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Audition tape production plan

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Audition tape production plan

  1. 1. Audition Tape Production PlanProvidesName of The ShowShow Audition RequirementsYouve watched her dance for 10 seasons, now Ellen wants to see your moves! Send us avideo of yourself dancing! If your dance moves impress Ellen, who knows what willhappen?!3. Concept of your Audition TapeI would just show Ellen my dance moves.4. Treatment of your audition tapeMedium Angle: In the beginning of the video it would be me introducing myself. Iwould also mention how much I like dancing. The second part it would be showingEllen what is my favorite dance move. I would include different clip that show mydance moves. I would try to make it funny and I would include some of my friendsthat are doing my dance moves. I would use a background song. Finally, the last clipwould me saying bye to Ellen and that I would really want to be in her show.5. Storyboard of Your audience tapeTalking about the show what I like
  2. 2. Showing Ellen my dance moves“How everybody dance my dance”Saying “Bye to Ellen”