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Global office 365 developer bootcamp Slovenia 2018

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Global office 365 developer bootcamp Slovenia 2018

  1. 1. Fundamentals of Microsoft Teams
  2. 2. Microsoft Teams Communicate through chat, meetings & calls Collaborate with deeply integrated Office 365 apps Customize& extend with 3rd party apps, processes, and devices Work withconfidence enterprise level security, compliance, and manageability
  4. 4. HUB EXPERIENCE Enable your teams to make decisions and take action faster Reduce context switching on important tasks Create opportunities for collaboration around external content
  5. 5. Tailoryourteamworkwith 200+ Teams apps now available!
  6. 6. What is a Teams App? Package of services available to users in the contexts (or “scopes”) that make the most sense. Services Tabs Bots Messaging extensions Connectors Scopes Personal (App bar) Team (Channel) Package (deployment) Upload (one Team) Tenant App Catalog Office Store
  7. 7. Why create a Teams App? Immersive experience The platform places content and conversations side by side. Tabs and conversations Tabs give your app a dedicated canvas that allows people to jump between conversations and your experience. Customizable cards Cards let you surface important tasks, information, and reminders in actionable ways. Bot framework The Bot framework offers a natural language UX that can interact with your services. Instant notifications The activity feed displays notifications for your users. Messaging extensions Messaging Extensions are quick and easy shortcuts to key components of your service.
  8. 8. How to create a Teams App Develop components HTML TypeScript / JavaScript .NET Integrate with Teams Microsoft Teams JavaScript Library Bot Builder SDK - Node.js & C# Package and deploy Host web pages and services Create and package manifest Upload/publish package
  9. 9. IIS Express Project Templates A quick note on tools… .net scripting
  10. 10. Host your app’s experience directly within Teams As simple as embedding existing web app content Integrate and get context via JavaScript SDK Example: list of applicants to a job position
  11. 11. Pin the tab in a 1:1 or group chat Easily reuse the same tab content as in channels Example: list of positions your recruiter is assigned New
  12. 12. Enable personal productivity using your app in the Teams hub Surface aggregated content and personal task completion Offer a complete experience through bot and tabs New: available on Teams mobile clients
  13. 13. Tools to help you build your app • Define your app’s manifest through simple forms • Card visualizer and code snippet generator • Web UI control library New: find documentation topics via chat New: Teams App Studio saves your app manifest in the cloud New: in-app registration with Azure Bot Service
  14. 14. Expand the reach of your existing SharePoint solution Reuse all your existing code Deploy as an LOB app in Teams New: easily bring existing pages into Teams by pinning as tabs Sneak peek
  15. 15. Simple, Advanced, Dilbert.
  16. 16. Integrate with Azure Bot Services A. Natural language interaction through chat bots B. Structured commands through messaging extensions New: send or receive files New: interact with users in private chats New: multiple structured commands New: Bot Builder 4.0 SDK support
  17. 17. Simple Bot and Tab
  18. 18. Microsoft Cognitive Services
  19. 19. This was Thomy‘s view before he switched rooms
  20. 20. This is Thomy‘s view after he switched rooms (now)
  21. 21. How can Thomy solve that problem?
  22. 22. As a geek you have to do something awesome
  23. 23.  Penny: Well, you know, it’s the Cheesecake Factory. People order cheesecake, and I bring it to them.  Leonard: So, you sort of act as a Carbohydrate Delivery System.  Penny: Yeah, call it whatever you want, I get minimum wage. Mobile Monitor
  24. 24. Who or what is MOCADESYMO?
  25. 25. 1. Raspberry PI camera takes photo of food truck, after it has arrived 2. Paspberry PI uploads the taken image into an Azure Blob Storage 3. Raspberry PI triggers an Azure Function after the image has been uploaded successfully 4. Azure Function calls the Custom Vision API in order to check wether the food truck is present or not 5. If Custom Vision API responds with a high probability that the truck has arrived, the Azure Function sends a notification to Teams 6. Users can ask the Lunchbell Bot in Teams wether the food truck has arrived or not or if it is still present 7. Azure Bot Service checks the entries in an Azure Table Storage where the arrival and departure time is stored
  26. 26. 21st century digital lunch bell
  27. 27. Create rich interactive cards Send from a bot or messaging extension Users can take quick actions like comment, select options, set a date Supported across Microsoft canvases: Teams, Outlook, Windows New
  28. 28. Sneak peek Open a modal dialog from a card action or link from a tab Great for • Filling out longer forms • Viewing detailed information • Showing rich media Embed custom web content or show an Adaptive card
  29. 29. Integrate intelligent and insights directly from the Graph in your Teams app Sign users in through inline login experience New: simplify credential management via new Azure Bot Services OAuthCard
  30. 30. your - Users, Groups, Organizations Outlook SharePoint OneDrive Teams Planner Excel OneNote Activities Device Relay Commands Notifications Azure AD Intune Identity Manager Advanced Threat Analytics Advanced Threat Protection Mail, Calendar, Contacts and Tasks Sites and Lists Drives and Files Channels, Messages Tasks and Plans Spreadsheets Notes, and more… Identity Management Access Control Synchronization Domains Administrative Units Applications and Devices Advanced Threat Analytics Advanced Threat Protection Alerts Policies and more… Office 365 Windows 10 Enterprise Mobility + Security https://graph.microsoft.com
  31. 31. Programmable Voice & Video Intelligent Messaging Sharing & Meetings Analytics & Insights Control calling and integrate cognitive services Automate and reason over conversations that drive your business Moderate and structure collaboration activities Utilize conversation data to build compliant insights Communications Sneak peek https://graph.microsoft.com
  32. 32. Communications Infrastructure Call Control Media Network Cognitive Services Control calling and meeting flows Flexible access to media and intelligence Leverage Teams communications infrastructure for global reach Sneak peek
  33. 33. NetworkCall Control Media Direct Media Remote MediaBasic calling Group calling and Teams Meetings Teams Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Sneak peek Skype for Business Skype PSTN Recording
  34. 34. Group calling and Teams Meetings Basic calling Call Control Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Receive Answer Play Audio Prompt Capture Audio Recognize DTMF Tones Set mixer levels Place Transfer Hang up View Participants Join Add Participants Mute / Unmute Create Meetings Sneak peek https://graph.microsoft.com/app/calls
  35. 35. Capabilities My Apps Team Apps Global Apps LOB Apps Catalog App Catalog Policies Manage distribution of Teams Apps New New User App Policies
  36. 36. Create a team Add members and owners Configure team settings Add channels Post a welcome message Delete team as needed Resource Actions Team Add, read, update, delete Enumerate Members & Owners Add, remove Enumerate Get user details Team Settings Read, write Channels Add, read, update, delete Enumerate Channel Messages Post, Read Available Resources and Actions New: coming to /v1.0 in Q2 CY18
  37. 37. Thank you

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  • Apps in Microsoft Teams allow you to make your service available to users in the contexts - or "scopes" - that make the most sense.

    You declare precisely which capabilities you support, in which scopes, via your app package's manifest file.
    You can use most app capabilities (such as bots, tabs, etc) in most scopes.
    You offer these capabilities via a single Teams app package that users can acquire through our in-product app gallery, via the Office Store, or uploaded directly by your team.
  • This information comes from the Microsoft Teams Design Guidelines: http://msteamsdesignguidelines.azurewebsites.net/#!/

    All of these capabilities are possible in an app, not in a custom bot.
    Not all are required. Only publish those that make sense, or start with one and build out over time.
  • Why introduce a new Toolchain for SP?
    SharePoint has moved from ASP.net to Front End Development.
    Rapid Web Development.
    Taking SharePoint to where the developers are.
    Standardizing and managing the way developers were already customizing SharePoint (jslink, script editor webpart, script injection).
    Reducing SharePoint proprietary components and the corresponding friction.
    Bringing modern Web Tech to classic SharePoint Sites & Pages.
    Allow customization on new SharePoint experiences
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  • Microsoft Build 2017
  • SBI
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