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Digital Marketing Fundamentals & Concept

  1. Digital Marketing Fundamentals
  2. Purpose of This Presentation This is not complete Digital Marketing Tutorial. Presentation covers Digital Marketing Basics & Concepts
  3. But What is Marketing?
  4. Marketing is NOT Advertising
  5. Marketing is NOT Promotions
  6. Marketing is all about Communicating Right Message to the Right People using Right Channel
  7. Marketing is Changing Very Fast
  8. From Traditional to Digital
  9. Gone are the days when...
  10. Yellow Pages were Search Engine
  11. From Traditional to Digital
  12. TV was YouTube
  13. Magazines were Blog
  14. Newspaper Ads are almost gone
  15. Internet changed many things
  16. Things are also Changing in India
  17. Calling and OLD Marketing is Failing
  18. It’s time to accept Digital Marketing
  19. Digital Marketing term was first used in 1990
  20. What is Digital Marketing? Digital Marketing is all about using Digital Platforms like Websites, Blogs, Social Media and Mobile Marketing to reach Target Audience
  21. Why Digital Marketing Digital Marketing is the Future of Marketing. If you are still using traditional ways to promote your business, then it’s time to switch your focus on Digital Platforms for promotion
  22. Digital Marketing & Digital Advertising Easy Digital Marketing is easy to start, manage and monitor Affordable Digital Marketing is less expensive than traditional marketing Effective Digital Marketing is more effective than traditional marketing
  23. Digital Marketing is still evolving
  24. Internet is the key enabler of Digital Marketing Digital Marketing can’t exist without Internet
  25. Digital Marketing is also known as Internet Marketing
  26. Digital Marketing is also known as Online Marketing
  27. Components of Digital Marketing 1. Audience 2. Content 3. Context 4. Medium
  28. Audience Those who will consume your message. Audience is core of your your Digital Marketing
  29. Audience Audience means real people who will either read your content, watch your video or listen to your audio.
  30. Content Content is what your audience will consume
  31. Context Context will define subject or objective of content
  32. Content + Context = Message
  33. Content + Context Content with Context defines message
  34. Different Types of Content 1. Text 2. Video 3. Images 4. Audio
  35. Right combination of Text + Images + Video + Audio Can form effective message for your audience
  36. Internet is the right medium to reach your target audience
  37. Digital Marketing Channels
  38. Digital Marketing Channels
  39. Digital Marketing is mainly segmented in 2 parts
  40. Search Engine Marketing Social Media Marketing
  41. Search Engine Marketing help target audience find what they are looking for
  42. Social Media Marketing help brands engage with target audience
  43. Companies can use search and social to gain visibility and engage with audience using right channels
  44. So, How to get started?
  45. Create a Digital Marketing Strategy to get started
  46. Objectives Define your marketing objective like Branding, Lead Generation or Sales Channels Identify Digital Marketing channels Target Audience Define Target Audience and Message Audit Conduct Digital Marketing Audit Optimize Optimize your Digital Marketing Channels and Assets Getting Started with Digital Marketing
  47. SEO & Google Adwords Drive more organic Traffic using SEO Bring more visitors using Google Adwords Create Content Create content for target audience Use Blogs, Ebooks, Videos and Visuals Social Media, Email & SMS Marketing Create Social Media Profiles Integrate Email Marketing & SMS Marketing Promote Content Start promotion using social media Use Email marketing automation Objectives and Channels
  48. Start with SEO and Google Adwords and create social media assets
  49. Create Content Create content for your audience. It can be video, blogs, ebooks etc
  50. Promote Content Use social media to promote your content and engage with target audience
  51. Measure & Improve Measure what is working and improve what is not working
  52. What Next?
  53. Before you Start... 1. Understand Key Terms of Digital Marketing 2. Learn about SEO, Adwords, PPC etc 3. Learn more about your target audience 4. Understand concepts of marketing, sales, lead generation etc 5. Remember: You can’t be expert overnight 6. Remember: Digital Marketing will keep changing
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  55. Bhavesh Gudhka Twitter : @bhaveshg Bhavesh is Founder of OPTRON A Digital Marketing Agency and Academy in Mumbai, India