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Enterprise Mobile Summit V2

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Guy Thier, CIO of Bally Fitness, presented the mobile strategy at Bally Total Fitness.

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Enterprise Mobile Summit V2

  1. 1. Bally Total FitnessTechnology in Motion
  2. 2. • Mobile at Bally• Fostering Enterprise Innovation• Bally’s Mobile Technology Vision• Key Considerations• Enterprise Benefits• Future Thoughts 2
  3. 3. Mobile at BallyWhy mobile – Fitness corresponds with freedom, movement and action – Environmental and cultural fit – Mobile would amplify the experience and environment Pictures do not convey the environment! 3
  4. 4. Mobile at BallyWhat did we see – Members already using mobile, but not to engage with Bally – Employees interacting with consumers while in motion, but then tethered for system access and transactions – Technology is detracting from the experience! 4
  5. 5. Evolution of Mobile at BallyInnovation Summit KickoffInnovation Summit PresentationsApproved Project KickoffsVendor SelectionDesigns/RequirementsDevelopment/TestFirst Club Live Dec ’10 Jan ’11 Feb ’11 Mar ’11 Apr ’11 May ’11 Jun ’11 Jul ‘11 5
  6. 6. Fostering Enterprise Innovation• Formal innovation processes – Annual IT Innovation Summit – Embedded IT – IT Develop Exploration• Real results 6
  7. 7. Innovation Process: Annual IT Innovation Summit• Annual summit involving all IT personnel• Innovation focus areas and teams formed• Research conducted and solutions proposed by cross-functional teams• Innovation ideas presented to IT leadership during multi-day innovation summit 7
  8. 8. Innovation Process: Embedded IT• Permanently embedded IT staff – Provides open communication with all levels of fitness and call center staff – First hand observation of technology, business processes and member communications• Seasonally embedded IT staff – Peak season IT staff embedded in fitness centers – Shared experiences and conversations with fitness center staff – Post peak season debrief focused on how to improve technology and processes 8
  9. 9. Innovation Process: IT Developer Exploration• After the annual innovation summit, block time for developers to explore technology in support of innovation ideas• Innovation and exploration bandwidth is built into resource allocations on project plans 9
  10. 10. 2011 Innovation Projects: Results Center Key Innovation: Large scale interactive video display based upon Microsoft Kinect • Show a member what their future self would look like if they adopt a healthy lifestyle • Provide members and potential members with a library of exercise videos for major muscle groups 10
  11. 11. Mobile Technology Vision• Employees interacting with consumers• Employees interacting with the environment• Consumers interacting with the environment• Consumers interacting with employees• Consumers interacting with each other• Work anywhere, on any device 11
  12. 12. Employee to Consumer• iPad Apps – Club Tour – Membership and Personal Training Presentation – Membership and Personal Training Sales – Registered Guests – Who is in my club 12
  13. 13. Employee to Environment• iPhone Apps – Facility Maintenance – Workout Equipment Maintenance• iPad Apps – Repair Requests• RFID Mobile – Fixed Asset Inventory – Preventative Maintenance 13
  14. 14. Consumer to Environment• QR Codes on fitness equipment• Mobile Web – Guest pass downloads – Find a club – Group Ex Schedules• iPhone/Android App – Profile maintenance – Order a smoothie – Invite a friend – Kids club streaming video – Membership ID• Streaming group ex classes 14
  15. 15. Consumer to Environment• WiFi Location Awareness (802.11) – Automatic check-in – Post messages to Facebook – Personalized marketing 15
  16. 16. Consumer to Employee• iPhone/Android App – Find a trainer – Personal trainer interaction • Fitness advisor • Nutrition advisor• Web – Meal planner – Workout planner 16
  17. 17. Consumer to Consumer - Social• iPhone/Android – design stages – Find a workout friend – Self-organizing interactive communities – Competition fostering between individuals or locations• Web – Facebook communities – Auto-Tweet activities 17
  18. 18. Work Anywhere – On Any Device• Bally IT is 80% virtual• Employees can work anywhere on any device using virtual desktops – iPad being the most prevalent• Reduced IT office space by 50%• Reduced desktop hardware and software support by 60%• Roll-out to other departments in 2012 18
  19. 19. Key Considerations• User Experience is everything – Augment the environment – Foster interaction without feeling intrusive – Emotions through technology – Common digital language across technologies• Security – Transactional security – Secure access for consumers• Vendors – User experience – Design elements 19
  20. 20. Enterprise Benefits of MobileIn locations with new technology:• Juice Bar sales up 100%• Member retention up 10%• Top membership sales in the chain• Reduced maintenance costs and downtime 20
  21. 21. Future of Mobile• Context aware, personalized marketing and services – How often do I workout and at which location(s) – Where do I spend time in the location – What services do I use (PT, Group Ex) – What products have I purchased• Expansive community and social integration• Mobile Intercept App using natural language• Voice biometric security 21
  22. 22. Summary• Observe the world around you – How are consumers/employees interacting with other organizations versus your organization – How are consumers/employees interacting with each other and can your organization facilitate or participate in the conversation• Use technology to amplify your relationship with consumers• Almost anything you can imagine is possible, so innovate 22