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  2. Purpose • I am going to create a mystery genre-based magazine to entertain and provide recommendations for my target audience • I want my magazine to promote independent productions in order for them to get recognition for their work • The purpose is to be informative and help viewers discover interesting new mystery films, learn more about the actors and get first-hand reviews to decide whether the movies are worth watching • My magazine will have space for advertisements for businesses related to the films and more specifically mystery films to advertise their products. For example: food delivery companies such as Deliveroo or Ocado, so that movie snacks and food can be quickly delivered to their doors in time for a movie night.
  3. form and genre • The magazine will be around 45 pages and will cost £3.99 per magazine or £40 for an annual subscription of the physical magazine or £35 for an annual online access subscription. • It will be a monthly magazine so that they magazine can focus on new films from the month • There will be an online website, where the subscription will be available to sign up for. • The printed magazine will have a glossy front and back cover and matt pages inside. • The genre is mystery films as it will appeal to a wide range of audiences within north London including families of all aged children. It is also a very broad genre so I can talk about a range of different types of mystery movies to appeal to a wider audience.
  4. Content • my magazine will include various reviews of different movies released within the month from professionals as well as a few individuals that have put a review in the questionnaire section on the magazine's website • My magazine will include images from featured movie scenes and movie covers, and images of actors from the movies who may have exclusive interviews within the magazine • My magazine will feature a double page spread including interviews with directors, set designers, special effects specialists and editors to give more detailed interviews on how their specific jobs help to create the movie • the double page spread will also include an exclusive interview of an actor who has played the main character in the main movie featured on the front cover and double page spread
  5. Content continued • My magazine will include small clues that lead to a mystery reveal at the end of the magazine, placed around the magazine in a shape such as a crow and in a colour such as dark purple that connote mystery. • The purpose of the clues are to engage younger viewers by providing a fun and interesting activity that requires them to go through the entire magazine so that they can discover movies, reviews and various advertisements as they go through the magazine • there will be available space throughout the magazine for other companies to advertise in. • The magazine will contain a contents page where viewers can find where their various age-appropriate sections are within the magazine for easy access. • The main movie discussed will be available to watch on amazon prime which many families own as part of a deal with amazon
  6. Target audience • My target audience ranges from 11 to 60 as many mystery films are child appropriate and family friendly however many can also be more mature and scarier and so appeal to an older audience • My primary target audience is families as mystery films can be perfect for families to enjoy together in order to bring them closer and spend time together • The magazine will be split into sections so that different age groups can easily find the section dedicated to them • In terms of demographics, there is not a specific gender, age, race, ethnicity or class that I want to appeal too as I want the magazine to be inclusive of everyone who enjoys mystery films and wants to read more about them and get recommendations.
  7. Resources and personnel • My magazine will have a budget which will include a photographer, needed to take pictures of the featuring actors/actresses • I will also need a graphic designer to help with the design of the magazine in terms of its layout and front cover design to attract costumers • I will need an editor to edit the magazine and proofread it so that is it suitable for publishing • I will need interviewers to interview the various actors and actresses featured in the magazine
  8. Distribution and marketing methods • My magazine will be available to buy in newsagents/convenience stores, supermarkets for local distribution initially and also available to preview of the website • I will advertise my magazine in other film magazines that my target audience would also most likely be interested in such as horror films, comedy films • My magazine will have a website and online presence where I can advertise potential merchandise, where to find films being discussed in the magazine, and sneak peaks and overviews of the new issues • I will also allow other magazines, for different genres, advertise on my website and throughout the magazine
  9. Fonts • Masthead- I have chosen the mystery mobile font for the masthead as it is bold and will stand out on the front page as well as reflects the mystery genre Mystery mobile • Cover lines- i have chosen the Helvetica neue font for the cover lines as it is bold and will match the masthead but is still simple to not outshine the masthead Helvetica neue • Body copy- I have chosen the century gothic font for the body copy as it is simple and easy to read Century gothic
  10. Article ideas • Interviews with directors, set designers, editors, special effects specialists to discuss how the movie was created • Interviews with actors from various movies being discussed in the magazine issue • Exlcusive interview with the main character/s actor/s from the main film featured on the double page spread • Movie recommendations for all age groups within the target audience • Reviews from professionals and a few from people who have left reviews in a section on the website
  11. Mood board • i have chosen these mystery genre films as I feel they reflect the genre well and display the types of films I want to appeal to my target audience.
  12. Magazines in competition • We belong dead magazine is a horror, mystery and fantasy films magazine which costs around £8 per magazine, my magazine will have an advantage as it is cheaper so it will be more affordable • Empire is a film magazine that costs around £5 and is distributed monthly, it is is the largest film company in the world, however it is not a specific genre-based magazine, so my magazine has an advantage as it is specifically mystery based and costs less
  13. Suspe nse • I have chosen the name suspense for my magazine as it is simple and easy to remember as well as reflects the mystery genre as suspense is a word associated with mystery
  14. Colour scheme • My colour scheme will contain mainly dark blues, purples and blacks as they reflect the mystery genre and create a sense of suspense
  15. Budget • Graphic designer: £675 per week • Editor: £170 per week • Publisher: £200 • Photographer: £300 • Digital camera: £500 • Camera lenses: £300 • Tripod: £30 • Green screen: £100 • Printing costs: £27 per magazine, £16200 to distribute 600 magazines locally per month • Total: £18,475
  16. Sketched layouts: front cover • I have designed the front cover to emphasise the mystery genre by using a masthead font that matches the genre and using a design that is easy to follow and understand and that will be eye-catching to people passing by in shops where the magazine is available to buy. The front cover also has a picture of the main film featured in the magazine
  17. Sketched layouts: double page spread • I have designed my double page spread to be simple and easy to follow, it includes an exclusive interview with the main character actor of the new upcoming film featured on the front cover