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Coral in the painting

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according to the ancient Greeks is born of the blood of Medusa beheaded by Perseus

in Christianity symbol of the blood of Christ’s passion

used as an amulet to protect against the forces of evil, against the evil eye, counter evil spells and particularly from fascination by witches ...

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Coral in the painting

  1. 1. the Enduring Magic of the Medusa’s Blood …
  2. 2. according to the ancient Greeks is born of the blood of Medusa beheaded by Perseus in Christianity symbol of the blood of Christ’s passion, of the double Nature of Christ, human and divine used as an amulet to protect against the forces of evil, against the evil eye, counter evil spells and particularly from fascination by witches; to protects newborn children and soldiers in war protects from lightning, from vicious persons, from any malicious intention; it drives away the misfortune, disease, dangerous encounters with assassins, pirates, thieves transformed into powder, was used in pharmacology to protect babies from epidemics, treat ulcers, hemorrhages, heal wounds made by snakes and scorpions, and as a remedy from spasms of intestines, stones in bladder, poisoning and sleeplessness
  3. 3. Coral in the painting
  4. 4. Coral and the myth of Perseus
  5. 5. Perseus Andromeda the head of Medusa and coral Giorgio Vasari Perseus and Andromeda Persée et Andromède 1570 Palazzo Vecchio, Florence
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  7. 7. seaweed turns into coral … Piero di Cosimo Perseus Frees Andromeda Persée délivrant Andromède 1510 Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence
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  9. 9. Coral between sacred and profane …
  10. 10. infant Jesus … a white rose symbol of the purity of the Virgin Mary and a red coral pearl necklace with a coral pendant, that evokes the crucifixion Piero della Francesca Madonna di Senigallia Madonna of Senigallia Vierge de Senigallia 1470-1485 Galleria Nazionale delle Marche, Urbino
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  12. 12. the coral branch foreshadows the crucifixion the red of the coral could represent the blood of Jesus Christ and could be construed as protection against his future passion Andrea Mantegna Madonna della Vittoria La Vierge de la Victoire 1496 Musée du Louvre, Paris
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  14. 14. the red coral ... symbolizes Christ's passion, the Eucharist sacrifice and redemption as it evokes the colour of blood Piero della Francesca The Brera Madonna La sainte conversation 1472-1474 Pinacoteca di Brera, Milan
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  16. 16. the sorrowful premonition of Christ's death ... the coral branch foreshadows the crucifixion Joos van Cleve Virgin and Child Vierge à l'Enfant c. 1525 Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
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  18. 18. a coral talisman ... the youngest and therefore the most vulnerable child with a red silk ribbon and a coral talisman richly mounted in gold Cornelis Janssens van Ceulen The Capel Family, Portrait of Baron Arthur Capel and his family Arthur Capel et sa famille 1640 National Portrait Gallery, London
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  20. 20. a Book of Hours and red coral beads part of a rosary ... a religious protective amulet against evil after death Domenico Ghirlandaio Portrait de Giovanna Tornabuoni Portrait de Giovanna Tornabuoni 1490 Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid
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  22. 22. Magdalena Ruiz, dwarf and crazy ... adorned with an ostentatious coral necklace, a gift from King Philip II. Alonso Sánchez Coello The Infanta Isabel Clara Eugenia and Magdalena Ruiz L'infante Isabel Clara Eugenia avec Magdalena Ruiz 1585
  23. 23. coral in profane iconography as a sign of protection ... dressed in the Florentine fashion of the era with a neckline adorned by a coral necklace Domenico Ghirlandaio, atelier de Portrait of a Young Woman Portrait de jeune fille 1490-1494 Museu Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisbon
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  25. 25. the seductive power of a bewitching beauty ... pain and furious determination to satisfy revenge, not only against the rival, but also against her own children Medea's lethal nature is symbolized by her coral necklace that resembles drops of blood Anthony Frederick Augustus Sandys Medea Médée 1866-1868 Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Birmingham
  26. 26. a petulant, fussy child who hasn’t had her way ... and its coral pearls Anthony Frederick Augustus Sandys Helen of Troy Hélène de Troie 1867 Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool
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  28. 28. large coral strands enhance the beauty and sensuality of the female figure ... Dante Gabriel Rossetti Monna Vanna 1866 Tate Britain, London
  29. 29. the Art of Fire ... the forging of metals and alchemy: plates, goblets, jewellery and goldsmithing tools and bottles of distillations, labelled ‘tintura cora’, stove and distillation apparatus Jan Bruegel the Elder, Jan Bruegel le Vieux Allegory of Fire Allégorie du feu 1608 Pinacoteca Ambrosiana, Milan
  30. 30. an allegory for the discovery of the American continent … a monkey, a brightly colored parrot shells pearls and coral and beautiful and distinguished Roman matrons of the day (… and it is a marvellous thing to see) Jacopo Zucchi The Coral Fishers Pêche du corail 1585 Galleria Borghese, Rome
  31. 31. a fascinating accumulation of objects, to show wealth, taste and an inquiring mind … paintings and "objet d’art" exotic imports of the New World fine creations of craftsmen personal keepsakes natural wonders and memento mori: the human skull ... despite the wealth one might accrue, death will at once take it all away Domenico Remps Cabinet of Curiosities Cabinet de curiosités c. 1689 Museo dell'Opificio delle Pietre Dure, Florence
  32. 32. a box of a sarcophagus precious shells and red coral … a Catholic moral vanity : the preciousness of the mother-of-pearl of the interiors of the shells symbolizing Luxury and Sensuality the coffin of the sarcophagus symbolizing the coffin and Death the blood-red coral symbolizing Redemption Jacques Linard Still Life with Shells and Coral Nature morte aux coquillages et au corail 1640 Musée des Beaux-arts de Montréal, Montreal
  33. 33. a advertisement for the goldsmiths' craft and guild of Bruges ... rings, silver pitchers, a chain, brooches and pearls ... and means of warding off evil sharks' teeth to detect poison rubies against putrefaction sapphires to heal ulcers ... and branching coral to stop haemorrhages Petrus Christus A Goldsmith in His Shop, Possibly Saint Eligius Un orfèvre dans son atelier, peut-être saint Éloi 1449 Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
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  35. 35. olga_oes Coral in the painting Le corail dans la peinture images and text credit www. Music The Piano Guys Epiphany created olga.e. thanks for watching