redox reaction oxidation reduction solenoid electromagnetism electricity magnetic field oxidation number gain of electrons loss of electrons molecules metallurgy light reactivity respiration atomic mass electric circuit chemical reaction corrosion rarefaction electric motor magnetic lines of force electric generator fleming's left hand rule ac current dc current fleming's right hand rule right hand thumb rule cell theory cell combustion bleaching applications of redox reactions rusting oxidant reductant identifying a redox reaction rules governing oxidation number redox reactions oxidizing agent reducing agent stoichiometry mass relationship chemical reactions limiting reactant excess reactant empirical formula percentage composition ethanol molecular formula avogadro's law mole atomicity relative molecular mass molar mass molecular mass isotopes molecular weight atoms compounds elements dalton's atomic theory atom law of combining volumes of gases law of definite composition/ definite proportions law of conservation of mass law of multiple proportions kilogram measurement chemistry si system fundamental units basic concepts metre units bryophyllum budding dna copy binary fission reproduction fragmentation paramoecium planaria variations hydra amoeba lifecycle yeast multiple fission mitosis replication vegetative propagation regeneration spirogyra asexual reproduction current direct current alternating current domestic electric circuit electromagnetic induction right brain midbrain phototropism left brain co ordination life seedling control homoeostasis plant movements hormone plant endocrine glands thigmotropism hydrotropism geotropism regulators forebrain brain hindbrain double bonds double covalent bond functional groups catenation diamond organic chemistry triple bonds nomenclature electron dot and cross structure hydrocarbons covalent bond saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbons methane homologous series wohler allotropes graphite allotropy urea organic compounds curvature convergence of light virtual image optic centre concave mirror sign conventions nature of image real image object divergence of light convex mirror spherical mirror principal axis lens mirror formula diminished magnified images mirror refining of metals corrosion of metals alumina battery electroplating extraction antimony silver alloying prevention of corrosion aluminium electrolytic reduction metalloids copper ions silicon anodizing non metals incident ray air tyndall effect rainbow medium denser medium laws of refraction and reflection prism refracted ray dispersion ray vacuum newton scattering reflection angle of incidence rarer medium refraction salt ionisation strength of acids bases ph scale soap indicatores bleaching powder baking soda acid washing soda synthetic indicators natural indicators acid base base water of crystallization digestive system translocation kidneys heart excretory system circulatory system nutrition stomach root pressure excretion respiratory system transpiration photosynthesis transportation life processes lungs alkali metals noble gases actinides periods newlands octaves lanthanides atomic size alkaline earth metals moseley modern periodic table mendeleev's periodic table dobereiner's triads halogens transition elements atomic radius inert gases valency groups periodic table heating effect of electric current joules law ohms law coulomb watt volt potential difference joule bulb resistance of resistors in series ampere electric current resistance of a conductor applications of heating effect of electric current electric potential rheostat resistance of resistors in parallel electric power factors responsible for the resistance of a conduc substitution reaction neutralisation rancidity products double displacement chemical types of chemical reactions decomposition chemical equation reactants balancing reactions displacement wavelenth decibel wave infrasonic transverse wave compression inner ear production of sound propagation sound wave amplitude ultrasonic longitudinal wave external ear ear tuning fork middle ear vibration music dc motor ac motor magnetic levitation circular loop overloading conductor short circuiting ac generator generator magnet motor heterozygous phenotype mendel pea plant filial generation recessive genes parental generation dihybrid cross monohybrid cross homozygous genotype pisum sativum mendel's laws dominant genes standard ten lung fish analogous peripatus vestigial organs connecting links duck-billed platypus survival of the fittest palaeontological evidence natural selection biston betularia homologous birmingham moths indian pipe plant theory of evolution evolution darwin eukaryotic cell ribosome cell wall mitochondria standard nine vacuole prokaryotic cell shapes of cells cell organelles types of cells functions of cell organelles cell size cell shape
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