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5L Sarah Civilization

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5L Sarah Civilization

  1. 1.  This is a picture of where thepresident lives. It is called TheWhite House. For two hundredyears, the White House has stoodas a symbol of the Presidency and theUnited State’s government. The WhiteHouse is located in Washington D.C.The other picture is of BarackObama. This year is Barack Obama’slast year of being president. He isthe 44th president and he wasborn on August 4, 1961.
  2. 2.  Instead if using cuneiform to write,In the United States of Americawe use a standard set of 26 letters towrite words and sentences.This is a picture of our alphabet.
  3. 3.  When we write we do not use astylus and a clay tablet like in Sumer.We use a pen or pencil to write andwe write on a piece of paper instead.These pictures are of what we use towrite.
  4. 4.  Architects design buildingslike hotels, schools, houses etc.First the sketch out a drawing oftheir design using a pencil and paper.The top picture is of the sketch of abuilding from the birds eye view thatan architect has sketched. Thebottom picture is of a building thathas been sketched and colored.
  5. 5.  Metal workers today make awide variety of things frombridges to engines and jewelry.We use metal in a lot things weuse today. Also, we use differenttools to make these things. ThePicture on the top is some jewelrythat a metal worker has made. ThePicture on the bottom is of aMetal worker in his shop.
  6. 6.  In the United States there are a lot of differentcategories in music like rock, pop, jazz, hip hopand many more. Also we have a lot of instrumentsto play like the guitar, the piano, the saxophone etc.The picture on the right are music notes. To playan instrument you have to read the music notesto play a song. The picture on the left are someinstruments people like to play.
  7. 7.  One way we keep our food freshand not from spoiling is keeping itin a refrigerator. There we have astable food supply in our house,whenever we need food we haveit. This is a picture of a refrigeratorfull of food.
  8. 8.  If you live on a farm and grow plants,and raise animals you also have a stablefood supply. These three pictures are ofa farm, a farm animal that you can raiseand a garden.
  9. 9.  In the United States of Americathere are many different religionslike Christian, Jewish, Muslim anda lot more. If you move from anothercountry you will keep your religionso there are many different religionsin the U.S.
  10. 10.  On Sundays Christian people usually go to church. This is apicture of a church where people go to pray, sing, etc.
  11. 11.  Our technology is now very advanced. At first we only had radios now we have televisions. We used to only have black and white televisions and now we have televisions with color and that can be 3D. The photo on the left is of televisions back in the 1930s. The other photo is of an IPhone.
  12. 12.  Some of our advanced technology was developed after our space research. The USA was the first country to put a person on the moon in 1969, his name was Neil Armstrong. This is a picture of him. The other picture is of the moon.