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  1. 1. FADE IN: EXT. HOLLY’S HOUSE – AFTERNOON In a suburban town, cars stand outside the new bungalow. Holly is coming home from school in her car. It appears as if someone is watching her, but Holly is unaware. CUT TO: MID SHOT ON HOLLY – AFTERNOON She’s carrying her bags into the house, smiling faintly. INT. HOLLY’S BEDROOM – AFTERNOON She drops her school bag onto the floor and climbs into her bed. EXT. HOLLY’S HOUSE – NIGHT It still appears as though someone is watching her. Holly’s light turns off. INT. HOLLY’S BEDROOM – NIGHT A towel drenched in ethane is placed carefully over Holly’s mouth, acting as an anaesthetic and knocking her out. She is then pulled silently from the bed. EXT/INT. BOOT OF A CAR – NIGHT Holly is in the boot of the car, still unconscious, with tape covering her mouth and her hands tied up behind her. The boot of the car closes and the car drives off. INT. ABANDONED WAREHOUSE – NIGHT Holly wakes up crying, with make-up running down her face. Her mouth is still taped and her hands and feet are tied. The kidnapper walks into the room slowly, and quickly flashed his camera at Holly and leaves again.
  2. 2. EXT. PARK – MORNING Holly’s friends, Frank, Charlotte, Mollie, Olivia and Kelly are sitting in the usual park spot, wondering where Holly is. One by one they receive a text that shows a photo of Holly in the warehouse. Mollie then reads the caption out to everyone. MOLLIE, an 18 year old female, reluctantly reads out the text. MOLLIE Earn the clues to her freedom. If not? She dies. 48 hours. Good luck. The friends sit in silence, shocked by what they have heard and seen. They hear the sounds of their phones go off again, one by one. They all look at their phones and their individual sacrifices. EXT. STREET – MORNING Holly's friends make their way home, still in silence. FRANK, an 18 year old male, expresses his doubts. FRANK We need to go to the police. This creep can’t expect us to be his puppets. CHARLOTTE, Frank’s girlfriend and also Holly’s friend. CHARLOTTE We all know exactly who this is guys – that freak from school. OLIVIA, a 17 year old female. OLIVIA He’s been OBSESSED with Holly for months.
  3. 3. INT. KELLY’S HOUSE – AFTERNOON. Kelly is re-reading her sacrifice, unsure what to do. INT. KELLY’S KITCHEN – AFTERNOON Kelly grabs a knife and gently presses it to her finger. It slightly cuts the finger and blood pours out. EXT. STREET – NIGHT Charlotte and Frank are walking down the street, holding hands. Frank is unaware she has a gun in her pocket. She takes the gun from her pocket, and hides it behind her back, she is violently shaking. FRANK What’s wrong? CHARLOTTE I’m sorry. She is holding the gun in front of FRANK, pointing it at him. INT. ABANDONED WAREHOUSE – NIGHT Holly is shown screaming for help, still tied up. There is silence. She has clearly been beaten by the kidnapper, with blood on her face and rips in her clothing. HOLLY Help! Please…somebody She tries to untie the rope she’s tied up with. Struggling, she pauses and sees the kidnapper entering the room. EXT. STREET – NIGHT Olivia receives a text that says “12 hours left”.
  4. 4. EXT. STREET – NIGHT MOLLIE receives a clue to where Holly is being held hostage because she has finished her task. “TREES TREES SHES SURROUNDED BY TREES”. She is afraid and trying to discover where she could be. She rings Kelly. MOLLIE I got a text. She’s around trees. INT. KELLY’S BEDROOM - NIGHT KELLY Where could that be? MOLLIE Screaming woods! The phone cuts off suddenly. Kelly is confused, staring at her phone. EXT. FIELDS – NIGHT Mollie is sprinting, thinking she knows where Holly is. EXT. FIELDS – NIGHT The kidnapper’s feet are shown walking through the fields. EXT. FIELDS – NIGHT Kelly arrives in the fields and is running. Trying to find Mollie. She is being watched, unaware from afar. EXT. FIELDS – NIGHT Mollie is still trying to find Holly. As she approaches the warehouse, the kidnapper suddenly appears in front of her. END.