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  1. 56th Junior High School of Athens Our school … and our city
  2. Here is Athens, Greece
  3. For more info, you can visit our site School is situated ~3,5 km from Athens centre Students: 273 Teachers: 30 Photos from our region and school
  4. Our students come from all around the world  Europe Albanian Bulgarian Georgian Greek Lithuanian Polish Romania Russian Turkish Asia Chinese Afghan Bangladesh Filipino Indian Indonesian Iranian Iraqi Pakistan Syrian America Cuban 18 different religions and cultures! 4 Continents: •Africa •America •Asia •Europe 26 Countries Africa Congolese Egyptian Ethiopian Libyan Nigerian Zimbabwean
  5.  is a major coastal city in the Mediterranean  is both the capital and largest city of Greece  More than 5.000.000 people live here  Is a top touristic destination for more than 10.000.000 people from all around the world every year  has mild climate What you have to know about Athens Athens
  6. The ancient temple of Acropolis, the Parthenon was built up in 450 B.C. It was built to honor the goddess Athena
  7. Below the Parthenon lays the ancient forum
  8. … and the temple of the god Hephastus
  9. It was built in AD 161 by Herodes Atticus in memory of his Roman wife. The audience stands and the orchestra (stage) were restored marble in the 1950s. Nowadays, concerts and ancient drama performances take place there The Odeon of Herodes Atticus
  10. Filopappou hill is situated opposite to the Acropolis hill
  11. Plaka is the best well known area for its traditional and colorful paths, the small houses and plenty of antiquities
  12. Here you can taste the famous souvlaki
  13. Don’t forget to visit Panathinaiko Stadium “Kallimarmaro”, where the 1st contemporary Olympic Games took place in 1896
  14. The national garden and the Greek parliament building
  15. During the last two decades the use of themetro for transportation changed the way one moves in Athens  Inside metro stations above platforms you cansee replicas of ancient constructions and ruins, that exhibit there.  You can spend the whole day travelling with the metro to visit more than 20 stations ornamented with these exhibitions
  16. Athens can be (through its port, the famous Piraeus the, largest port in Greece and the Mediterranean Sea) the point of departure for the very famous Greek islands You have many reasons to visit Athens but also…
  17. A historic building hosts our • dreams, • ambitions and • goals for the future, since 1979 Our School (56th Junior High School of Athens)
  18.  2-4 years - Nursery school  4-6 years – Kindergarten  6-12 years Primary school  12-15 years Junior high school  15-18 years Secondary high school / vocational school After secondary high school or vocation school you can give exams to entry a University Details about school education in Greece
  19. Flags of our students countries
  20. Our students originate from 26 different countries, 18 different religions and cultures… but we share common goals…
  21. The creative spirit becomes our everyday reality through our teams •IT lab editorial and photography team •Robotics and Programming Group •Environmental program •Action "the child, the city and the monuments" and •Various outdoors activities
  22. School activities Expressing ourselves through creative paths with cooperation and sensibility
  23. Famous ancient and contemporary Greek writers
  24. Thanks a lot for your attention 