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Media News - May 2015

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Media News - May 2015

  1. 1. Media Review - May 2015 Overview on media news and innovations
  2. 2. DAILIES
  3. 3. INNOVATIONS MAY2015 Rossel is launching new ad formats for Dailies. In order to extend creative ideas, 4 new formats will be available : - Ad in the 4 corners of the daily sheet - Ad in the center of the sheet surrounded by editorial content - Ad in the shape of an ascending graph - Ad on the left page overflowing to the right page Rossel also wants to take in consideration ideas from creative agencies and clients.
  4. 4. INNOVATIONS MAY2015 ‘New’ Persgroep makes promising start following strong 2014. De Persgroep announced a takeover bid for the London-listed company Mecom for €236 million. Mecom is the holding company of the Dutch newspaper group Wegener and the Danish Berlingske Media.
  5. 5. INNOVATIONS MAY2015 De Persgroep bought Humo, Story, TeVe Blad and Vitaya from Sanoma. De Persgroep wants to focus on : - Women - Lifestyle / Decoration Sanoma also mentions that Moustique, Tele Pocket and Story FM are also for sale. Also, Libelle TV will stop in July, Sanoma wants to focus more on online videos.
  6. 6. INNOVATIONS MAY2015 People’s Daily, China’s most read newspaper will start including BeNeLux pages in its People’s Daily Overseas Edition Europe. This newspaper is aimed at Chinese people living in BeNeLux or traveling to it. The audience of the BeNeLux pages is said to be of 420.000 subscribers (120.000 in China and 300.000 in Europe).
  8. 8. INNOVATIONS NEWCOMERS KBC magazine focusing on Lifestyle, Culture, Travel, Finances, etc. Target group is clients or families with property assets between 250.000 and 1 million euros. Exclusivity Media Launches The Gay Issue aimed at the Flemish gay community. New magazine abouts books created by writer Koen Van Wichelen.
  9. 9. DIGITAL
  10. 10. INNOVATIONS Eyeo reactivates its mobile AdBlock onAndroid. AdBlock Browser is a mobile browser available on Google Play Store. The aim is to make the Web’s biggest players pay so they can display non intrusive ads on the browser. MAY2015
  11. 11. INNOVATIONS Spotify is focusing more and more on videos. The platform wants to include podcasts, videos and other contents not necessarily linked to music. Partnerships with Vice, BBC, MTV, CBS and Comedy Central might be signed… MAY2015
  12. 12. INNOVATIONS Youtube is launching TrueView for Shopping, a new service allowing brands to promote items within videos. Images and information about a product can be embedded in the video with a « buy » button. MAY2015
  13. 13. INNOVATIONS The Financial Times has introduced a new way to measure ad performance on a website or an app : the CPH (cost per hour). CPH monitores how long an advertisment is looked at. The Financial Times can report the duration of each impression and the total exposure during a campaign. MAY2015
  14. 14. INNOVATIONS Google is following the « Buy » button trend. After Facebook & Twitter, Google will add a « buy » option next to sponsored ads. Users will be redirected to the Google Shopping page or the Play Store. It is still unknown how shops will pay to enable this service. MAY2015
  15. 15. INNOVATIONS Google will start including tweets in its search results. This new fonction is already available in the US and will soon spread to other countries. Recent tweets related to the search will be displayed in real-time. Related to that, when searching for a hashtag, most relevant tweets containing the hashtag will appear. MAY2015
  16. 16. INNOVATIONS Vessel, a new online video plateform, will be launched. Users will have to pay (3$/month) to access the plateform. Vessel focuses on partnerships with internet-famous people, comedians, star presenters, etc. Users will be able to access their content prior to their official release date. The exclusivity dimension is crucial to Vessel. Vessel wants to position itself asYouTube’s direct competitor. MAY2015
  17. 17. INNOVATIONS MAY2015 RMB sold its video plateform to Pragma Consult & HiMedia. They want to position Vike as a media key player in the digital video industry. Pragma Consult will take care of the content and the partnerships. HiMedia will take care of the display ads, branded content, native content, etc. Pre-roll ads will be handled by RTBF.
  18. 18. INNOVATIONS Strategic partnership for Sanoma and Pebble Media. Sanoma settled an agreement for its online display offer with Pebble Media. As a result, Pebble Media becomes a main actor of online ad planification aimed towards women content. Sanoma remains, however, the ambassador of its brands and is still responsible for combined sales for print, online and audiovisual. The company wants to focus on its evolution towards digital. MAY2015
  19. 19. INNOVATIONS Metro launches its first free mobile app. Each morning 810.000 people read the Metro free sheet. The app is meant to be a way for consumers to stay informed throughout the day. The app will offer national and international news as well as trending topics, traffic info, sports news, etc. Metro will allow app users to download the paper and be able to read it even without an internet connection. MAY2015
  20. 20. OUT OF HOME
  21. 21. INNOVATIONS Clear Channel launches the I-conic, the biggest interactive digital screen of the country. The screen measures 140m² with a 16/9 format. It will be set on the Anspach Boulevard in Brussels (note that this area will be pedestrian starting this summer). MAY2015
  22. 22. INNOVATIONS DOOH Media – mostly present with digital screens in shopping centres – is now allowing advertisers to display 6 to 10 seconds spots. This allows to : - extend creative ideas - give more time to deliver a message. Average display time is 6 seconds in Belgium whereas 10 seconds is the normal duration in shopping centres in France. MAY2015
  23. 23. INNOVATIONS Energy drink Powerade and Ogilvy & Mather Berlin have displayed interactive hoardings allowing pedestrian to do some work out exercices. For example : - Climbing a wall - Lifting weights - Strenght exercices Pedestrian doing the exercices could then quench their thirst with free Powerade. Linktothevideo:http://goo.gl/uyFKO7 MAY2015
  24. 24. RADIO
  25. 25. INNOVATIONS Norkring launched the first Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB+) in Brussels. This is a first step towards nationwide radio coverage. Advantages : - Higher sound quality - More space than on FM waves ( more radios) - Additional services are possible According to the European Broadcasting Union, FM waves should disappear in the next 10 years. MAY2015
  26. 26. INNOVATIONS Nethys has sold its 40% share of DH Radio to IPM Group. Nethys (previously Tecteo) had been involved with the radio since 2010 and had invested roughly 2,7 millions in it. The DH and La Libre’s editor remains the only one at the head of the radio. MAY2015
  27. 27. TELEVISION
  28. 28. INNOVATIONS Transfer starts the sales of ad spaces on Cartoon Network France. The network is one of the most important in the South of the country with a market share of 20,4%. For kids 4-9 years old it even reaches 22,5%. There are also possibilities of non-spot and co- marketing campaigns in addition to classic tv spots. The network’s french website is highly visited by belgian users (369.000 each year). MAY2015
  29. 29. CINEMA
  30. 30. INNOVATIONS MAY2015 Compared to other media, summer holiday is one of the busiest season of the year for Cinemas. The attendance rate increases by 10% during that season. What’s more, CPC declines by 15% at that time of the year.
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