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Social media for learning leaders

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A presentation I gave to learning leaders of a global organizations

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Social media for learning leaders

  1. 1. Social Media for Learning Leaders Gautam Ghosh http://gauteg.blogspot.com http://twitter.com/GautamGhosh
  2. 2. Social is the new way to connect Share Connect Collaborate
  3. 3. Benefits of sharing • “working out loud” • Make serendipitous connections • Discover fellow learners • Establish one self as a thought leader
  4. 4. My blogging journey • Started blogging 12 years ago • Got some recognition • Have posted about 3000 posts • More than a million views over the last 5 years • Global audience
  5. 5. A guide to blogging • The rise of blogging – a brief history • Everyone is an author and publisher • Blogging as a community activity • The importance of finding your “voice” • Reading is the key • The easy way to blog - curation
  6. 6. Blogging – the other media • The rise of video content thanks to YouTube • Using powerpoint to showcase your thoughts – by Slideshare • Using audio thanks to podcasts • All these can be embedded on a regular blog
  7. 7. Twitter • 140 character “microblogging” service • Unlike LinkedIn & Facebook – connections are not “mutual” by design • Can be tough to figure out • Like blogging you have to find a community • Use apps – schedule and curate tweets • Reply and engage with users • Mix a bit of personal information once in a while
  8. 8. My Twitter journey • Started 7 years ago • Didn’t understand what to do with it • Found some friends from blogging days • Slowly the medium started growing in India • Until now – 89k tweets, 15.9k followers • I use Twitter to curate news in HR and social media and to learn from others – a social and personal LMS
  9. 9. Q&A • Email – gautam.ghosh@gmail.com • Tweet to : @GautamGhosh