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Empxtrack - A Global HR Software

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The new version of Empxtrack is designed on the 4-prong concept of Engage, Measure, Process and Excel. It has been rebuilt to improve user experience, scale-up productivity, build high performing teams and empower the entire workforce.
Empxtrack is completely compatible with all devices and no apps need to be installed for access on mobiles or handhelds. The entire product can be accessed in 4-clicks with zero learning time.

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Empxtrack - A Global HR Software

  1. 1. 2 A Global HR Software Built to Improve User Experience
  2. 2. “4 PAGES, 4 SCROLLS” SOFTWARE MODEL The newly designed Empxtrack version is based on 4-Prong Concept of Engage, Measure, Process and Excel. What’s New in Empxtrack ?  Easy navigation structure  No complex menus and submenus  Less clicks to Action  Low learning curve  Important features on the first fold  Better user experience The entire product can be accessed in 4-clicks with zero learning time. 4 Scrolls 4 Pages Intuitive Interface with 40+ Features
  3. 3. Cover all aspects of Goal Setting, Tracking and Reviewing.  Add or edit goals in the goalsheet  Cascade company goals  View and edit goalsheets of team members  Prioritize tasks based on weights  Capture goal achievements  Align goals with organizational objectives  Get automatic alerts to fill achievements  Increase visibility in goal assignment  Get multiple reports on goalsheet status or achievements Engage
  4. 4. Engage
  5. 5. Cover all aspects of Performance Appraisal.  Perform self-appraisal in just few clicks  Manage appraisal for all team members  Compare employees on single attribute  Provide feedback on performance and behaviour  Access historical appraisal data  Use multiple appraisal plans  Identify top performers and high potentials  Get reports and dashboards Measure
  6. 6. Measure
  7. 7. Process Get answers to all data-related queries at one place. Manage employee data efficiently with workflows designed to give more visibility and transparency in the processes.  Request time-off  Get a quick view at leave balance  Manage travel requests  Submit an expense claim  Fill in time cards  Update benefits information  Access pay-slips & payroll information
  8. 8. Process
  9. 9. Excel Manage training programs, prepare a potential succession pipeline and focus on employee development.  Update personal details  Identify skills gaps  Identify training needs  Manage and allocate training programs  Collect training feedback  Evaluate performance post training  Streamline recruitment process  Onboard news hires seamlessly
  10. 10. Excel
  11. 11. Why Choose Empxtrack? The “Amazingly Simple” Empxtrack is a user-friendly product mapping to a company’s existing needs. It is highly configurable and customizable. High Software Adoption: The amazingly simple-to-use software features improve end-user satisfaction and increase its usability as intended. 4 Minutes Learning Curve Simplified UI design and navigation structure can be understood in less than 4 minutes. Save Time in Each Task: Compact software design organizes all features such that 80% of the essential tasks finish in less than 4 minutes and 4 clicks. Better Analytics: The new product offers better data insights. The reports based on high quantity qualified data helps management to make informed decisions. Build high performing workforce Scale-up productivity Improve employee experience More visibility and transparency
  12. 12. 9 If you have any queries, feel free to contact us or write us at marketing@empxtrack.com Thank you Empxtrack Team Phone: +1-888-840-2682