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Best Practices for Collecting Member Feedback with Kathryn Svobodny

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Lightning Talk from 2019's The Digital Nonprofit conference.

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Best Practices for Collecting Member Feedback with Kathryn Svobodny

  1. 1. Have you Talked to your Customers Today? How to get started Kathryn Svobodny
  2. 2. . © TechSoup Global | All rights reserved2 But I’m Busy! • Data is important, but it will not give you the whole story • Understand customer challenges and unmet needs • Engaged customers are happy customers
  3. 3. . © TechSoup Global | All rights reserved3 Methods • In person interviews • Focus groups can be tricky • Surveys • Phone interviews
  4. 4. . © TechSoup Global | All rights reserved4 Lightening Case Study: Product Advisory Panel • TechSoup Product Advisory Panel • 580 participants • Highly engaged users • Representative sample of customer database (organization size, mission, etc) • Clear on commitment and expectations • Monthly survey • One in-depth interview
  5. 5. . © TechSoup Global | All rights reserved5 A Few Tips • Be clear about who you want to talk to • Always include a “I don’t know” response on surveys • Put something in front of them • Be transparent within your organization about what you are learning – people will be interested! • At the end of the engagement, say thank you and recap what you learned
  6. 6. . © TechSoup Global | All rights reserved6 Just Get Started! • Reach out to five customers next week • Ask them specific questions, but also be open to conversation
  7. 7. Thank you! ksvobodny@techsoup.org