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Functional Prototyping For Mobile Apps

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Tools and resources for functional prototyping for mobile apps

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Functional Prototyping For Mobile Apps

  1. 1. Functional Prototyping for Mobile Apps Levent Gurses @gursesl April 2015
  2. 2. Levent Gurses @gursesl Entrepreneur, hacker, speaker, organizer
  3. 3. Agenda Paper Prototyping Mobile App Prototyping Apple Watch Prototyping Q & A
  4. 4. Terminology Paper drawings Wireframes Mockups Prototypes Functional prototypes Throw-away prototypes Mock applications
  5. 5. The Proto Landscape
  6. 6. Prototyping Tools POP Balsamiq Flinto Marvel InVision Proto.io Axure Keynote Adobe After Effects Form Origami Framer Xcode
  7. 7. The Value Proposition
  8. 8. Prototyping Saves Money ● $230,000 - Large project for enterprise client - emphasis on requirements clarification and unified vision ● $25,000 - Smaller project - offshore development - most savings from improved developer productivity and clarity of requirements
  9. 9. Unrelated to Prototyping... Building great software requires a multidisciplinary team Yet, we always hear some disciplines are done as an afterthought: ● Security ● Testing - performance, I18N, etc. ● Ops - environment, etc.
  10. 10. Have you run into this Security guy? Can’t you build security in? Why do I feel like an afterthought?
  11. 11. Or this Ops gal? Where is my scripted environment? You’ve got everything: Docker, Fig, Consul, Vagrant, Nginx... And yet… I feel like an afterthought...
  12. 12. Two days for performance testing? Are you seriously kidding me? I feel like an afterthought... again... Or this Testing expert?
  13. 13. Clearly... They must be suffering from a Feeling Like an Afterthought [and maybe even a Problem] (FLAP) Syndrome
  14. 14. We [UX] may have the opposite problem ● UI, UX and related “creative” or design disciplines are sometimes lumped into an upfront analysis phase as a prequel to the “real” effort. Which clearly makes it feel like a forethought. ● Maybe I am suffering from a Feeling Like A Forethought (FLAF) Syndrome
  15. 15. Allow me to explain You might think ‘What’s wrong with being a forethought?’
  16. 16. Forethought Thought Afterthought ● UI/UX ● Design ● Requirements ● Dev ● Architecture ● Testing ● Database ● Project management ● Security ● Ops ● Testing ● Disaster recovery ● I18N ● Content management
  17. 17. Yes! We all yearn to be part of the “real” team, the Thought. No more Forethought, Afterthought. We are all a Thought!
  18. 18. Cross-Functional Teams to the Rescue ● Dev + Ops = DevOps ● Dev + UX = DevUX ● Dev + DB = DevDB ● Dev + Security = DevSec ● Dev + Requirements = DevReq
  19. 19. Each sprint includes all disciplines No more FLAP or FLAF! A Better Agile Process
  20. 20. In closing... ● Prototyping rocks ● Prototyping = Money ● Abundance of prototyping tools ● DevUX on the horizon
  21. 21. Thank you @gursesl
  22. 22. Resources Sketch resources ● Apple Watch GUI for Sketch - https://designcode.io/watch ● Apple Watch UI/UX - https://www.pinterest.com/linoleum0/apple-watch-uiux ● Apple Watch Springboard - http://dzinlife.github.io/Apple-Watch-Spring-Board Framer resources ● Framer Docs - http://framerjs.com/docs ● Framer Examples - http://framerjs.com/examples ● Framer Studio - http://framerjs.com/download