 Assessment Criterion A: Knowing and understanding You are expected to: - Use a wide range of terminology effectively - Demonstrate detailed knowledge and understanding of content and concepts through accurate descriptions, explanations and examples Assessment Criterion C: Communicating You are expected to: - Communicate information and ideas effectively and accurately by using a style that is completely appropriate to the audience and purpose. - Structure information and ideas in a way that is completely appropriate to the specified format.
  2. 2. 2) Delfina Melhem, 2016