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Distribution Channel Portal Best Practices in Insurance Companies

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Learn how leading insurance companies embrace digital marketing capabilities to partner with their channels to drive growth.

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Distribution Channel Portal Best Practices in Insurance Companies

  1. 1. A Digital Solutions Firm delivering Marketing and Technology Solutions New York . Toronto . Phoenix . Los Angeles . London. Dubai . New Delhi Distribution Channel Portal Best Practices in Insurance Companies
  2. 2. 1 Strategy Interactive Digital Technology Engagement Offerings Digital Strategy& Roadmap Multi- channel Acquisition Content Strategy Campaign Planning Digital Platform Selection eCommerce Metrics& Analytics Mobile Digital Creative User Experience Research WebDesign SocialMedia Emailand Microsites SEOand SEM, Advertising Consulting Services Global Delivery Model Application Maintenance Outsourcing Onsite, Onshore& Offshore Staffing ITSupport Outsourcing Managed Hosting Services Community &Social Media eCommerce Sharepoint CRM Marketing& Email Automation Business Intelligence Mobile Analytics& Reputation Tools Content Management Empowering the Digital Marketer Our capabilities center around empowering the marketer to engage with their audience
  4. 4. 3 What this is - Specific practical guidance to help you with your portal initiatives What you will get from this webinar This webinar provides specific guidance that can be translated to ideas in distribution portal projects What this isn't - You will not be inundated with data and stats - This is not a research study
  6. 6. 5 THE PRODUCER PROFILE Lack of time; focus on efficiency Focused on relationships Primarily a salesman, focused on closing “It’s a lonely world – have to deliver results to get paid!” Changing demographic – younger and tech savvy
  7. 7. 66  Ease of doing business  Ease of connectivity  Tools that improve productivity and sales  Improved engagement  Customer service What do producers really want from carriers!
  8. 8. 7 Producersoftenfeelthat carriers’websitesneedto besimplifiedandmade easiertonavigate Roughly4in5producers in2012agreethattheyare morewillingtoplace businesswithcarriersthat offerusefulwebsites Atleast3in4producers agreethattheirprimary carriers’websiteshelp themprovide better service,andmorethan2in 4feelthatthesesiteshelp themmakemoresales Producer’s Impression of Carrier’s website Source: LMIRA survey
  9. 9. 8 Producersdesiremoreonlinefunctions,withonlineapplications,e- signatures,andmarketingtools Ease-of-usestandsout asacriticalneedforproducers Producers interest in Online tools Source: LMIRA survey
  10. 10. 99 EMERGING TRENDS
  11. 11. 10 Early 2000s Informational •Brochure-ware •Simple information Mid to late 2000s Transactional •Improved content •Productivity tools •eApplications •LOB integration •Limited personalization Current - Digital Engagement •Collaborative •Personalized •Seamlessly integrates with producer’s environment •Mobile and cross channel Digital Maturity Curve of Distribution Portals Digital maturity curve of distribution portals allows you to understand where you can map a path to engagement Where do you stand?
  13. 13. 1212 1 2 3 4 5 Ease of doing business Partner in success Drive Engagement Best of breed technology Manage the product lifecycle
  14. 14. 1313 1 2 3 4 5 Ease of doing business Partner in success Drive Engagement Best of breed technology Manage the product lifecycle
  15. 15. 14 Roughly 4 in 5 producers will place more business with carriers that offer useful websites Source: LMIRA 2012 survey
  16. 16. 15 Carriers provide way, way too much information. They need to keep it simple and easy. They forget that as independent agents we have 10 companies, 10 usernames, 10 passwords, 10 different web pages, and a thousand different products…. We’re busy; we sell. We do not sit and play with computers. — Male independent, age 62, mail/web-based survey Source: LMIRA survey
  17. 17. 16 KISS (Keep It Simple S$#*%&) Navigation  Guided navigation  Improved page structure, page layouts Contextual help Site search Intuitive terminology Ease of use Ease of use = ease of doing business; distribution portal experiences are below broad industry standards and have significant room for improvement Look and feel  More engaging  Ease of finding information Feedback from users through surveys and insight from analytics
  18. 18. 17  Single unified access to tools  Integrated access to external producer’s environment Solve the multiple log-in problem A lack of a unified single access policy makes it cumbersome for producers to use the portal
  19. 19. 18 Carriers should personalize experience based on  Channel  Tenure  Experience Self Managed  Ability to manage quick links  Ability to personalize Subscription  Allow users to subscribe to content and information Personalization Provide personalization to improve ease-of-use
  20. 20. 19  Access to LoB capabilities should be seamless to the user  Single sign-on to capabilities to prevent frustration with multiple log-ins Integrated experience Seamless access across Carrier's capabilities
  21. 21. 20  Access to capabilities in the field will improve productivity of users  Personal insurance capabilities include  E-signature  Illustrations  Application Status  Customer Information  Calculators  Application Submission  Policy Issuance  Training Mobile access Provide mobile access to capabilities to improve accessibility in the field
  22. 22. 2121 1 2 3 4 5 Ease of doing business Partner in success Drive Engagement Best of breed technology Manage the product lifecycle
  23. 23. 22  Many carriers offer Websites for producers with a wide variety of functions including contact information, pending business status, marketing materials, and product information on producer sites Co-branding Co-branding enables producers to sell better and positions the carrier as a better partner  56% of carriers offer customizable marketing materials to producers  21% of carriers allow the producers to submit claims via website for producers  83% carriers offer production reports to producers Source: LIMRA Report – • Honing a Competitive Edge: The Carrier Perspective on Field Technology • The Connected Producer: Producer Use of Technology Insurance Networking News - Where BI Plans Match Reality
  24. 24. 23  Ready to go videos  Web casts  Personalized online training Training enables producers to be effective Ongoing training delivered through portals is a key asset to enable the sales force to sell
  25. 25. 24 Engaging, dynamic website targeted at prospects  Value proposition  Product content  Success stories Brochures and other material available for download Benefits  Improves partner acquisition and increases market share Marketing material Engaging marketing collateral to position effectively to prospects
  26. 26. 25  CRM capability to get, track and act on leads  Provide leads to producers from pre-login website  Lead tracking and Nurturing tools  Systemic capability to manage allocation and monitor pre-sale leads/targets Lead Generation Providing leads to partners enables them to sell and make them successful
  27. 27. 26  Pendingbusinessstatus  eApplications  eSignatures  Salesandmarketingtools  Marketingcampaigns  Customerleveltoolsforagent(e.g.,targetcustomerprofiles,customizedleads)  Reportingandanalyticsonsalesrepactivitiesandprocesseffectiveness(Whereisthedropout fromleadtoclosure) Reachouttousforalistoftoolsthatportalsshouldoffer Tools to be productive and efficient Carriers can offer myriad functions online
  28. 28. 27  Top producer badges on the portal  Leader board of top producers Recognition and awards to drive engagement and motivate producers Recognition and awards to recognize them. Socialize them.
  29. 29. 2828 1 2 3 4 5 Ease of doing business Partner in success Drive Engagement Best of breed technology Manage the product lifecycle
  30. 30. 29 Roughly 1 in 4 producers would like to see their carriers add discussion forums, social networking, instant messaging, texts, and blogs Source: LMIRA survey
  31. 31. 30  Real time chat  Discussion forums  Institution/ cross partner based community  Quick search and remote easy-to- access reference materials/illustrations, training and other content for marketing and sales  Access to application and status outside work environment for agents  Access to customer information,policy updates, product updates and rate updates in the field Better collaboration Carriers today are applying collaborative technologies to both internal (employees and agents) and external (customers and prospects) networks  Customized marketing materials  Complete view of all customer interactions through CRM integration  Document Management services  Ability to make/submitpolicy changes/to submit claims
  32. 32. 31 Create a platform for producers to connect with carrier in real time, share effective practice, discuss strategies to overcome business challenges Social collaboration, content and communication tools can help balance openness with acceptable risk Information Sharing Carriers should consider driving deeper engagement with producers to seek greater collaboration
  33. 33. 32  Facebook is used and configured to allow agents to publish preapproved content that can be localized to their specific areas  Twitter to connect with clients, use as marketing tools and build client product awareness  social data to be filtered, tagged, integrated, archived, and aggregated Social Media Social is Best mechanism to have constant two-way communication with audiences
  34. 34. 3333  Pro-active Engagement  Email alerts  Newsletters  Offering visitors the chance to sign up for Twitter updates while on the site, and linking them to blogs or discussion forums  Webcasts  Podcasts  Chats and Instant messaging  RSS feeds  Microblogs Pull them
  35. 35. 34 Mobile applications offered  Calendar  Email  Pending business status  Client account information  Ability to submit applications  Ability to submit service requests  Ability to submit claims  Commissions  Agent can submit claims using an application designed for customers Mobile access for producers Carriers offer mobile access to producers, usually in the form of calendar and email access
  36. 36. 35  Extracting information from silos and making it more widely available.  Achieving this in a way that remains relevant to each producer and carrier.  Enabling people to share information widely, yet in a secure and controlled fashion.  Letting them search entire repositories quickly and efficiently  Workflow is a pivotal tool for collaboration. Information Sharing Turning the management of information into a business advantage
  37. 37. 36 Reporting and business intelligence willprovide insight to Carrier as wellas producers  Dashboards (SalesTracking, Performance amongst others)  Analytics for Carrier to assess usage, and improve decision making Information Sharing Business intelligence to enable producers as well as Carriers
  38. 38. 3737 1 2 3 4 5 Ease of doing business Partner in success Drive Engagement Best of breed technology Manage the product lifecycle
  39. 39. 38  Define a product roadmap of the portal to continuously improve  Consider marketing and product management to manage the portal’s marketing assets, rather than IT  Enable marketing to manage the UX in real time Product management The portal should be considered as a product and should be consistently improved
  40. 40. 3939 1 2 3 4 5 Ease of doing business Partner in success Drive Engagement Best of breed technology Manage the product lifecycle
  41. 41. 40  Flexible  Ease of integration  Portal capabilities  Should allow marketing and product management to easily manage the experience The right technology is key to success Technology should be an enabler and not constrain Considerations  Consider both portal and CMS technology  Focus on an eco-system rather than 1 tool, which that may include portal, analytics, BI and CRM
  43. 43. 42 Approach to Portal Experience To create an effective experience, understanding the audience and creating a flexible user experience is key Conduct primary and secondary research to understand user needs Segment the producer base Engage them in the process – interview them Understand the audience Benchmark insurance and non-insurance portals Identify and prioritize capabilities Analyze Big bag rarely works - Define digital roadmap Link with strategic priorities Roadmap Focus on UX and Information Architecture Focus on engaging design Design
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