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Glyn moody commons versus openness - berlin commons conference

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Berlin Commons Conference 2010 talk on the tension between openness and the commons. I look at the main areas where such tensions manifest themselves.

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Glyn moody commons versus openness - berlin commons conference

  1. 1.    openness & the commons glyn moody
  2. 2.    the GPL commons  free software commons  open by definition  actually several disjoint commons  community norms defined by licences  biggest is defined by GNU GPL and compatible licences  licence most frequently chosen by businesses based around open source
  3. 3.    enclosing the GPL commons  most open source business use dual licensing  own the copyright to all the code  alongside GPL licence, offer ”commercial” licence  this creates an asymmetry  only the company can offer such a commercial licence  only the company can enclose the GPL commons
  4. 4.    policing the GPL commons  recently, communities have started forking  MySQL forked as Drizzle and MariaDB  OpenOffice.org forked to become LibreOffice  copyright of contributions remains with coders  policed by community
  5. 5.    the Wikipedia commons  strong sense of community  open to all, but has some strict rules: NPOV and Assume Good Faith  policed by the community, enforced by senior members  twin threats of too open and too controlled  issues of sustainability
  6. 6.    open content commons  digital content: commons with enclosures  actually very open: enclosures have ”porous” perimeters  physical policing ineffectual in digital world  virtual policing with *legal* code  HADOPI, Digital Economy Act, ACTA
  7. 7.    open educational commons  open courseware - MIT OCW; cc-nc, monolithic  OER: Moodle, Chamilo, Sakai  weak openness, weak commons  Connexions (Rice) – modular,cc-by  National Digital Resource Bank (UK)  cc materials  (re-used) open source code
  8. 8.    open access commons  open online access to academic papers  main problem not enclosure but squatters on the commons  publishers claiming to be open access, but imposing conditions like user names,passwords etc.  policed by the community via reputation
  9. 9.    open data commons  licences – PDDL, ODC-By, ODC-ODbL  open data popular – low-hanging fruit for open government  too much openness?  personal info about politicians  aggregating anonymous data can sometimes reveal unexpected/personal information  hard to predict/police
  10. 10.    open science commons  open access, open data, open notebook science  Science Commons (cf. Creative Commons): patents, MTA  problem of rivals pre-empting discoveries using public data  policed by the relevant community  Human Genome Project drew up Bermuda Principles 1996  worked well
  11. 11.    open personal genomics  genomic databases (digital)  cost of sequencing DNA plummeting  OpenPCR project  biobanks  DNA samples, necessarily linked to people's identity  Personal Genome Project – 100,000 genomes from volunteers  perhaps genomic privacy is illusory/irrelevant (cf. Facebook)
  12. 12.    open synthetic biology  analogue DNA units can create modular parts: synthetic biology  enclosure a real threat  BiOS (Biological Innovation through Open Science): ”protected commons” - like Apache licence  royalty-free licence to patents  problems of openness  ”bugs” in the code; accidental release; bioweapons
  13. 13.    open hardware commons (1)  Arduino  hardware reference designs under CC licence  software released under GPL  99.9% open: ”Arduino” name is only for offical products  trademark issues  Freeduino fork for 100% freedom  minimal policing by company/community
  14. 14.    open hardware commons (2)  open source car  OSCar  c,mm,n  Open Source Green Vehicle (OSGV)  digital designs freely available under open licences  crucial constraint on openness is safety  policed by regulatory authorities
  15. 15.    open hardware commons (3)  fabbers (3D printers)  MakerBot Thing-O-Matic Kit; Fab@Home; RepRap  shared digital files for analogue objects  Thingiverse.com: mainly GPL, cc  safety is a constraint  what happens when you can print guns etc.?
  16. 16.    problems of openness  attacks (copyright, patents, ACTA)  equilibrium (anarchy/authority)  impersonation (false community)  introversion (community failure)  intrusion (privacy/aggregation)  occlusion (false reputation)  safety (accidental harm)  security (intentional harm)
  17. 17.    between the commons glyn.moody@gmail.com @glynmoody on identi.ca/Twitter opendotdotdot.blogspot.com