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Aportando soluciones de movilidad sostenible. Joao Formiga (POCITYF) IX Simposio Funseam

Presentación enmarcada en el IX Simposio Funseam 2021.
-Descarbonización y mejora del tráfico en los centros urbanos. D. João Formiga, responsible for Évora demonstration activities of POCITYF

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Aportando soluciones de movilidad sostenible. Joao Formiga (POCITYF) IX Simposio Funseam

  1. 1. POCITYF e - m o b i l i t y s o l u t i o n s F e b r u a r y 0 5 t h 2 0 2 1
  2. 2. - 2 - About us Born in 2015, EDP NEW and its Chinese twin (SCNET) were set up under a joint EDP/CTG initiative – to focus on R&D in energy and help both organizations navigate the energy transition. Since its inception EDP NEW grew organically side-by-side with its parent company EDP Labelec and built a position within EDP’s innovation ecosystem. Inception Create possibilities to lead the energy transition Mission Be a leading corporate R&D centre Vision
  3. 3. - 3 - Projects: Projects: Projects: Projects: Projects: Funding: Funding: Funding: Funding: Funding: Ongoing Concluded 2,1M€ 4,1M€ 3,9M€ 7M€ 0,5M€ LOLABAT Our portfolio now has 31 R&D Projects either starting, ongoing or concluded, of which 27 are funded through H2020 Digital Energy Interoperable Smart Energy Grids RES Integration & Flexibility RES Technology Positive Energy Communities ATLANTIC INITIATIVE OFFSHORE WIND
  4. 4. - 4 - POCITYF - A POsitive Energy CITY Transformation Framework… To create, demonstrate and deliver a set of Positive Energy Blocks, transforming cities’ mixed-urban environments, with a strong emphasis on cultural and historical protected areas, into more inclusive, sustainable and safer spaces for their citizens. In one word, to improve, in a sustainable and citizen-driven manner, the wellbeing of its 8 involved cities.
  5. 5. - 5 - 46 partners 13 European countries Led by EDP NEW ... to be applied in 8 cities across Europe Budget: 22,5M€ Grant: 20M€ EDP NEW: 1.5M€ (1M€) 5 years’ project  Kick-off: October 1st, 2019  End: September 30th, 2024 Lighthouse cities Évora Alkmaar Fellow cities Bari Celje Granada Hvidovre Ioannina Ujpest
  6. 6. - 6 - e-mobility integration into smart grid and city planning with 2 innovative chargers Smart Lampposts with EV charging and 5G functionalities  EV charging capabilities  Efficient LED lighting  Telecommunication services (4G/5G and Wi-Fi) 01 02 EV charger with PV integration and V2G  Possible improvement of power quality using voltage control algorithms  Injection of energy in the demonstration areas EV Charging Management Platform
  7. 7. - 7 - 03 EV Charging Management Platform > Minimize the impact of integrating Electric Vehicles (EV) in power grids (assisted by batteries usage) > Totally remote control charging option through web- app and mobile app interfaces > Manage the charging a discharging according to the user preferences 04 Intelligent Control Algorithms > Increase the self-consumption of the buildings and reduce peaks > Optimization of the charging schedule of each parked vehicle > Reducing the unbalance and deferring reinforce investments (assisted by batteries usage) A distinctive charging management platform and intelligent control algorithms will boost the user experience 05 Intelligent Control Algorithms > EV batteries after their first life as a mobile storage system > Modular structure allowing a flexible and fast installation > EV batteries are decommissioned when they still have ~80% of the total usable capacity