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Guided Reading: Making the Most of It

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This is my slide deck from my session at the North Carolina Reading Conference last week in Raleigh, NC. I do staff development to schools and districts all over the country about best practices in literacy instruction. This topic is one of my most requested.

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Guided Reading: Making the Most of It

  1. making the most of ©2016,Jen Jones
  2. @hellojenjones #ncra16 “Someone please tweet that!” ©2016,Jen Jones
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  10. Student Choice
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  13. The following slides illustrate what the rest of the class is doing independently of you while you and a small group of students are doing Guided Reading.
  14. ©2016,Jen Jones
  15. ©2016,Jen Jones
  16. “Since we’re the GIFTED group, can we please do more packets?” said NO gifted student ever!
  17. “Guided Reading is not coming to the guided reading table and completing worksheets with or without the teacher, it is not doing projects, it is not discussing and talking about their independent reading books, it is not assessing one student while the rest read silently, it is not having students read and retell to each other while you write a parent email or shop online, it is not book clubs or literature circles without the teacher, it is not reading to them, for them or with them, it is not writing Guided Reading in your lesson plan book and not actually teaching guided reading, and it is not playing games and coloring sheets with or without the teacher. Guided reading is not guided reading if only 1 or 2 students are sitting at the table and guided reading is done best at a horseshoe shaped table with the teacher on one side and six students pulled up to the other side of the table. Guided reading is also done best when the guided reading table is clean and clear of clutter. This paragraph probably doesn't apply to you, but I just had to put it out there.” -Hello Literacy Blog Post Guided Reading The following is NOT ©2016,Jen Jones
  18. Developing Problem-Solvers in a Student Centered Classroom Problem Solving Framework ©2016,Jen Jones
  19. Mini-Lesson
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  21. ©2016,Jen Jones
  22. Guided Reading
  23. Planning for Groups, is aligned to… Whole Group Planning
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  25. LLQ’s: HLQ’s: Planning for your GR session: “no more winging it!” ©2016,Jen Jones
  26. ©2016,Jen Jones
  27. Everyone reading… …at the same time!
  28. Guided Reading Anchor Charts After Reading Text Discussions Activities to do with ©2016,Jen Jones
  29. 1-1 Correspondence ©2016,Jen Jones
  30. @ tinyurl.com/greatreaders ©2016,Jen Jones
  31. Self-Monitoring Intervention MSV Task Cards ©2016,Jen Jones
  32. Picture Talk ©2016,Jen Jones
  33. ndependent Reading Leveled Books Interest Books
  34. Close Reading ©2016,Jen Jones
  35. Close Listening ©2016,Jen Jones
  36. Close Looking (and describing)
  37. Projects
  38. Presentations
  39. Prepare students today for their future TEDTalk. bit.ly/kdelzertedx
  40. iTunes All About the MittenGlobal Audience
  41. Would your school or district like some Jen Jones PD? Email me at: helloliteracy@gmail.com yes!