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What Do Companies With High Net Promoter Score Have in Common?

We explain how Net Promoter Score leaders like Amazon, Apple and Netflix keep their customer satisfaction score high. From providing a great customer service to encouraging creativity, we plunge into all of the characteristic and actionable business strategies used by these companies to improve customer satisfaction, retention and brand loyalty.

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What Do Companies With High Net Promoter Score Have in Common?

  1. 1. Sometimes, the best way to realize the importance of something is to see it in action
  2. 2. We’ve studied 3 companies with high Net Promoter Score: ▸ Apple - 72 40% above the computer hardware industry ▸ Amazon - 69 more than 30% above its industry average ▸ Netflix - 68 60% above the telecommunication industry COMPANIES WITH HIGH NPS
  3. 3. So, what do Apple, Amazon and Netflix all have in common?
  4. 4. Simplicity and reliability
  5. 5. SIMPLICITY & RELIABILITY Simplicity is a powerful competitive advantage of Apple
  6. 6. You can follow it in Apple's hardware and software design
  7. 7. Packaging
  8. 8. Advertisements
  9. 9. And even their retail stores
  10. 10. Streaming process is extremely simple
  11. 11. Just click on what you want to watch
  12. 12. Signing up and cancelling is also one mouse-click away
  13. 13. Amazon invests a lot of resources into making its sales process as simple and reliable as possible
  14. 14. Shipping and return process is easy and straightforward
  15. 15. SIMPLICITY & RELIABILITY Make decisions simple 1. Make it easy for consumers to gather and understand information about your brand. 2. Minimize the number of information sources consumers must touch while moving toward a purchase. 3. Describe your differentiating features and benefits to help consumers evaluate your product or service. 4. Create a side-by-side product or service comparisons with your competitors. 1
  16. 16. Easier, faster and better services
  17. 17. EASIER, FASTER & BETTER SERVICES Apple is known for storing their customer’s information for personalizing interactions. The records of customer complaints are persistently stored in Amazon’s centralized database, and can be accessed conveniently by any customer service representative. Netflix caters to cancelled members by storing their queued DVDs for up to a year. This investment pays off when cancelled members are transformed into re-activated members. 2 APPLE NETFLIX AMAZON Collect customer information:
  18. 18. EASIER, FASTER & BETTER SERVICES You can use your Apple ID to access all services hosted by Apple. You can use your Amazon ID to place orders, access AWS services, or purchase books on Kindle. You can purchase a single Netflix subscription and use the credentials to stream content from any of your devices. 2 APPLE NETFLIX AMAZON Single sign-on:
  19. 19. Great Customer Service
  20. 20. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE Fixing a broken Apple device is straightforward. Returning a product to Amazon is simple. If a subscriber runs into a problem while using Netflix, it’s easy to talk to a real person. The brands that achieve the highest NPS don’t just focus on reliability — they also focus on great service. 3 APPLE NETFLIX AMAZON
  21. 21. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE Responsive and Accessible: Apple, Netflix or Amazon leverage multiple channels – from social media, emails to live chat and telephonic support for addressing customer complaints. 3 Why?
  22. 22. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE More than 1 million people are looking for customer service reviews every week, out of which 80% are negative or critical in nature
  23. 23. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE People are 2x more likely to tell others about their bad experiences than their good ones
  24. 24. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE Your customer experience must be optimized towards providing seamless multi-channel support, with the most accessible channels put above the fold. 3
  25. 25. Unique Products and Offers
  26. 26. The more different your value proposition is from that of your competitors, the more your brand stands out
  27. 27. UNIQUE PRODUCTS & OFFERS 4 One of Apple’s biggest selling points is its unique hardware and software. No online store even comes close to matching the scale of Amazon. There’s no streaming service with a larger range of content than Netflix (although Amazon’s competing service comes close). APPLE AMAZON NETFLIX
  28. 28. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE 90% of executives believe that long-term success of their organization’s strategy depends on their ability to develop new ideas
  29. 29. UNIQUE PRODUCTS & OFFERS Innovations: People love owning unique products or bragging about their extraordinary experience, which is why innovation is so important. 4
  30. 30. UNIQUE PRODUCTS & OFFERS 4 Apple Innovations: Apple with Apple Watch and AirPods.
  31. 31. UNIQUE PRODUCTS & OFFERS Netflix Innovations: Netflix was able to break away from the competition with its huge video library, exclusive content and interactive interface. 4
  32. 32. UNIQUE PRODUCTS & OFFERS Amazon Innovations: Amazon has innovated with Amazon Go and Alexa.4
  33. 33. UNIQUE PRODUCTS & OFFERS Innovations: ▸ Encourage your team to think creatively. Google allows its engineers to spend 20% of their work week on projects that interest them. Google + conversations and Adsense were the result of this encouragement. 4
  34. 34. UNIQUE PRODUCTS & OFFERS Innovations: ▸ Look for ideas everywhere. Listen to your customers and your team. Listen to their thoughts carefully and choose the ones that best fit your needs and goals. 4
  35. 35. Unique Customer Experience
  36. 36. UNIQUE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Apple does not make the cheapest smartphones. Netflix does not provide free streaming unlike YouTube. Amazon does not lure customers with cheap discounts or flash sales. 5 APPLE AMAZON NETFLIX If you think about it, you realize that...
  37. 37. They just deliver unique experiences that people want to talk about, and that’s how they increase their NPS
  38. 38. UNIQUE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Consistency: Once you’ve created a unique product experience, the next step is to be consistent in your efforts. After all, it takes months to win a customer, but only seconds to lose one. 5
  39. 39. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE 38% customers believe personalization plays a vital role in delivering happy customer experiences
  40. 40. UNIQUE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Apple Personalization: Apple Music uses personalization to pick the best soundtracks for every user. 5
  41. 41. UNIQUE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Netflix Personalization: Netflix uses the power of AI and machine learning analytics for personalized video recommendations. 5
  42. 42. UNIQUE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Amazon Personalization: Amazon analyses browsing history and past orders to improve product suggestions. 5
  43. 43. Build Brand Loyalty
  44. 44. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE Reputation is about building customer trust, so that they feel comfortable sharing information and transacting on your platform
  45. 45. BUILD BRAND LOYALTY Reputation: You can either spend hours researching the best Android or Windows smartphones in the market, or you can just buy an iPhone. Apple has built the reputation for making quality smartphones, which is the reason people “feel” confident about the brand. 6
  46. 46. BUILD BRAND LOYALTY Reputation: In a similar way, you would rather order things from Amazon than take the risk of trying a new online store. It’s because Amazon has built up the reputation of #1 online marketplace. 6
  47. 47. People buy from businesses that have high accountability and credibility, as it reduces buyer anxiety and makes them confident about making future purchases
  48. 48. BUILD BRAND LOYALTY Apple Accountability: From replacing iPhones to offering free credits to customers for overcharging, Apple lives by its founder’s ideology of upholding long-term credibility over short-term profitability. 6
  49. 49. BUILD BRAND LOYALTY Amazon Accountability: You can order anything from Amazon, and return it within 15 days, if you don’t like it. Amazon even refunds customers the price-difference on items they recently bought. 6
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