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Power generation and demand in bangladesh
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Renewable energy

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How renewable energy make sustainable development of a county and it's people.

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Renewable energy

  1. 1. Renewable Energy for Sustainable Development of Bangladesh Presented by Md. Hasibur Rashid Patuakhali Science and Technology University, Bangladesh Hafiza Akter Jessor University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh.
  2. 2. PresentationLayout Presentation Layout  Introduction  Renewable Sources In Bangladesh  Solar Energy  Wind Energy  Biogas  Biodiesel  Micro Hydro  Ocean Wave Energy  Tidal Power  Geothermal Energy  Conclusion  References  Question answer
  3. 3.  Electricity is a very important factor in developing the economy and the standard of living of a country.  Now a day, Bangladesh is facing energy crisis. In Bangladesh, around 70% of people having lack accesses to electricity and most of them are living in the village. Among them about 40% of them are living in below poverty line. On the other hand climate change puts addition threats to development.  To solve this energy crisis we can use different form of renewable energy to generate power. Renewable energy is the energy that comes from different types of natural resources mainly from sunlight, wind, rain, tides, and geo thermal heat, biodiesel, biofuel etc. Introduction Introduction
  4. 4. RenewableSources Renewable Sources in Bangladesh Contribution of different implemented renewable sources in Bangladesh
  5. 5. SolarEnergy Solar Energy  Bangladesh can produce sufficient amount of electricity by solar energy. Because Bangladesh is a subtropical country, 70% of year sunlight is dropped in Bangladesh. For this reason, we can use solar panels to produce electricity largely. Almost every newly built apartment building is now using solar panels along with the grid connection to get support during the load shedding period. Even in the rural areas, some NGO’s have been working to provide solar panels to the villagers at a cheap price.
  6. 6. SolarEnergy Solar Energy Solar radiation varies from season to season in Bangladesh. Bangladesh receives an average daily solar radiation of 4-6.5 kWh/m2. Maximum amount and minimum on November December-January in the following figure 2. Bangladesh is situated between 20.30 and 26.38 degrees north latitude and 88.04 and 92.44 degrees east which is an ideal location for solar energy utilization. Fig. 2: Monthly average solar radiation profile in Bangladesh
  7. 7. SolarEnergy Fig. 4: Distribution of solar Home system in six divisions of Bangladesh to January 2013 Figure-4 Shows that the approximate division wise SHSs (Solar Home System) installation. The distribution of the SHSs is highest in Dhaka district whereas lowest in the Sylhet.
  8. 8. WindEnergy Wind Energy  It has a great potential to recover electricity by wind energy for Bangladesh. Wind power involves converting wind energy into electricity by using wind turbines. A wind turbine is a machine that converts the kinetic energy in wind into mechanical energy. Coastal locations of Bangladesh such as Chittagong, Noyakhali, Bargona, Bhola, Kutubdia and Cox's Bazar have huge potential to produce electricity from wind energy.
  9. 9. WindEnergy Fig. 5: Monthly variation of wind speed in five selected sites. From the above figure 5, we can see that maximum velocity (5.98 m/s) in the month of August in the place of Kuakata and the minimum velocity (1.20m/s) in the month of December in the place of Rauzan.
  10. 10. BiogasEnergy Biogas Energy  Biogas naturally mentions to a gas produced by the biological breakdown of organic matter in the absence of oxygen. Organic waste such as dead plant and animal material, animal dung, and kitchen waste can be converted into a gaseous fuel called biogas. Many countries now-a-days are producing electricity from biogas. In Bangladesh biogas is still a comparatively new technology. In most of the places it is used to generate electricity to meet the household demands. It should be used commercially to produce electricity in the areas where there is still no electricity from the national grid. It will help the people of these areas to meet their demand of electricity and the government and the companies related to this technology can earn money which is also beneficial.
  11. 11. .BiodieselEnergy Biodiesel Energy  Biodiesel is one of the alternative ways to generate renewable power or energy. Now a day’s fossil fuel depletion and global warming issues are the point of concern around the world. To reduce Carbon emissions and decreasing reserves of fossil fuels, Biofuel can be an attractive source of energy. Next generation biofuels can be a great solution to the global warming and the crying need of fossil fuels.
  12. 12. .BiodieselEnergy Biodiesel Energy Table 5: shows a comparison of oil yield of various oil seed crops Production Averages for Common Oil Crops Plant lb. oil/acre Gallons of Biodiesel/acre Algae 67 7 Coconut 20 2 Jatropha 14 2 Rapeseed 91 1 Peanut 71 1 Sunflower 72 9 Soybean 41 6
  13. 13. MicroHydroEnergy Micro Hydro Energy  Because of the geographic position, Bangladesh is a riverine country which is a huge advantage for the country. This huge amount of river currents and sources of low head of water falls can be used for generating micro hydro-power. Micro hydro means generating up to 5-300 KW of electricity through hydroelectric power. It is a simple technology that converts hydropower to mechanical power. Micro-Hydro technology is very much suitable for a developing country like Bangladesh .
  14. 14. OceanWaveEnergy Ocean Wave Energy  Ocean wave energy is generated directly from the waves of the oceans. It is another special type of renewable energy which helps to decrease the harmful emissions of greenhouse gases associated with the generation of power. It can be potentially a significant source of electricity for Bangladesh. Though the main purpose of ocean wave energy is electricity generation, it can also be used for the pumping of water, water desalination etc.
  15. 15. TidalPower Tidal Power  Tidal power or tidal energy is a form of hydropower that converts the energy of tides into electrical power. Among these coastal areas, with 5 meter tides experienced, Sandwip has the best prospect to generate tidal energy .
  16. 16. GeothermalEnergy Geothermal Energy  Geothermal is another way to generate power or energy which is renewable power or energy. The thermal energy which is generated and stored inside the earth surface is called Geothermal energy. It is very much cost effective and environmentally friendly. The northern districts of Bangladesh show the prospect to explore the geothermal resources. The demand of electricity in urban as well as in the rural areas are increasing, but our production of electricity is not increasing. A Dhaka based private company namely Anglo MGH Energy has initiated a project to setup the country’s first geothermal power plant with a capacity to produce 200 MW of electricity close to Saland in Thakurgaon district.
  17. 17. Conclusion Conclusion  Renewable energy sources discussed above can help Bangladesh produce more power in order to reduce Load-shedding problem.  It has a great impact on improving the socio-economic condition of rural people as well as will be a good sign of green energy technology.  With the help of these resources Bangladesh can make sustainable development and export electricity meeting the internal demand in the future.  Therefore, the Government and the Private sector should work hand in hand to emphasize more on renewable energy source to produce electricity to solve our power crisis problem and sustainable develop our county faster.
  18. 18. Presented by Md. Hasibur Rashid Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering, PSTU. Hafiza Akter Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, JUST.
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How renewable energy make sustainable development of a county and it's people.


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