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Zbiz Testimonials

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Zbiz Testimonials

  1. 1. Raving Fans Yep, we have even have fans off of Facebook! www.Zbizinc.com 858 866 9451
  2. 2. All Access Merch Utmost Integrity “From the moment i first met Zach Johnson in person, I knew he knew internet marketing! He articulated the issues i was facing with my internet marketing plan within the first five minutes. It was as if he knew exactly what i needed. his confidence in his abilities were based on his past experience doing marketing. He not only studies it; Zach does it... and does it well. www.Zbizinc.com 858 866 9451
  3. 3. After getting to know him through many telephone conversations and emails, i grew more confident in his knowledge, skills, and uncanny ability to apply practical common sense to marketing strategy. He is wise beyond his years. He's helped me take my brick and mortar business online through customer engagement and participation. Zach operates his business with utmost integrity. Early on, i found out that Zach tailors his approach to each individual situation. it's more than a cookie-cutter solution. Custom Design He listens extremely well. He has a gift of Off your first order!!! hearing the actual situation, then applying his ( 2 hour design time, 2 revisions max ) internet marketing skills to work through and find solutions that match what I need. PROMOTIONAL CODE WJ10ARTF It's been a great experience thus far, and I m 800.480.3947 . allaccessmerch.co offer ) ( Cannot be combined with any other plan on keeping Zach around for a long time!” Steve Fultz - Owner, All Access Merch www.Zbizinc.com 858 866 9451
  4. 4. ZBIZ RELATIONSHIP WITH ALL ACCESS MERCHANDISING “We hired Zbiz and his team to help AAM engage both with our customers and the fans of our customers. Zbiz chose social media contests as the best way to get a strong return on our investment. The Situation: A bit of background is necessary to understand the whole picture. All Access Merchandising is the new name of my company that had been in business for five years. We changed the name for several important reasons, but it left us with the huge task of re-branding with our old customers and branding us in the marketplace. Research: Zbiz took a detailed history of our business. They listened carefully before suggesting both short and long term marketing strategies. Action Plan: Since the new company had no list or influence in our industry, Zbiz recommended we partner with other established companies in the industry who had existing databases of people we could market too. www.Zbizinc.com 858 866 9451
  5. 5. Their recommendation was a win-win for all parties involved. We are engaging and educating our customer base through the Facebook fan pages and in partnership with a nation-wide 50 city tour, the 4th largest tour in the world, to generate more traffic to our t shirt design contest page and our company page. We are running a t-shirt design contest so people with passion about the event can share their expertise in hopes of winning the contest and in the process collect leads to sell the winning t shirt too at the end of the contest. Results: For us, the tshirt design contest has many benefits. The viral nature of the contest allows our company (and the tour) to generate a mass amount of leads and also get those leads to recruit their friends to our Fan Page as well. Most importantly, Zbiz is revolutionizing the t shirt printing industry and building a business model that I will be able to replicate with other customers as we plan on using him to run a T Shirt Contest on a regular basis and for each of our major T Shirt printing clients. As and added bonus, AAM also gets to see submissions from people who could possibly serve as freelance designers in future projects.” Steve Fultz - Owner, All Access Merch www.Zbizinc.com 858 866 9451
  6. 6. Web Design that Works E-commerce solutions Objective: To build an e-commerce site where the author of Beezer and Boomer could sell his self published book. Deliverables: Shopping Cart setup Web Design and Development Logo Creation Social Media Setup Affiliate Program Setup Organization of Content “Zbiz and I set an objective to create a vibrant website that incorporated my brand elements while encouraging a sale. The result was everything I had imagined. We’ve now moved into social media and key word techniques to apply in specific campaigns. I couldn’t be more pleased with Zbiz’s knowledge and creativity.” Doug Koktavy Author: The Legacy of Beezer and Boomer www.Zbizinc.com 858 866 9451
  7. 7. Completely Competent “Currently I've been working with Zach on a small project for a client of mine. He's super responsive, completely competent, and he is very likely far more capable than what was required for my first project with him. I'm sure we'll be doing more work together soon.” Bryan Short - Marketing Consultant, Original Seed Lead Pages and Videos that Rock! Objective: To develop a lead generating website for a San Diego based Kitchen and Bathroom remodel company. By the time Zbiz was finished with the project BestKitchenandBath.com was ready for launch. Deliverables: - 3 Lead Page Videos - 5 Landing Pages - 3 Professional Voiceovers - Setup of Google Apps and Voice - Setup of Analytics - Keyword Research - Setup of back end CRM and auto-responder - Distribution of optimized videos to over 1,000 web locations www.Zbizinc.com 858 866 9451
  8. 8. Results: On Time and On Budget! The workflow and communication was smooth and flawless. www.Zbizinc.com 858 866 9451
  9. 9. Social Media Marketing Plans High - High - High Value “ Z biz did a great job putting together a marketing plan for our company. They took the time to understand our marketplace. They truly understood what our customer were doing online and how they were responding from the marketing efforts of our competitors. We have been very pleased with the results from there ideas that have come forth from that. I would highly recommend Z biz to anyone in any organization who wants to get ahead and capture their space on the internet.” “The biggest takeaway from Z biz’s services was the marketing plan he delivered that was simple to execute. Sometimes people come up with these great ideas that you are not able to implement into your plan or your business model. B They took a generous amount of time to really understand our industry, business, and model. We were able to take those recommendations and integrate those seamlessly into our company. High, high, high value. I couldn’t be more happy.” Jason Jenkins - Founder, Causeworth.com www.Zbizinc.com 858 866 9451
  10. 10. Cup of Yo Hearts Zbiz "Working with Zbiz has been a true asset is recognizing new opportunities to build relationships with current and potential customers through what was for us the uncharted waters of social media marketing." Veronica Irizarry, Cup of Yo Frozen Yogurt Zach is your guy! “The trends through Facebook and Twitter have become the greatest way to get your message across without paying for advertisements in print or using the Radio to get your message across. There are a select few that understand this movement through SEO & marketing your brand on Facebook more than anyone else. Zach Johnson is your guy! Zach is a good friend of mine who runs an internet & multimedia promotions company called Z biz. I was so blessed to have the opportunity to sit down with him for dinner after our portrait session last week and as a result of what he explained to me, I am already generating new contacts less than a week later! This isn’t a sales pitch at all, it’s just the power in what Zach knows is something astronomical to the growth of your business! Zach has the personality type of someone who I would like to hangout with more not only because of what he knows but who he is. “ Stephen Knuth - Owner, StephenKnuth.com www.Zbizinc.com 858 866 9451
  11. 11. My 100% Recommendation “Zbiz not only delivers excellent, better than expected results - they are also one of the easiest, most straight forward and trustworthy individuals you are ever likely to do business with. Very approachable, very creative. They have my 100% recommendation” Top qualities: Great Results , Good Value , Creative Barry Dunlop - Founder, MidasCode www.Zbizinc.com 858 866 9451
  12. 12. Consulting clients I can count on Zbiz “Zbiz has been around the best of the best in the Internet Marketing industry. I don’t know anyone else who has more successfully surrounded themselves with such incredible money making marketers. I can count on Zbiz to give me the inside scoop with what is really working online because I know they are immersed with the master marketers on a daily basis.” Anthony Uccello - Partner, Strategic Ventures Marketing with Maximum Leverage Internet Marketing strategies change on a weekly basis. Zbiz knows what works and what doesn’t work and how to get the most leverage out of all your marketing efforts. Cutting edge is the best way I know how to describe Zbiz. Kevin - CEO, Media Samurai www.Zbizinc.com 858 866 9451
  13. 13. Professional and Progressive “I was given the opportunity to work with Zbiz. Not only are they very professional and progressive in there ideas, they strive to produce and execute. Their straight forward approach has given me direction i need to give 110%. With Zach’s drive and know-how he can accomplish anything. I would recommend Zbiz to anyone looking to move forward in a internet marketing world. Which is inevitable.” Cameron Turner - Director, Lime Designs Even universities are getting into social media Zbiz has consulted The Fermanian School of Business at Point Loma University several times on their website and social media presence. Zach, The Founder of Zbiz, has been invited back to the business center to speak about “Bootstrap Startups” and “The Reality of Small Business Today.” www.Zbizinc.com 858 866 9451
  14. 14. Event Promotion Follow up for goodness sakes! Objective: To develop and execute a follow up and up sell process for the 2009 Engage Today Event. Results: Zbiz worked with the coordinators of the event to develop a script, incentive, and action plan to follow up with all of their prospects and customers for the event. I highly recommend Zach “Zach worked with Traffic Geyser as a Internet, Video, and Social Media Marketing Consultant. His marketing strategies has helped us sell out many or our Traffic Geyser events. Zach has extensive knowledge on how to sell a live event. Since leaving our company he has also consulted Traffic Geyser regarding our social media marketing strategy. Zach is organized, efficient, extremely competent, and has an excellent rapport with businesses and people within any niche.  It can be very www.Zbizinc.com 858 866 9451
  15. 15. confusing when an expert try's to communicate an internet marketing strategy to you and you have no experience in internet marketing yourself but that’s not the case with Zach.   Zach's communication skills when it comes to creating a marketing strategy for any business are superb. I highly recommend Zach for any business that is looking to grow their business online. He WILL be a valuable asset for any organization.” www.Zbizinc.com 858 866 9451
  16. 16. SEO Results Google Page 1 Objective: Optimize the New Realities website for the Search Engines both onsite and offsite. Action Plan: Zbiz created a video squeeze page to send all the traffic too. Zbiz was able to generates thousands of back links to not only the New Realities Website but also to their lead page. Strategy: Zbiz created 3 videos promoting new realities new Healing Center in La Jolla California. We then optimized and distributed these videos to thousands of video sites these videos so they would appear in the search engines under “San Diego Eating Disorder.” Results: Need we say more? www.Zbizinc.com 858 866 9451
  17. 17. Optimized for Success Objective: To optimize the site structure and html code so that Search Engine will rank the site appropriately. Deliverables: Optimization of header , title, meta, and image tags. Content writing for the site with inbounds links, 30 articles. Creation of XML and HTML site map. 450 inbound links per month. www.Zbizinc.com 858 866 9451
  18. 18. Product Development Even the giants need help In 2009 Zach Johnson, Founder of Zbiz, had the opportunity to work with Tony Robbins, Mike Koenigs, Frank Kern, Jeff Walker, Eben Pagen, and John Reese in producing Tony Robbin’s latest business product called “The New Money Masters.” The product was produced and filmed at “The Grand” hotel in San Diego, Ca. The product contains 6 interviews of Tony Robbins interviewing all the top Internet Marketers. During these few weeks of production Zach had the opportunity to be interviewed by Tony Robbins on camera about the results he was able to pull off in the January 2009 event promotion for Traffic Geyser. Results: You are looking at the finished product. www.Zbizinc.com 858 866 9451
  19. 19. Even other marketing companies use Zbiz Zbiz worked closely with the founder of Tube Ninja and MLM Biz Builder to develop, streamline, and systematize their internet and social media marketing coaching program. Aenean iaculis laoreet arcu Consectetuer arcu ipsum ornare pellentesque vehicula, in vehicula diam, ornare magna erat felis wisi a risus. Justo fermentum id. Malesuada eleifend, tortor molestie, a fusce a vel et. Mauris at suspendisse, neque aliquam senectus pulvinar faucibus adipiscing, vivamus in. Wisi mattis leo suscipit nec amet, nisl fermentum tempor ac a, augue in eleifend in venenatis. Etiam molestie mauris ligula eget laoreet, vehicula eleifend. www.Zbizinc.com 858 866 9451
  20. 20. I can’t recommend them enough “Zbiz helped me develop a marketing strategy to build my personal brand within the real estate niche. I can’t recommend Zbiz enough if you want to learn the inside secrets of email, social media, and search engine marketing. They truly know what it takes to have ultimate success online.” Warren Thomas - Founder, Digica Inc www.Zbizinc.com 858 866 9451
  21. 21. About the Founder Biography of the Social Media and Internet Marketing Junkie Zach Johnson graduated from Point Loma Nazarene University with a degree in Business Entrepreneurship and Marketing in mid 2008. Zach entered into the internet marketing scene with a bang shortly after his graduation. It wasn’t too long until Zach was working directly with some of the top dogs in the industry; people like Mike Koenigs, Frank Kern, Tony Robbins, Jorge Cruise, Engage Today, Traffic Geyser, Robert Grant, etc. Zach started Zbiz in May of 2009. Zach’s inspiration to start an internet and social media marketing company came from the fact that he was faced with a myriad of different strategies to choose from. Every company he talked to was pitching a cookie cutter strategy and service. www.Zbizinc.com 858 866 9451
  22. 22. Zbiz believes that every company has unique strength, weaknesses, situations, relationships, etc and its our job to help you capitalize on your strengths to research, develop, and execute a marketing strategy that fits just for you. Zach started a company founded on the basis that it would implement on the most effective and relevant internet marketing strategies for each of our clients. www.Zbizinc.com 858 866 9451
  23. 23. Wall of Fame www.Zbizinc.com 858 866 9451
  24. 24. The Platforms www.Zbizinc.com 858 866 9451