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Frye Shoe - The Classy, Stylish and Durable Tough Footwear

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Frye Shoe - The Classy, Stylish and Durable Tough Footwear

  1. 1. Frye Shoe - The Classy, Stylish, and Durable Tough FootwearFrye Shoes Company manufactures an array of footwear for men, women and children includingboots and shoes. In the 60’s stylish Frye shoes grew to be a rage among celebrities and bikers.The durability and toughness of these shoes were proved in tough war zone conditions whenAmerican soldiers and generals wore them during war.Launched in 1863, Frye shoes are renowned for durability and comfort. Frye shoes initiallyfocused on making shoes for factory workers engaged in hard physical labor. To match thedemand of their potential customers, Frye shoes were designed to withstand toughest conditionsand roughest use. Over the years, another element has been added to these shoes – style.However, its basic mission of making highly functional shoes still rules the ethos of thecompany.The choice available in Frye shoes is huge. The leather that is used in the making of these shoesis of the best quality. The company uses Montana leather, which is used in textured, soft,grained, burnished and vintage leather varieties. Distressed leather is a specialty of the brand.Every shoe model comes with unique leather appearance. Some of the top models are CarsonOxfords, Maggie Perf Wingtip, Delia Oxford and many more. The company also manufactureshigh heel shoes that are sturdy, classic and extremely fashionable. Tall riding boots, Button
  2. 2. boots, Engineer boots and Shortie boots are loved by people all over the world. For men, some ofthe best selling models are James Lace Up, Phillip Inside Zip, Harness Tall Boots. You also havea wide choice in kids Frye shoes as well.Another shoe brand that has created waves in the footwear industry is Gee Wa Wa shoes. Thisshoe brand, which was launched in 2005 can be described in one word – artistic. Nothing aboutthese high heeled wedges spells simplicity. They are artistically done to be stylish and veryclassy.A cut above the rest, these shoes are also “organic”. The company uses vegetable dyes to colortheir leather. Distressed leather and calf suede are used to make boots, high and medium wedges,and woven ballet designs. These shoes are for those who like to wear their bold attitude andcreate a strong style statement.Every shoe brought out by the company is an original design. In the range of Gee Wa Wa shoes,you have mid wedges, flats, sneakers, claws, wedges and boots. Besides footwear, the companyalso specializes in fashion accessories such as handbags. There is a variety of designs availablein each of these footwear patterns. For example, in wedges, there are Daisy, Daphne and Lilypatterns; and in sneaker, there are Ruby and Campy models. “Claws” is an exclusive range ofGee Wa Wa shoes.Check out the many choices that you have in Gee Wa Wa shoes and Frye shoes and deck up yourwardrobes with amazingly stylish footwear.