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Ice House presentation

A curriculum for creative learning.

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Ice House presentation

  1. 1. Making ConnectionsA Curriculum for Creative LearningICE House Conference, 5 April 2011
  2. 2. Resourceshttp://bit.ly/iceresourcesPop Up School formhttp://bit.ly/icepopupPop Up School membershttp://bit.ly/popupice
  3. 3. Creative Talliscreativetallis.blogspot.comwww.creativetallis.com✤ School of Creativity status✤ Action Research Group✤ Staff and students collaborate✤ Manifesto for a Creative Tallis✤ “students as creators of learning rather than passive receivers of knowledge”
  4. 4. Tallis Labwww.tallislab.com• Replace ICT at KS3• Enquiry based learning• Creative use of ICT - making and doing• eSafety, Web 2.0, mobile devices, PLTS, real audiences• dedicated team of teachers and support staff
  5. 5. The 5 minuteIdea Generator Challenge
  6. 6. FeedbackTallis Lab is a reflecting lesson: you have tothink of ideas and you are not told exactlywhat you should be doing. You are given anidea and then you have to expand it byyourself which I think is good because you This gives us more helpget more independence when were older, when were doing our jobs were not going to be reading a manual saying what to do, were going to be thinking itWeve learned from our mistakes - without up ourselves.teachers telling us weve had to work it out forourselves. As a result, Ive learnt how to workwithin a group, and communicate better withmy classmates
  7. 7. New Schooltallisgraphics.tumblr.comtallisuniform.tumblr.com✤ BSF Design Team✤ Graphics, Uniform, Tallis Mobile and Space2Cr8 projects✤ Researching and promoting use of mobile technology for agile learning✤ Past, Present & Future community events
  8. 8. Tallis Graphics Project workshop with Gilles & Cecilie Studio
  9. 9. Creative Learning Projectcreativelearningproject.weebly.com
  10. 10. Pop Up Schoolcreativepioneers.weebly.com✤ Invitation to present at the Creativity World Forum 2010✤ Collaboration with Howe High School✤ Social Learning using web based and mobile technologies✤ Pop Up School
  11. 11. Tallis International
  12. 12. Tammy’s Story✤ Rural school✤ Geographically isolated✤ Cultural entitlement✤ Media technologies✤ Virtual Field Trips✤ Social networking✤ International profile
  13. 13. Billy’s Story✤ ePortfolio✤ Online tools✤ Social networking✤ Competitions✤ Experience✤ Employability