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Acs presentation - Precision Dosing

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An alternative career in healthcare: CS+X, Future Business Founders, Ensuring Job Readiness.

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Acs presentation - Precision Dosing

  1. 1. Precision Dosing Every patient, every dose, every time. An alternative career in healthcare: CS+X, Future Business Founders, Ensuring Job Readiness
  2. 2. EHR Partners 100+ hospitals & clinics
  3. 3. Healthcare has many parts § Dosing is complicated § Physicians, pharmacists, phlebotomists, nurses, pathologists, scientists, IT… § Diverse teams are critical § DoseMe is exactly the same
  4. 4. Our Team Dallon London VP Global Sales Charles Cornish CEO Nicola Hunter Marketing & Comms Andre Pontin VP Sales & BD (US) Commercial Technical Dr. Robert McLeay CSO & Founder Holly McCallum Clinical Customer Support Dr. Liz Cooper-Williams Senior Developer Board * Greg Spurgin Angel Investor Results Physiotherapy, Founder Steve Baxter Entrepreneur & Angel Investor Founder of Pipe Networks Paul Sabourenkov Bioinformatician Robert Buehrig QA & Release Manager
  5. 5. Computer Science + X § Four-fifths of our technical team have a core skill, plus X. Same for our commercial team. § We’re currently head-hunting another member – their background? CS + X.
  6. 6. Potential Entrepreneur? 1. Be interested (not in $$$) – and not in just one skillset. 2. If you’re easily discouraged, then maybe you should be? 3. Freedom and flexibility and stubbornness. 4. Be willing to do something new. 5. A little bit of madness helps…
  7. 7. My (Mixed) Background • High school – OP 4*: French, Science, CS • 2002-06: B Sc. (Hons) / B InfTech • 2006-2009: Worked in IT, bored • 2009-2012: PhD (Bioinformatics) • 2012: Started MBBS*, founded DoseMe. • 2014: DoseMe was funded.
  8. 8. Sticking it out: DoseMe’s Timeline
  9. 9. Original Now
  10. 10. Do something new: The need for precision medicine is recognised But: Clinical demand is not met… yet
  11. 11. A little bit of madness?
  12. 12. Future job readiness • CS + X or X + CS? X + Y. • Don’t do one thing – be multi-skilled • Do it well, but as part of a team • Academic achievement is only step one • Advisors, mentors, networks • We all (especially students) have lots of time to figure it out – enjoy the journey
  13. 13. Questions Robert McLeay | 0421 979 896 | robert@doseme.com.au @DoseMeApp DoseMe