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Clauses, Phrases and Sentences

  1. Sentences A sentence is a group of words that expresses a complete thought.
  2. Fragment A group of words that does not express a complete thought
  3. Identify whether the following statements are fragments or complete sentences.
  4. Sentence or Fragment? • 1. Fun things to do during the summer. • 2. We went swimming at the pool today. • 3. Jumped off the high diving board.
  5. Sentence or Fragment? • 4. Kelly wore a new swimsuit. 5. Floated on my back. 6. Next to the lifeguard stand.
  6. Sentence or Fragment? 7. Jacob learned to do a flip. 8. Hold my breath underwater. 9. Towel, snorkel, mask, and flippers.
  7. Sentence or Fragment? 10. You should always wear sunscreen.
  8. Improve on the following fragments to create a complete sentence.
  9. 1. hard working man 2. the newscast 3. a new beginning 4. a well-read individual 5. against a hundred foes
  10. Write 10 simple sentences about you know about Greek mythology.
  11. Clause A clause is a group of words that contains a subject and a predicate and is located within a sentence.
  12. Clause • since she laughs at different men • I despise individuals of low character • because she smiled at him.
  13. Phrase A phrase is a collection of words that may have nouns or verbals, but it does not have a subject doing a verb.
  14. Phrase • leaving behind the dog • smashing into a fence • before the first test • after the devastation
  15. Identify if the following items are clauses or phrases
  16. 1. because He loves us 2. a big, expensive house 3. while the exams are going on 4. more or less secured 5. she answered the phone 6. during my stay at their house
  17. Identify the clauses and the phrases in the following sentences.
  18. 1. He held a party in his huge mansion. 2. Standing straight, the soldier accepted the medal. 3. His promises still stand in the midst of problems and trials.
  19. 4. Right or wrong, you may choose your response. 5. She dreams of having a strong career in music. 6. After a long school day, the students wanted a break.
  20. Compound Sentence A compound sentence has two independent clauses and is joined by a coordinating conjunction.
  21. Compound Sentence Basically, a compound contains two simple sentences. - These independent clauses are joined by a conjunction (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so).
  22. Coordinating Conjuctions 1. I will not fear for I know that God is with me. 2. She didn’t eat this morning so she feels dizzy now. 3. Martha is very busy and she still has plans tomorrow.
  23. Coordinating Conjuctions 4. Mother is not at home nor is she at the office. 5. My best friend doesn’t like to watch movies but she will watch them with me.
  24. Coordinating Conjuctions 6. Dad said we can go to Hongkong or we can go to Singapore. 7. Sarah is in need yet she generously gives.
  25. FANBOYS For- to show cause and effect Ex. My parents are abroad for they are working hard.
  26. FANBOYS And-joins things and ideas that are alike. Ex. He is a smart and he studies hard.
  27. FANBOYS Nor- continues a negative idea Ex. Jenny doesn’t listen to her parents nor does she listen to her teachers.
  28. FANBOYS But- to show an opposite or a downside Ex. He tried his best but he didn’t win the prize.
  29. FANBOYS Or- shows a choice Ex. We can eat at a Japanese restaurant or we can eat at a Chinese restaurant.
  30. FANBOYS Yet- to show a contrasting relationship Ex. She promised not to be late yet she was the last one to arrive at the party.
  31. FANBOYS So- to show cause and effect Ex. It was a hot day so they decided to go swimming.
  32. Fill in the blanks with the correct coordinating conjunction.
  33. FANBOYS 1. Almost certainly not Oscar Wilde's last words: "Either this wallpaper goes _______ I do."
  34. FANBOYS 2. Winston Churchill said, “History will be kind to me, ________ I intend to write it."
  35. FANBOYS 3 . The only reason I intend to take up jogging is _______ that I can hear heavy breathing again.
  36. FANBOYS 5. Discipline is hard ________ it bears much fruit. 6. We can choose to be honorable ______ we can choose not to be.
  37. Write your own compound sentences using each of the coordinating conjunctions.
  38. Complex Sentence A complex sentence contains an independent clause and one or more dependent clauses.
  39. Independent Clause An independent clause can stand alone as a sentence.
  40. Dependent Clause A dependent clause cannot stand alone as a sentence and begins with a subordinating conjunction.
  41. Complex Sentence We got wet when we rode at the river ride. Since we are all going together we decided to carpool.
  42. Fill in the blanks with the correct subordinating conjunctions.
  43. Subordinating Conjunctions 1. He behaves ___ _________ he rules the world. 2. We started moving _____ he took his foot off the brake.
  44. Subordinating Conjunctions 3. I am going to go _____ __ my parents say I can’t. 4. ___________ _____ kill living animals for food, I am going to become a vegetarian.
  45. Subordinating Conjunctions 5. I waited ________ my mom paid for the groceries. 6. I ran _____________ I was scared. 7. We will go running ______ we tie our shoes.
  46. Subordinating Conjunctions 8. We can eat lunch ___________ you like. 9. ______________ I get happy I smile. 10. I’m not leaving ________ you say you’re sorry.
  47. Identify the dependent clause in the following sentences.
  48. Dependent Clause 1. Although they are found in many cultures around the world, murals have always been a particularly important art form in Mexico.
  49. Dependent Clause 2. Some of the murals painted by the Mayan artists in ancient Mexico still survive, though many are in poor condition.
  50. Dependent Clause 3. Before the Mexican painter Diego Rivera came on the scene, twentieth-century Mexican murals were relatively unknown.
  51. Dependent Clause 4. Rivera designed extraordinary murals before he died in 1957.
  52. Dependent Clause 5. Many of Rivera’s murals depict scenes from Mexican history because Rivera believed that Mexicans are defined by their past.
  53. Dependent Clause 6. After Rivera died, many Mexican American muralists took up his style and themes.
  54. Dependent Clause 7. Some Mexican American artists in Los Angeles paint murals wherever they can find space.
  55. Dependent Clause 8. The paint on public buildings so that their work can be enjoyed by many people.
  56. Dependent Clause 9. So that the murals can be easily seen, the muralists use bright colors and bold, eye catching designs.
  57. Dependent Clause 10. As long as Hispanic culture continues to thrive in the United States, we will surely have many colorful and exciting murals to enjoy.
  58. Combine the following sentences to create a complex sentence.
  59. Complex Sentence 1. I was doing my homework. My brother was practicing with his guitar. 2. We have to stand still. We sing the national anthem.
  60. Complex Sentence 3. Jax went to the supermarket. He didn’t want to wait for us at home. 4. I prefer singing. I was asked to dance.
  61. Identify if the following sentences are compound or complex.
  62. Compound or Complex 1. We watched a movie while waiting for Dad arrive from work. 2. Dina waited for hours but he didn’t show.
  63. Compound or Complex 3. His car is still broken even though we took it to the mechanic.
  64. Compound or Complex 4. Unless they announced it otherwise, our field trip is cancelled.
  65. Compound or Complex 5. Whenever Paul feels bored, he would play video games.
  66. Compound or Complex 6. Water and wind are the two main causes of erosion, for they constantly change the appearance of the Earth.
  67. Expand the following sentences to make one compound and one complex sentence.
  68. Sentence: The shoes she wants are expensive. Compound: The shoes she wants are expensive so she needs to save up for it. Complex
  69. Sentence: The shoes she wants are expensive. Complex: The shoes she wants are expensive unless the are on sale.
  70. 1. She likes watching scary movies. 2. Gather all the ingredients you need. 3. The Last of Us is my favorite video game.
  71. 4. Linda is an animator. 5. Gary collects expensive paintings. 6. Felix is learning how to drive. 7. Problem-solving is an essential skill students should have.
  72. 8. South Korea produces great pop music called K-pop. 9. The president is campaigning against violence. 10. Stella is a transfer student from Africa.
  73. Use the words from the video to create one compound and one complex sentence.
  74. Identify whether the following sentences are compound or complex sentences.
  75. Compound or Complex? The children wants to go but the family has to leave. We are leaving as soon as she arrives.
  76. Compound or Complex? We learn to speak before we learn to read. The door won’t open unless you scan your fingerprint.
  77. She went home early so she could rest. We should stop by the washroom before we drive through the highway.
  78. The police should always be fit for they run after criminals. They can’t park outside the school nor can they park beside the school.
  79. You should go before you parents notice you were gone. Whenever we would go to their house, their dog would bark at us.
  80. Literature is also an art form that people often overlook. Even though their family is well- off, they are very humble.
  81. The Spartans chose to fight for their freedom rather than be enslaved by the Phoenicians. Having children can be a burden but it can also be a delight.

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