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Resume Finky Apr'15

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Resume Finky Apr'15

  1. 1. Resume: Finky Veramitha Devi Page 1 of 5 FFIINNKKYY VVEERRAAMMIITTHHAA DDEEVVII,, SSTT Working Experiences Career Objective R * E * S * U * M * E Place & Date of Birth : Jakarta, 03 October 1978 Address : Jl. Utama Raya No.48, Cengkareng, Jakarta Barat Email address : finkyvd@yahoo.com Mobile Phone : 0855 99 33133 Marital Status : Married, 2 children Last Formal Education : Graduated from Bachelor (S1) of Industrial Engineering, Engineering Faculty, Universitas Indonesia; 1997-2001; GPA: 3.34 (from scale: 4.00) Pursuit a career in a challenging customer/industrial oriented company for managerial position in Marketing, Customer Satisfction or Brand Management. PT Astra Daihatsu Motor Automotive business - Manufacturers of Daihatsu brand in Indonesia OPERATION DEPT. Supervisor ~ Fleet (corporate) Business Section, 2001 – 2008 Ensure stable growth of corporate sales to support total Daihatsu sales & manage fleet customer relation  Planning, developing, monitoring & reviewing fleet(corporate) sales target  Discout scheme & SOP develoment  Customer retention & brand awareness program  Customer gathering  Customer apreciation trip  Golf tournament  Fleet Mechanic workshop  Direct mail (New Product preview)  Daihatsu Plant visit  Exhibition visit  Sponsorship program arrangement:  Golf tournament  Car donation to Social Minister  UMKM sponsorhip  Golf ports club sponsorship (uniform, printing material, etc)
  2. 2. Resume: Finky Veramitha Devi Page 2 of 5  Duty Free/Government sales SALES PLANNING DEPT Section Head ~ Fleet & Daihatsu Sales Program, Apr 2008 – 2010 Continue Fleet Customer relation management and Develop Sales Program/Campaign  Mistery shopping to competitor  Coutermeasure analysis and sales program proposal  Special sales package development (Baloon payment = Kredit Impian 2010)  Discount scheme, term & condition (Internal & External)  Sales Promotion Tools: Direct mail, fliers & banner  National Lucky Draw program: Daihatsu Amazing Duo in celebrating Daihatsu 2 million units ceremony, end of 2010  Sales campaign monitoring CUSTOMER SATISFACTION & VALUECHAIN DEPT. Section Head of CS & Daihatsu One Stop Solution, Apr 2010 – 2014 Customer Satisfaction Ensure Daihatsu customer satisfaction level based on customer voice (Refer to JD Power standard)  CS Survey Monitoring  CS activities monitoring  Daihatsu CS Star  Greeting programs  Delivery program (Memorable photo)  Poke Program,etc.  CS best practice sharing activities to worst CS outlet  CS sales process enhancement  Sales Initiation  Dealer facility  Sales Person  Deal&Paperwork  Delivery Time, Delivery Process)  CS program improvement to keep best #2 CS (cooperation with JD Power Asia Pacific)  Competitor’s CS achievement monitoring  CS mistery shopping  CS Standard Operation Precedures development ~with JD Power Asia Pacific  CS Standard manual guidance development  CS Standard pocket manual development  CS Standard Video development  CS Standard roadshow socialization to 10 cities One Stop Solution Strengthen Daihatsu position in automotive industry and growing business together through partnership with Astra Daihatsu value chain (Astra Credit Companies, Asuransi Astra Buana, Mobil88, Astra World)  One Stop Solution concept development  Salesforce’s competency enhancement (credit, insurance & trade in knowledge)  Motivation training for one stop shopping implementation  One Stop Solution manual guidance book for salesforce  Credit Innovation develoment  Kredit Impian (Baloon payment) in 2010  SGU (Sewa Guna Usaha, special credit for commercial use) in 2012
  3. 3. Resume: Finky Veramitha Devi Page 3 of 5  Kredit Asik (Step up credit) in 2013  Kredit Seru (Step down credit) in 2013  Insurance programe  TLS (Total Lost Stolen ~ Special Insurance program with Garda Oto Insurance)  Free Open Cover insurance in grass period  Daihatsu Used Car outlet development, partnership with Mobil88  2010 Daihatsu U-Car Bintaro  2012 Daihatsu U-Car Surabaya Kenjeran  2014 Daihatsu U-Car Astra Biz Center Bandung  Study additional new U-Car outlet in Medan  Daihatsu U-Car enhancement  U-Car resale value enhancement (Trade In Subsidy, socialization to branches,etc)  Promotion material develpment (flier, x-banner, vertical banner, etc)  Sales Promotion tools development (U-Car plate, fascia, specification board)  Bursa Oto Seken Daihatsu 2011-2014: event concept & coordinator  Daihatsu Trade in day in 4 cities (Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Medan)  New car sales, Trade in, C2C, auction, testdrive  Customer gathering, entertainment, live music, bazar, food festival  Value chain corner & benefits  Telemarketing activites (Astra Value Chain database utilization  ACC, AHM, FIF)  Special credit package  Attractive gimmick (cashback, shopping voucher)  Telemarketing script development  Telemarketing agent briefing  SmS blast activity during New Product launching period, IIMS, etc (Cooperate with Astra World)  Database screening criteria  Script development  Success rate measurement  Special sales package for Astra Group  Attractive sales package  Easy ownership & innovative program (payroll system)  Sales Program socialization  Office to office exhibition VALUECHAIN DEPT. Section Head of Daihatsu One Stop Solution & (New) Brand Analysis Jan 2015 – Now Continue One Stop Solution activities & Enhance Daihatsu Brand awareness  Brand Perception survey  Respondent criteria  Brand survey concept development  Interviewer briefing Others, 2001 – Now  2011- Now : 1-Floor operation management (Daihatsu Motor Company, Astra Daihatsu Motor & Astra International Daihatsu join operation)  2011 - 2012 : Daihatsu monthly SAHABAT DAIHATSU magazine development  2010 -2014 : New Daihatsu showroom standardization overview  2007 – 2014 : Indonesia International Motor Show OSS Program development  2007 - 2010 : Dealer Appreciation Trip arrangement  2012 - 2014 : Innovastra (Innovation competition among Astra group company) ~3rd winner  2013 - 2014 : Daihatsu Value Care (I-CARE) Program enhancement coordinator  2003 – 2015 : Acommodation, F&B arrangement for Annual National Conference  2014 : F&B coordination for Daihatsu Arena Seru & Rute Riang
  4. 4. Resume: Finky Veramitha Devi Page 4 of 5 Education & Trainings PT Astra Honda Motor Motorcycle manufacturer of Honda Motor Practical Worker, Jul-Aug 2000 (Production Planning & Control Department)  Demand& supply management  Production system development PT Grundfos Pompa Indonesia Waterpumps manufacturer, Industrial & home usage Sales Promotion Girl, 1999-2000 Pekan Raya Jakarta & Indonesian Building Construction Expo  Study variety of pumps specification  Achieve sales target during exhibition  Propose suitable pumps suits to customer demand Trainings Organized by Period English Course Lembaga Bahasa LIA (Advanced Level) 1995-1998 Product Knowledge - Water Pumps PT. Grundfos Pompa Indonesia 2000 Astra Basic Management Program (ABMP) Workshop Astra International 2002 The New Way of Doing Business in the Automotive Industry Seminar Mobil Motor magazine 2002 Excellent Customer Service Training & Customer Relation Department of PT. Astra Daihatsu Motor 2003 Toyota Production System Toyota Astra Motor 2004 Daihatsu Fleet Sales Workshop Training & Customer Relation Department of PT. Astra Daihatsu 2005 Problem solving for line Manager PT. Astra International. Tbk. 2008 Decision Making for Line Manager PT. Astra International. Tbk. 2010 Customer satisfaction & Complain management Astra Daihatsu Motor 2011 CS sales & service Standard JD Power Asia Pacific 2012 Integrated Marketing Communication Frontier Marketing 2015
  5. 5. Resume: Finky Veramitha Devi Page 5 of 5 Personal Summary Highlights Organizational Experiences Position Institution Period Secretary, Education section Student Senate, Engineering Faculty, Universitas Indonesia 1999-2000 Assistant, Decision Support System laboratory Industrial Engineering Dept., Universitas Indonesia February 2001 Secretary, Employee Union PT. Astra Daihatsu Motor 2002-2004 Proactive, self-confidence, independent, creative, trustworthy, responsible, fast learner.  Good individual player and cooperative team work as well  Comprehensive project management arrangement and implementation  Capable for material presentation development and and computer skill (Word, Excel, Power Point, internet, emails, browsing tools)  Indonesian & English (written & speaking)