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Curriculum connected to units unit 2

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Curriculum connected to units unit 2

  1. 1. UNIT 2 CONNECTION BETWEEN CURRICULUM + UNIT 2 Vivienda, hogar y entorno: *HOUSE & HOME: parts + furniture *CITIES + OTHER TYPES OF COMMUNITIES Viajes y transportes: *PLACE DESCRIPTION * LIVING ABROAD *RECOMMENDING PLACES Relaciones humanas y sociales: CULTURAL AWARENESS AND POLITE EXPRESSIONS Ciencia y tecnología: * VIRTUAL COMMUNITIES: COMPUTERS AND THE INTERNET * TECHNOLOGY APPLIED TO A HOUSE + HOME GADGETSAT THE END OF THIS UNIT I CAN….. Describe my house and explain what makes it a home. Understand a description of a domotic house. Describe everyday problems involving appliances and gadgets. Describe relevant features of communities such as cities (eg. noise pollution or nightlife).
  2. 2.  Talk about advantages/disadvantages and problems of living abroad. Give advice/make recommendations about places. Compare places/activities and express my preferences. Talk about services we get done using the structure have/get something done. Understand long descriptive texts about places and write my own description using a variety of relevant adjectives. Use some new phrasal verbs. Talk about objects and actions related to computers and the Internet with more and precise vocabulary. Discuss and debate different isues using a variety of expressions for clarification, interest, etc. Interact, reach an agreement and make joint decisions (eg. to create a club)