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BlackBerry Loves the Web

BlackBerry at ModUX 2013

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BlackBerry Loves the Web

  1. 1. B L A C K B E R R Y L O V E S T H E W E B Jorge del Casar   Sharif F. Penniman   @JorgeCasar @sfpenniman
  2. 2. T H E P L A T F O R M Every good app needs a strong platform
  3. 3. H T M L 5 T E S T http://HTML5Test.com
  4. 4. R I N G M A R K http://rng.io
  5. 5. B R O W S E R The browser app is built in HTML5
  6. 6. R E M O T E W E B I N S P E C T O R
  7. 7. A P A C H E C O R D O V A Center of gravity for cross-platform mobile application development BlackBerry has committers on the project BlackBerry 10 is a core platform Supported as of 2.3, rebuilt for 2.8 BlackBerry specific Plugins Actively working on 3.0 (CLI & Plugman)
  8. 8. B L A C K B E R R Y S P E C I F I C P L U G I N S https://github.com/blackberry/cordova-blackberry-plugins/
  9. 9. C A L L T O A C T I O N It is time to start thinking beyond the Phone
  10. 10. N E W H O R I Z O N S F O R A P A C H E C O R D O V A Many industries are looking at HTML5 as the platform of choice Many also want to develop an application ecosystem
  11. 11. Q N X C A R Working on QNX Car as a supported platform within Apache Cordova
  12. 12. B L A C K B E R R Y E N T E R P R I S E S E R V I C E 1 0
  13. 13. A S I N G L E P L A T F O R M F O R M D M Next generation enterprise mobility solution Application deployment across platforms Simplified management Single console Mobile Device Management (MDM) of: BlackBerry iOS Android
  14. 14. H A S W H A T E N T E R P R I S E A P P S N E E D ! Behind the firewall connectivity Push communications Enterprise app management
  15. 15. B L A C K B E R R Y P U S H You can use the Push Service to develop a push-enabled application that runs on a BlackBerry device, and that receives push messages from a Push Initiator. Push Initiator can deliver up to 8 KB of content (images, text, or audio) through the BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10. Larger than 8KB }Poke and Pull The content is available to all users on their devices without waiting for downloads.
  16. 16. B L A C K B E R R Y S E C U R E I N F R A S T R U C T U R E Delivering simplicity and security Secure connectivity to back-end services and corporate applications without the requirement and associated expenses of separate VPN service Secure end-to-end encryption and only one outbound initiated connection through the firewall FIPS 140-2 Validated, Government and Enterprise Trusted
  17. 17. B L A C K B E R R Y W O R L D F O R W O R K Work Space IT Admins can deploy, manage and secure mandatory and recommended apps to users through the BlackBerry World for Work corporate app storefront Personal Space Users maintain freedom to install and use applications that meet their personal needs Personal data privacy is preserved