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Project management services (PMC) for Construction Industry

We do take turnkey Projects in Real estate, Construction and Interiors for Residential project from single luxury Banglows , villa constructions, gated communities, Office building, corporate houses and IT / Business Parks, and Retail construction.

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Project management services (PMC) for Construction Industry

  1. 1. For Home’s, Villa’s, Gated Communities, Apartments, Interiors etc.
  2. 2. • Why to hire PMC? It will add up to our cost • What is there we will download material from internet. • Will ask my friend or friends friend who has constructed their home recently. • Will ask my boss or colleague who has recently build their home. • Or else take an opinion form relative who is an architect or related to construction field • Or else we will browse and plan our self.
  3. 3. • Too much unnecessary and un wanted data, which do not co-relate to the specific requirements. • Comparison of the past experiences (friends/relatives) to their present project, which always differ city / locality look and feel • Will lead to repeated works, Many of the people miss guide or contractor miss lead them • The end result is they don’t get the product which they had dreamt off. If they get they have to pay very huge amount of price may be 3 to 4 times more than what it really cost • Contracts & architects will take them to the ride, looking at their level of expertise in the
  4. 4. • Under goes lot of mental stress and head ache due to lack of knowledge • Contractors paly in quantities, which clients not able to understand • All these lead to cost over run and time over run. And bad name to the sector • No hand over documents will be given by contractors or architects with respect to assets and house maintenance. • No working plans or single line diagram of house and services will be submitted to clients form contractors
  5. 5.  If you Don’t have expertise in To implement the value engineering communication and co-ordination construction  concept, where PMC will assist the with all the stake holders. If Contractors charging exorbitant client to control the cost over run in  design and execution. For price.   If you Don’t have idea about quality in construction  To complete the project on time  If you Don’t have control time and  Lack of information on and Budget.   the closure. during the project quality. To maintain the proper records and  documents with Client /Vendor rs.  be To avoid unduly attitude of the Contractor /Contractors Architects. if you are facing difficulty in Follow ups with all consultants and Local For transparency to be maintained authorities for proper approvals etc to to project. To assist the client in getting the Contractor/Architect/Vendor/Supplie  scheduled submitted to the clients with respect right material adherence to the  cost over heads For better control on the Estimation detailed / Suppliers and  with clients And the list goes on & on……………………….. If you want to just concentrate on out come rather than managing the construction, then its your best choice to go with PMC, which  As the Contractors do not submit To update client with respect to represents you to get your dream Project to avoid deviation in the cost come true. detailed cost and material break up and time schedule. during the initial mobilization and in  the due course of the project. To establish a proper
  6. 6. • Clients fall for the false promises of the contracts / Architects. • End up paying huge advances to the Contractors, without proper paper work, work plan and schedule and without proper documentation • Which don’t guarantee them quality of work or workmanship • Contractors don’t deliver the expected performance and don’t hand over the premises on time. • The mason / mastri who has done few project will market themself as an engineers and takes the work. So no proper planning and workmanship can be expected • Clients are ill treated if they don’t make excess payments for they work which has not been done. • Clients will be fooled easily for false marketing and false commitments from contractors with respect to construction cost and no break up being provided
  7. 7. • Contractors will tell that they have huge material stock so will they balance the costing etc. Then later keep penalizing clients for money by showing false quantities etc • After paying hard earned money Clients end up compromising on quality and construction. And they don’t get the product which they thought off • Many a times clients loose huge amount of money, mental stress, and health if they getting into wrong hands. • Blame game with respect to implementation between Architects/ consultants / Contractors . Even they involve client in this mess. • No one will be their to take a call on issues by taking the ownership. • Client will be lost in this mess
  8. 8. • No satisfaction on moving to the new home/villa • Frustration of getting exploited and fooled • Burning of hands over extra burden of cost and time over run • This will make a deep hole in your pockets and miss use of bank loans funds / hard earned money etc • And at the end client has to accept the under quality construction and satisfy with this. • And at the last frustration comes on to country and country men for lack in All this happens, due to not making a right choice, and compromising mentality for not going to pmc technology, methodology and professionals.
  9. 9. • If one has to be tension free from all construction related aspects / issues • If one wants to just concentrate on how their dream house is coming up, as per their expectations • If one don’t want take any kind of head ache other than inviting the guest to their house warming function on schedule “Then one should think of hiring the BIG PMC services to make their dreams come true with out taking pain “
  10. 10. Administrative Office : BIG , #9, first floor, suvarna mahal, 50 ft. road, Girinagar T block, Bangalore 560 085, INDIA Tel.ph. +91 80 6563 3112 , Fax: +91 80 2666 9318 , e-mail : admin@biginfra.net, website: www.biginfra.net
  11. 11. Bangalore Infrastructure Group (BIG) is an initiative to be one of the leading Solution providers in the field of Infrastructure Development, Construction & Project Management. BIG realizes the potential needs of a rapidly developing economy, particularly in the area of Infrastructure, Real Estate development and Allied services. One of the challenges facing the fast paced economic development in India is to create world-class Infrastructure which will further boost the growth and provide people with a better quality of life. BIG is on a role to be a diversified business entity with a predominant focus on Infrastructure projects, construction & Real estate development. To make it happen, a group of Infrastructure Professionals with Engineering background coupled with a good experience of handling Infrastructure Projects join hands to provide solutions through consulting.
  12. 12. BIG VISION • To create a world class INFRASTRUCTURE, for sustainable Development. BIG MISSION • To put the needs of our clients first. • To contribute to the success of our clients by partnering with them to enhance their business processes and to create innovative solutions to their business challenges. • To offer the experience and vision to anticipate the unique needs of our clients and equip them with state of the art information and tools for the most immediate results. • To empower our clients to build their own internal expertise for future growth and success. • To deliver quality consulting services to our clients, driven by our core values. • • • • Integrity Commitment Respect Excellence
  13. 13. Bangalore Infrastructure Group - BIG is a company specialized in providing onsite project management and related consulting services to a wide range of individual & corporate customers. It help clients to define project timelines and strategies and assists with establishing and maintaining budgets. BIG provides consulting, engineering, inspection and environmental expertise to our valued clients in construction business.
  14. 14. Project Management Project Execution and Management  Contract Administration Tender document preparation  Claims management Contract management advisory  Subcontracting practices Safety compliances  Project Personnel Assessment Quality Audit  Project Risk management Project Management  Turnkey Projects – Structure & Evaluating claims prospects Performance Project Planning Procurement Quality Assurance & Control Contract Formulation Health, Safety & Environment
  15. 15. Clients Representation Design Phase  Review project processes proposed by the lead consultant  Identify and advise the client on any deficiencies in the lead consultants brief  Review the proposed sub-consultants.  Monitor the design co-ordination and management by the lead designer  Review time schedule for design delivery with the design team and monitor status  Review key milestones for statutory authority submissions and monitor status  Discuss and agree the procurement strategy with the client and design team  Monitor and report on the performance of all parties  Attend design workshops where required  Seek cost and value benefits for the client at each stage of the project as required  Convene and chair regular meetings.  Provide input into build ability at design phase  Review conditions of contract for consultant and contractors  Review the recommendations for appointment of the main contractor  Liaise with the owner and operator for all necessary information and approvals  Review consultant payment requests and make recommendations for payments. Construction Phase  Evaluate and monitor the performance of the Contractors and Consultants appointed for the works  Monitor the co-ordination of the works by the Contractor and Consultants  Facilitate information flow between the various Parties  Monitor the processing of submittals in a timely fashion  Attend meetings as required to review all aspects of the works  Monitor the progress reports and updates from the Consultant and Contractor  Review monthly payment applications.  Review of contractual correspondence and highlighted areas of concern  Monitor the performance of all parties with regard to time through regular review of the baseline programme covering all aspects including design, client approval, nomination, certification, approvals for materials and drawings, inspections and construction. Report on any areas of concern  Monitor budget performance and change management, review and recommend variations.  Ensure communication by the consultants and will facilitate solutions.  Seek costs and value benefits for the client at each stage of the project  Monitor co-ordination at each stage of the project.
  16. 16. Project Close out Punch in List De-snagging Facility Commissioning Close-out Training Programme O&M Manuals and As-Built Documentation Financial Close-out Disaster Management manual
  17. 17. Organisaton Chart Client BIG Architect Contractor PHE / MEP Vendors / Suppliers
  18. 18. Project Locations / Presence  Currently we are giving our services only in and around Bangalore.  Looking at the huge demands we are planning to expand our services in other cities too.  Current project locations in Bangalore as follows: J.P.Nagar, Bashankari, White Field, Sarjapura, Marathalli, Jayanagar, Koramangala, Indiranagar, Kudlu Gate, S.V.M layout, Yeshwanthpur, K.R.Puram, Turuhalli, Bsk 6th stage, Begur, K.R.Market, Basavanagudi, Electronic City, HSR layout, Hennur – Behind manyata tech park, HMT layout etc… Star mark on map are the BIG’s Project Locations in Bangalore
  19. 19. Current year J Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 Item 5 Item 6 Item 7 Item 8 Item 9 Item 10 Item 11 Item 12 Item 13 Item 14 Item 15 F M A M J J A Next year S O N D J F M A
  20. 20.   Administrative Office : BIG , #9, first floor, suvarna mahal, 50 ft. road, Girinagar T block, Bangalore 560 085, INDIA