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Introduction to EFT and How It Can Help You.

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EFT can quickly and easily help you reclaim your life from any issue that is holding you back from achieving your greatest potential.

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Introduction to EFT and How It Can Help You.

  1. 1. Introduction to Emotional Freedom TechniqueTM If EFT can RESOLVE Combat Trauma Better than anything else currently used What else can it do?04/19/12 www.lifescriptcounseling.com 1
  2. 2. Introduction to Emotional Freedom TechniqueTMAbout Tom Licensed Mental Health Counselor - LMHC 15 years in Private Practice 14 years using EFT Vietnam Veteran & PTSD/Trauma Specialist Research coach for the Iraq Stress Project Diplomate of Comprehensive Energy Psychology - DCEP PhD in the school of life and hard knocks 04/19/12 www.lifescriptcounseling.com 2
  3. 3. Introduction to Emotional Freedom TechniqueTMMission StatementThe mission of L i f e S c r i p t C o u n s e l i n gS e r v i c e s is to compassionately assist people in reclaiming theirlives from trauma, depression, anxiety, eating disorders and nicotineaddiction by expertly applying Emotional Freedom TechniqueTM to theirissues. EFT is endorsed by: Bessel van Deepak Jack Bob Joe Cheryl Norm Bruce Joseph Kevin der Kolk, Chopra, Canfield Proctor Vitale Richardson Shealy, Lipton, Mercola, Trudeau MD MD PhD PhD MD 04/19/12 www.lifescriptcounseling.com 3
  4. 4. Introduction to Emotional Freedom TechniqueTMGoals How I Learned About EFT Define EFT Benefits of using EFT Successes w/EFT Effects: Observable & measurable Why EFT should be used for Everything and Anything EFT Research results Demonstrate EFT Q & A as we go along 04/19/12 www.lifescriptcounseling.com 4
  5. 5. Introduction to Emotional Freedom TechniqueTMWhat Do You Know? How many of know about EFT? How many of you use EFT? Are you willing to suspend your beliefs about what you think you know about healing? Western medicine – body is a machine. Research has proven there is a mind-body connection 85% - 95% of all illness has an emotional basis – ACE Study proved this – www.acestudy.org The mind believes what it sees and sees what it believes – mind/body connection 04/19/12 www.lifescriptcounseling.com 5
  6. 6. Introduction to Emotional Freedom TechniqueWhat is EFT? EFT is Acupuncture or Acupressure for the emotions w/o needles Tap on acupoints/meridian points instead of inserting needles Looks strange when doing it Maybe Mona Lisa knew something we did not know until the mid 1980’s 04/19/12 www.lifescriptcounseling.com 6
  7. 7. Emotional Freedom TechniqueTMPremise: The cause of all exaggerated or abnormal emotional reactions is a disturbance or blockage in the body’s energy system (Involves subconscious mind, beliefs and interpretation)Traditional Psychology: Change your thinking and your emotional response changes. This is difficult to do. (Emotional charge still present). It’s like talking to a pre-recorded tape; there is no mechanism to change it.EFT Psychology: Change your emotional response by removing the excess emotional charge and your beliefs/thinking changes as well as behaviors. This is easy to do with EFT. Basically, we erase and reprogram the tape! 04/19/12 www.lifescriptcounseling.com 7
  8. 8. Emotional Freedom TechniqueTMPsychological Reversals (PR): “If you think you are right, you are correct. If you think you are wrong, you are also correct.” Henry Ford PR is like putting batteries into your electronic device BACKWARDS PR Stops the healing process Similar to a Chinese Finger Puzzle or tug of war Negative thoughts or beliefs about self Lots of PR w/PTSD - Guilt, Shame, Worthiness PR is always present with Depression, Addictions, Degenerative Disease & Money Issues 04/19/12 www.lifescriptcounseling.com 8
  9. 9. Emotional Freedom TechniqueTMThe EFT/MTT Process Measure intensity of issue Create a setup phrase to describe the issue – opens the file/plays the tape The more specific the phrase, the better the result Creates mental and emotional focus on the issue Tap on “acupoints” while repeating statements about the issue Generates seratonin to reduce or totally eliminate emotional intensity Can also install positive choices in the process 04/19/12 www.lifescriptcounseling.com 9
  10. 10. Emotional Freedom TechniqueTMWhy Use EFT/MTT? Easy to use Can be self applied Corrects Psychological Reversal Ability to create rapid, deep changes Accelerates healing of Mind, Body & Spirit Works when traditional methods have failed Discharges the emotional energy of the issue Creates counter conditioning Reduces or eliminates the emotional intensity of the file/tape/memory/issue 04/19/12 www.lifescriptcounseling.com 10
  11. 11. Emotional Freedom TechniqueTMHow EFT/MTT Works: Specific phrasing activates the issue in the body/mind Tap on acupoints with our fingers Tapping creates biochemical process in the body’s meridians Produces molecules of emotion (opioid neuropeptides) and endorphins Produces excess Cortisol to down-regulate the alarm response Produces “feel good” neurotransmitters like serotonin Releases emotional charge(s) connected to specific issues (conditioned response/energetic disturbance) 04/19/12 www.lifescriptcounseling.com 11
  12. 12. What Can EFT do for YOU?EFT Can Help You: Reduce Stress Stop self-sabotage Resolve grief & loss Erase limiting messages Eliminate limiting beliefs Improve relationship w/money Change negative self-talk & worry Improve relationship w/self and others Decrease or eliminate depressive symptoms Over come fears, phobias and anxiety of any type 04/19/12 www.lifescriptcounseling.com 12
  13. 13. EFT Can Help YOU with -Weight Loss and Eating Disorders Stop food cravings Halt emotional eating Eliminate food allergies Eliminate the need for Bariatric Surgery Change mental body image Improve exercise routines Remove emotional blocks to weigh loss Candida overgrowth can contribute to inability to lose weight – sugar cravings 04/19/12 www.lifescriptcounseling.com 13
  14. 14. EFT Can Help YOU with -Surgical & Health Issues – MC Accident Pre/post surgery anxiety Post surgery depression Surgical Trauma/PTSD Titanium/Surgical Stainless Steel allergies/pain Improve ability to heal faster Has the potential to heal illness of any type Eliminate other allergies or energy toxins Physical pain management/elimination - fibromyalgia 04/19/12 www.lifescriptcounseling.com 14
  15. 15. EFT Can Help YOU with -Trauma & PTSD from any event(s) Improve sleep Reduce intrusive memories Reduce flashbacks Reduce irritability Reduce hypervigilance Reduce physical and emotional pain Improve overall sense of well-being Reduce depression, anxiety, and physical symptoms Trauma can come from many threatening experiences 63% reduction in symptoms in 6 hours – combat vets 2 04/19/12 www.lifescriptcounseling.com 15
  16. 16. EFT Can Help YOU with -Smoking Cessation – 5 to 10 Sessions Quit smoking gradually and easily Could experience 20% reduction in first session NO withdrawal symptoms Minimizes weight gain or switched addictions Disconnects smoking from people, places and things Overcomes self-sabotage Overcomes psychological addiction Overcome need to self-medicate 04/19/12 www.lifescriptcounseling.com 16
  17. 17. How We Know EFT is WorkingObservable Effects Users can measure the intensity (SUDS) of the issue We can see a person relax We can see breathing change Clients often sigh, yawn, cry, laugh, and sometimes they imitate Joe Cocker We can see their emotional intensity to the issue decrease Case Study 1: Nurse Case Study 2: ‘Nam Veteran 04/19/12 www.lifescriptcounseling.com 17
  18. 18. How We Know EFT is WorkingMeasurable Effects 2 Blood pressure & glucose levels drops Adrenaline levels drop Cortisol levels drop 25% in 1 hour Vs. 10% w/CBT or 11% with no treatment PCL-M and SA-45 scores drop EEG Changes 3  Overall brain energy drops – improved operation  Brain symmetry improves  Decrease of Beta 1 and Beta 2 Energies – emotional intensity, etc  Alpha waves bridging to Theta waves – internal focus  Brain function begins to resemble the “Awakened Mind”  HRV & Heart Coherence improve – reduction of stress 04/19/12 www.lifescriptcounseling.com 18
  19. 19. The Effects of EFT/MTT on AnxietyFront of Brain:Cerebral Cortex Back of Brain: Visual CortexMemory, AttentionPerceptual AwarenessThought, LanguageConsciousness See page 25 Reference 1, 3 research_overview.pdf Courtesy of:David Feinstein, PhD. 04/19/12 www.lifescriptcounseling.com 19
  20. 20. The Effects of EFT/MTT on Blood RouleauxThe stacking up of red blood cells, caused by extra or abnormal proteins inthe blood that decrease the normal distance red cells maintain between eachother. Elapsed Time: 12 MinutesBlood clumping observed Blood cells after the application of EFTunder a dark field microscope. Improved oxygen transportationPoor oxygen transportation. 04/19/12 www.lifescriptcounseling.com 20
  21. 21. Benefits of EFT/MTTBenefits: Highly effective NO known side effects Easier to use than EMDR Works on most issues Safe, gentle, quick & simple Can be used on children & pets Easily Combined w/other therapeutic techniques, i.e.. TA, Gestalt, Timeline, Experiential, etc. Compatible with ALL other forms of therapy and medicine 04/19/12 www.lifescriptcounseling.com 21
  22. 22. SuccessesSuccesses: More Successes: Abuse of any type  Children - Behavioral Problems Reduction of depression &  Animals anxiety  Fear of heights Excessive Shame & Guilt  Physical Pain Chocolate & Food Cravings  Emotional Roots Nicotine & Cocaine Cravings  Allergies & Energy Toxins Grief & Unresolved Losses  Surgical Stainless Steel and Claustrophobia Titanium Money Issues  Pollens Anger  Headaches Dysfunctional Belief Systems  PTSD of any type Crohns Disease - off all meds  Anxieties and pain free  Phobias 04/19/12 www.lifescriptcounseling.com 22
  23. 23. EFT Work ShopsThe following workshops are available: Tapping the Healer Within - Basic EFT Training Creating Prosperity and Abundance w/EFT PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)/ Trauma is NOT Forever I Wanna Quit, BUTT…... Why Weight? - When Exercise and Diet aren’t Enough Does Your Mirror Lie? - Creating a Healthy Body Image De-Stressing - It’s an Inside Job Custom Topics All classes contain Basic EFT Theory, and the Choices Method and are about 6 - 8 hours long 04/19/12 www.lifescriptcounseling.com 23
  24. 24. Contact Information: L if e S c r ip t C o u n s e lin g S e r v ic e s 500 H elendale R oad, S uite 1 1 0 R ochester, N Y 1 4609 585-704-0376 info@ lifescriptcounseling.com www.lifescriptcounseling.com Also check out the following web sites: Veterans Stress Project - www.stressproject.org EFT web site - www.eftuniverse.com Suggested Reading: The Promise of Energy Psychology04/19/12 Feinstein, Craig and Eden by www.lifescriptcounseling.com 24
  25. 25. ResearchResearch Information Available Here: 1. www.lifescriptcounseling.com/research/research_overview.pdf 1 2. www.stressproject.org/controlled-trials.htm 3. http://www.3earthfriends.com/eftandbrainwaves.html 4. http://www.lifescriptcounseling.com/research/epresearch.pdf www.lifescriptcounseling.com/research.htm http://energypsych.org/displaycommon.cfm?an=5 www.soulmedicineinstitute.org http://www.innersource.net/ep/ http://www.innersource.net/ep/resourceslinksstudygroups/researc h-links.html http://www.eftuniverse.com/index.php? option=com_content&view=article&id=18&Itemid=11 04/19/12 www.lifescriptcounseling.com 25